Stories for this week

1. Three reasons why Tesla is winning over Wall Street

2. Making sense of the short seller drama at Tesla

3. Republish via Charged

Next Week

Five China Predictions for 2020​

1. Tesla will put an immediate dent into BMW, Mercedes and Audi sales in China as affluent Chinese consumers find themselves unable to resist the allure of the world's best electric and connected vehicle. German luxury brands sold more than 2 million vehicles in China last year.  In 2016, I wrote that Tesla could (and should) take 5% of that market, with the potential to ramp up to 100,000 a year [also] GM, Ford and FCA will continue to slide. In 2019 the Detroit Three's China sales dropped by almost 1 million vehicles. Say it again: Almost 1 million sales drop in 12 months. Yikes.

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