The RennStand Jack Stand for Tesla Owners

The RennStand Jack Stand for Tesla Owners
The RennStand Jack Stand for Tesla Owners
The RennStand Jack Stand for Tesla Owners
The RennStand Jack Stand for Tesla Owners

• Solves the most common jacking problem - lifting and supporting the vehicle by the same point
• Safer for the operator (and the car) than conventional jack stands
• Features interchangeable jack pads for precise fitment on a variety of vehicles
• Rated for 3 tons, lifts up to 16.5 inches!
• Usually in stock and ships next business day. Available for international delivery.



Jacking up a Tesla is easy enough, provided you're using the appropriate jack pad. Where the process gets difficult is when the time comes to place a jack stand under the car to safely support the car while servicing it. You can't put a jack at the same place you're jacking the car!

Enter: The RennStand. The patented RennStand is revolutionary because it solves the problem of jacking and supporting in the right spot. It allows jacking and supporting using interchangeable jack pads designed for the vehicle. It’s easy, sets up in seconds and it is safer for the vehicle and the operator. It can be used with most floor jacks having a lift saddle of 3 inches in diameter or larger. The RennStand is rated for 3 tons and can extend to more than 16 inches.

The RennStand is also ideal for garages short on storage. If you have a set of conventional jack stands in your garage, you know they take up a bit of space, and can be ungainly to try to store efficiently. Because the RennStand disassembles into its core elements, it takes up much less room than a conventional jack stand. 

Available with different pad adapters to lift a variety of popular vehicles, the RennStand makes a great one-tool solution for the two (or more) car garage. 

Note: use of Rennstand jack stands with our Schwaben Long-Reach Hydraulic Jack necessitates positioning the jack stands at their highest setting to clearance the wide front wheels, which some owners may be uncomfortable with. Selecting a jack with narrower front wheels will allow a lower setting.

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