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Heatshield Sunshades Sale for EV's Exterior Parts

Heatshield Sunshades Sale for EV's


Exclusive at EVANNNEX HeatShield Sunshade Sale!

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All HeatShield Sunshades are custom-cut using computer-driven cutting machines, the design approach is focused on accuracy, precision, and fitment.  

Durable, Strong, and Simple. Sunshades are stiff enough to be supported by the sun visors alone, but it is flexible enough to be bent around the rearview mirror. The reflective material in the Sunshades is responsible for dramatic temperature differences in cars parked in the sun. Sunshades provide superior protection and comfort for your EV. It offers a noticeable temperature decrease of 25° F (11° C) on average, with differences as high as 40° F (25° C). Protect your vehicle with reliable, temperature-controlled and precision-fit Sunshades. 


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