C-Cubed: Charge Cable Caddy

Everything about the Model S is clean and elegant. But your garage—maybe not so much! So, we’ve developed C-Cubed (our Charge Cable Caddy) as a place to hang your charging cable (Tesla’s Universal Mobile Connector—UMC) and as a closed storage unit for all of your car care products and other miscellaneous items related to your Tesla Model S. C-Cubed has been designed to hang on your garage wall near your 240V electric outlet. We purposely designed C-Cubed with a narrow profile so that it won’t impede movement in your garage. It has an automotive look with chrome bolted assembly in a light grey color. Most important—and this is what makes C-Cubed different from any other cabinet you can buy—it has a laser engraved  artwork (inspired by the Model S design) embedded across its front doors.

C-Cubed is made of 5/8 inch light grey Melamine and is 36”H x 24” W x 10.25” D. It has interior closed storage space that is 24” x 22.5” x 8” with an adjustable shelf, as well as an open top shelf for other items. Finally, we provide a heavy duty double-pronged foam covered hanger so that your charging cable with have a resting place off the garage floor.We have provided all materials required for assembly and wall installation, as well as a template that will enable you to hang the unit evenly.


Tesla Model S engraved c-cubed charge cable caddy


Tesla Model S c-cubed charge cable caddy opened

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