12v Dual USB Car Charger for Tesla Model X
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12v Dual USB Car Charger for Tesla Model X

Tesla drivers like to charge mobile devices and their passengers are no exception. USB charging ports are a "must" for every Model X owner and you can never have enough. With so many phones, iPads, GoPros, and more, our 12v Dual USB Charger will provide you with two additional USB charge ports that packs 12 Watts (2.4a) of power to each port. Why leave the 12v power socket in your Tesla Model X empty (and useless)? This product neatly inserts into your Tesla Model X 12v power socket and allows two additional devices to charge at once in a very efficient manner. It is low-profile, lightweight, with a slim, sleek face - perfect for the Model X 12v power socket. The dual 12 Watts (2.4a) gives you the fastest charging speed possible and will charge up to 35% faster than the standard car charger. Plugging in your charge cable(s) is made simple in a dark vehicle as the charger has a glowing port.







Works with: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Amazon Fire, portable speakers, Bluetooth headsets, GPS devices, digital cameras, most smartphones* and most tablets*.  

*Note: some Android devices may not charge at the fastest rate possible because of differences in charging circuitry. 

Examples that will work can be seen below:





Input Voltage: 10-16V

USB Output Voltage: 5VDC, Dual

2 Watt (2.4A)

12V USB Adapter

Assembled Product Weight: 0.05 lbs

Assembled Product Dimensions:  About 1 15/16" from front edge to the tip on the back. The front is 1" wide side to side, and about 1 1/8" top to bottom. The front side is about 3/16" deep (the part that sticks out of the plug)

“Not all automobile phone chargers are created equal. Many are so weak the electricity comes out in a tiny stream, like you’re drinking a milkshake with a cocktail straw. This charger lets power flow like a mighty river. It’s able to charge two mobile devices (phones or small tablets) simultaneously.” Businessweek




Does this come with a charging cable?

No. You have to supply your own charging cord to plug into this dual USB car charger.

Can I charge 2 iPads to full battery efficiently at 2.4Amp?

Yes, it can charge 2 iPads without sacrificing any charging capabilities.

Does the LED light stay on all the time?

Whenever there is power to the 12 outlet it is plugged into, yes.

What is the shipping timeframe for this product?

When ordering the 12v Dual USB Car Charger, we target delivery between 1 and 3 weeks from the day you place your order. 

Do you ship the Dual USB to International destinations? 

Yes, the 12v Dual USB Car Charger ships internationally using USPS First-Class International Shipping. For more information, check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.



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