SeaSucker Surf Board Rack Suction Cup Mount for EV Owners

SeaSucker Surf Board Rack Suction Cup Mount for EV Owners
SeaSucker Surf Board Rack Suction Cup Mount for EV Owners
SeaSucker Surf Board Rack Suction Cup Mount for EV Owners
SeaSucker Surf Board Rack Suction Cup Mount for EV Owners
SeaSucker Surf Board Rack Suction Cup Mount for EV Owners
SeaSucker Surf Board Rack Suction Cup Mount for EV Owners
SeaSucker Surf Board Rack Suction Cup Mount for EV Owners

Suction cup surf board roof mount
Board carrier lets you transport 2 surfboards or SUPs on a vehicle with a naked roof
Stores in your trunk, garage, or duffle bag when not in use
Soft foam pads cushion your board and protect it from scratches
Nylon cam-buckle straps secure your boards to the carrier
Vacuum cups install to metal, glass, or fiberglass in seconds - simply pump plungers
Orange indicators on plungers let you know when the rack is secure
High-density polyethylene thermoplastic won't scratch or dent your car's surface
Flexible material conforms to your vehicle's shape
• Made in the USA.



How great would life be if you could drive to the beach every day and surf? With SeaSucker’s Board Rack, we can at least help you get the board there. Our rack attaches to the roof of just about any car with our super-strong 6″ SeaSucker vacuum mounts. That means no clips, no bars, and no hassle. Pump the rack on and strap the board down – it’s that easy. This rack is made to carry up to two surf or paddle boards. The rack consists of two 31″ Starboard bars; the front bar has four 6" vacuum mounts and the back two. Bar pads and 10” nylon cam-buckle straps are included.

The Board Rack lets you transport 2 surfboards or stand-up paddleboards on your vehicle's naked roof without the need of a permanent roof rack. Vacuum cups attach in seconds to the roof, trunk, or glass on your car, SUV, van, motorhome, or trailer. Because it doesn't require a permanent installation, this carrier is great for transporting your boards when you're traveling by rental car. And if you're worried that vacuum cups won't stay attached to your vehicle, you can rest assured because each vacuum cup provides 210 lbs of suction, giving you a total of 1,260 lbs of pull strength. Your gear isn't going anywhere! Additionally, the rack stores easily in your trunk or garage when not in use, or in a duffle bag while traveling.





Carrying capacity: 2 surfboards or SUPs
Maximum capacity: 100 lbs
Maximum board width: 31"
Pull strength: 1,260 lbs. Per cup: 210 lbs
Width: 28"
Strap length: 10'
Weight: 12 lbs




Installation Tips:

The SeaSucker board carrier is quick and easy to mount. To install the carrier, make sure the mounting surface is clean and place it on your roof, trunk, or window glass then press the pumps several times until the orange bands disappear. Depending on the surface they're mounted to and the load being put on them, suction in the cups will decrease over time. Make sure to check the plungers before you get into your vehicle. When you see the orange indicator bands show simply re-pump the plungers.

To break the seal on each cup and remove the carrier from your vehicle, simply pull the T-shaped tabs up and towards the center of the cups - it's that easy. Remove the front and rear carriers and store them in your trunk or garage, or put them in a suitcase to take with you.

The Do’s & Don'ts of your SeaSucker Rack


• Clean the vacuum pads and the car before attaching your rack.
• Do the recommended maintenance on the rack, as needed.
• Make sure the orange indicator bands are not visible before you leave.
• Check that your bike is secure in the fork mount. 


• Mount bikes backwards, sideways, or at an angle.
• Use your rack if any of the vacuum mounts are not working properly.
• Attach your rack to part of the car that flexes easily.
• Attach the rack over decals or on a wrapped vehicle.

So how does the SeaSucker vacuum mount work?

A SeaSucker vacuum mount relies on two important components to create its powerful seal: the vacuum pad and the vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump evacuates all of the air out from underneath the vacuum pad, which forms the seal. Working together, these two pieces give the SeaSucker vacuum mount its incredible strength.

To attach, apply a little downward pressure to ensure that the entire edge of the mount is touching the surface. Then, simply press the pump repeatedly until the orange indicator band completely disappears.

To remove, lift the edge of the vacuum pad away from the surface by pulling either of the tabs on the top of the vacuum pad up and towards the center of the vacuum mount. You’re really just trying to lift the edge of the vacuum pad up off the mounting surface, which breaks the seal and lets you remove your rack.

DISCLAIMER *EVANNEX is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle during the installation, use, or removal.


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