Adaptable Storage and Lighting Kit for the Tesla Model S
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Adaptable Storage and Lighting Kit for the Tesla Model S

The Adaptable Storage and Lighting Kit (ASLK) provides a charging adapter storage and trunk lighting solution integrated into one product. ASLK has been custom designed to fit inside the unused recess space behind the driver side rear wheel well in your Model S trunk. It provides a convenient, mounted, and portable carry case to store your charging adapters, and in addition, supplementary trunk lighting to brighten your Model S trunk at night.  Note: Available for Tesla Model S owners in the U.S. and Canada only.

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Adaptable Storage and Lighting Kit (ASLK) provides an adaptable storage box and portable lighting source that fits into an often-unused space behind the driver-side, rear wheel well in the Model S trunk. Using, ASLK, you’ll be able to neatly store your charging adapters for easy, secure access in close proximity to the Model S charge port. ASLK also provides a portable light source that can be used to illuminate your trunk space more fully in the dark.

ASLK has been designed for easy installation and easy removal. The ASLK design allows you too still make use of space in the driver-side, rear wheel well. You can remove ASLK and then store your Model S charging cable (the "UMC") in the recess. Then, replace ASLK and the cable is out of sight and out of the way until it's needed. Your charging adapters are stored a few inches away.

Tesla Model S adaptable storage and lighting kit ASLK  Tesla Model S adaptable storage and lighting kit ASLK
Tesla Model S adaptable storage and lighting kit aslk
Tesla Model S multi tool and tire pressure gauge adaptable storage and lighting kit aslk Tesla Model S flash light adaptable storage and lighting kit aslk

ASLK comes standard with three tools: (1) a bright LED light source that mounts on the ASLK frame to light the trunk at night, (2) a high strength multi-tool that provides useful functionality for everyday fixes and roadside emergencies, and a tire pressure gauge. You add the factory charging adapters that come with the Model S.




The Adaptable Storage and Lighting Kit (ASLK) is made from durable plastics designed for long-life. The product is comprised of an ABS frame, custom fit to the shape of the driver-side, rear wheel well recess, and a portable carry case that fits into the frame, but can also be transported to any other location you choose. Three tools are provided with the frame and carry case: (1) an articularing LED light that mounts on the frame, a multi-tool, and a tire pressure gauge.

Mounting Frame: The Carry Case Mounting Frame is laser cut from black, textured 1/8” high strength ABS plastic.

Carry Cases: The Adapter Carry Case is made from black polypropylene resin. These cases feature slide open/shut lockable latches with an overlapping lid-to-base closure for a natural dust and moisture barrier.

Interior Carry Case Foam: Each carry case contains polyurethane foam organized as a base slab, a custom cut portion (for the adapter carry case) or a cubed polyurethane insert (for the customizable carry case).

Dimensions of Carry Cases:

Exterior: 10.8”L x 9.85”W x 4.87”D

Interior: 9.375”L x 7.75”W x 2.4375”D

Useable depth: 1.9375”

Other carry case features:

Weight of case (empty): 0.8 lb

Handle: molded

Locking mechanism: L/R side sliders with holes for small pad lock

Cover opening: two plastic hinges at bottom of case.

Cover opening angle: 180 degrees

Interior “pick and pluck” volume: 8.0”H x 5.5”W x 1.25” D. (205mm H x 140 mm W x 33 mm D)




Can the carry cases be ordered individually or must I also order the mounting frame as well?

The ASLK adapter carry case and frame are sold as a unit. You can add an customizable carry case add-on  (with pick and pluck foam) to your order, but neither carry case can be ordered separately.

Can the carry case be removed from the mounting frame if I want to take it elsewhere?

Absolutely. The mounting frame has been designed for easy removal and replacement of the carry case. The carry case is held in place with a simple elastic cord and can be removed and/or opened with one hand.

How do I install ASLK? Is it difficult?

Installation is very simple. Just remove ASLK from its shipping box, separate the carry case temporarily, snap the ASLK frame into place behind the rear, driver side wheel well, replace the carry case and you're done! As always, we provide complete illustrated installation instructions and a video.

Does the interior carry case foam hold the adaptors securely?

Yes. The interior carry case fits securely without any rattle.



Does the mounting frame and carry case assembly reduce the amount of trunk storage?

Not really. The assembly remains inside the line of the driver-side wheel well, filling a generally unused space in the trunk. The full expanse of the trunk floor remains available for storage.

Does ASLK take up all of the space in the recess? Can I store my UMC behind it?

We purposely designed ASLK so that space in the recess would remain. We did that so you can remove ASLK, place your charging cable (the UMC) into the recess and then replace ASLK. The UMC is stored out of sight, but within easy access when needed. You could, of course, conceal other small items behind ASLK if you would like to.

Is it difficult to remove the mounting frame once it has been installed?

No. because it snaps in, the mounting frame can be easily removed?

Is there a way to lock the carry case?

There is. The case opens and closes when two sliding latches are moved from their closed position. Each latch contains a pass-through hole that can be used with a small padlock.

Can I decorate the carry case with a logo or other image?

Yes. The surface is smooth and amenable to any adhesive image that you choose.

Is ASLK compatible with dual motor "D" versions of the Model S?


Can I use ASLK if I have the NVX Sound System Upgrade installed?

No. Both products make use of the same space in the trunk. If you have NVX installed, you cannot use the ASLK frame. However, the adapter carry case and the add-on still provide useful storage for charging adapters and other items.

How long does it take to ship ASLK?

We target delivery between 1 to 2 weeks from the date of your order (via FedEx).

Is this available for Model S owners outside of U.S. and Canada?

No. This product was designed to fit charging adaptors for only the U.S. and Canada, this product is not available to other international destinations.




Installation Video


Installation Guide 

Installation PDF File

ASLK Instructions






"The Model S Adaptable Storage and Lighting Kit (ASLK) is a collection of pieces assembled to address a perceived problem: storing the charging adapters and lighting a very dark trunk. To solve this the ASLK uses a false trim panel to mount a plastic case and flashlight. Filling out the case are some accessory tools.

The trim panel … fits the space perfectly and is easy to install... The case[’s] … foam inserts are perfectly shaped and cut for the tools and adapters... Each opening is specific to a particular Tesla UMC adapter, the NEMA 50, J1772 and standard plug. The case latches very securely and has loops for a lock… Joining your adapters are some EVannex branded tools. Provided with the kit is a tire gauge and multi-tool... [and] Unlike a factory trunk light, this one [mini flashlight] requires you to click it on and off, obviously. 

The hidden feature that EVannex doesn’t advertise is what happens BEHIND the case. With the storage hole covered, there is a VAST space still available as the case doesn’t really extend back behind the panel... the possibility remains that you could have a large out of sight and not immediately obvious space to stash expensive items. [see bottom image]" - excerpt from Teslarati review (also appeared on



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