Outer Tie Rod End for Tesla Model 3

Outer Tie Rod End for Tesla Model 3
Outer Tie Rod End for Tesla Model 3
Outer Tie Rod End for Tesla Model 3

• Outer tie rod end with ball joint fits either side
• High quality replacement ball joint from OE supplier 
• Addresses clunking or knocking, worn, sloppy, or failed tie rod ball joints
• Fits all Tesla Model 3 vehicles
• Ships next business day. Available for international delivery.



EVANNEX's high quality tie rods for Tesla Model 3 address symptoms present in cars with high mileage: worn ball joints that result in any number of issues, such as clunking or knocking, sloppy handling or wandering, loose steering or steering wheel vibrations, 

Experiencing suspension issues? Don't worry - it doesn't mean your car is falling apart or that you've purchased a lemon. Tesla models, as with many electric vehicles, are inherently reliable thanks in no small part to having far fewer points of failure versus a gas-powered car from other manufacturers. Despite being more reliable, there are still points of wear and eventual failure present in your car, including wipers, brakes, tires - and suspension. 

Following control arm, bushing, or ball joint replacement, having an alignment performed is recommended to ensure your vehicle will track and handle properly, efficiently, safely, and without excess tire wear. 

Tesla OEM interchange reference numbers:

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