Tesla Rolls Out Early Cybertruck Delivery Program for Long-Term Shareholders

Tesla Rolls Out Early Cybertruck Delivery Program for Long-Term Shareholders

Tesla is offering an exclusive opportunity to its dedicated shareholders in the United States and Canada with the launch of a special program for early deliveries of the Foundation Series Cybertruck. This initiative is aimed at rewarding verified TSLA shareholders who have demonstrated their long-term commitment to the electric vehicle company by holding onto their stocks over a significant period.


Interested TSLA shareholders must enroll in the program by the deadline of March 22, 2024, at 11:59 PM CT, as detailed on Tesla's promotion page. It's important to note that this offer is restricted to one Foundation Series Cybertruck reservation per customer.


Eligibility for the early delivery program is subject to several conditions: the Cybertruck reservation must be in the participant's name and placed before March 1, 2024. Additionally, the offer is only available to shareholders who are yet to take delivery of a Cybertruck.


To qualify, participants are required to provide brokerage statements verifying ownership of TSLA shares on February 28, 2021, and a minimum of 500 shares on February 29, 2024. These statements must also demonstrate that participants retained at least 50% of their TSLA shares from February 28, 2021. For privacy reasons, participants can redact information from the brokerage statements, provided they include their name, the statement date, and the number of Tesla shares owned.


Tesla has yet to reveal the specific criteria for selecting participants for the early Foundation Series Cybertruck delivery. However, TSLA shareholders who meet the program's eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply before the March 2024 deadline. Qualified applicants can expect to be contacted by Tesla via email regarding the next steps in the delivery process. This program underscores Tesla's appreciation for its long-standing shareholders, offering them a unique chance to be among the first to receive the highly anticipated Cybertruck.



Source: X Teslarati