Valet Instructions (English)

This is an electric car. Here’s how it works …

You’ll need the car-shaped key fob (remote). Do NOT leave it in the car when you park it. Do NOT press it, just have it with you.

1.    To get into the car when you have the Fob, the door handles will pop out as you approach the car. If they don’t, press on the door handle fairly hard. It will come out. Then pull on the handle and the door will open after a half-second delay.

2.    To start the car (there is no on/off button):

a.    sit in the driver’s seat

b.    depress the brake

c.    a speedometer display appears in front of you

d.    the car is “on” and ready to drive (there is no engine sound)

3.    To drive the car:

a.    keep your foot on the brake before shifting into gear

b.    the gear shift is on the steering column to the right (like some Mercedes cars)

c.    push up the gear shift to put the car in “R” and down to put the car in “D” (there is no engine sound).

d.    press the accelerator, and you’re driving (be careful, car is very responsive!)

4.    To park and lock the car:

a.    Once you’re in the parking space, press the chrome button at the end of the gear shift.   A “P” should appear below the speedometer

b.    Get out of the car and it turns off automatically.

c.    The doors lock automatically when you walk away with the Fob

5.    Remember step 1 to get back into the car.


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