OEM SKF Front or Rear Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly for Tesla Model S (2012-1/2021) & Model X (2016-2/2021)

• Complete replacement wheel bearing and hub assembly for front or rear fitment
• Signs of failure include squeeking, grinding, vibration, or excessive play from the wheel bearing
• Installs as seamlessly as factory part: SKF is an OEM parts supplier



Your Tesla is designed to last for years and years - but even the most stalwart of engineering marvels will require a repair now and again. Wheel bearings, tasked with carrying the weight of your Model S or Model X day in and day out, along with significant lateral loads during cornering, are a wearing component, albeit one that frequently will last a long time.

When it's time to replace a wheel bearing, consider SKF as your brand of choice: it is a proven quantity as an OEM parts supplier for many automakers. 

Diagnosing a Bad Wheel Bearing

A big sign of failure includes slop in the wheel: jack up your car, grab the wheel at 3 and 9 o'clock - is there movement? Repeat at 12 and 6 o'clock. If there's movement (and your ball joints and bushings are tight), you've found your culprit. Additional, a frequent sign of failure include squeaking or grinding coming from the faulty bearing, usually excentuated by loading of the bearing during turns in the opposite direction. A failing wheel bearing may simply no longer spin smoothly, oftentimes mimicing a seized brake caliper to various degrees.

Bear in mind there's no single faliure symptom for wheel bearings. If you're in doubt, speak with your mechanic.

Tesla OEM part number reference: 

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