BlackVue Dash Cam for Tesla Model X
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BlackVue Dash Cam for Tesla Model X

The BlackVue DR650GW-2CH records both front and rear real-time HD video as your Tesla Model X moves down the road. The BlackVue video system blends seamlessly with the Tesla Model X design and provides you with video evidence in the unfortunate event of an accident. In addition, it can be used for recording scenic drives in your Tesla Model X. EVANNEX® is an authorized reseller of the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dash cam for Tesla Model X vehicles. The system has both front mounted and rear mounted cameras, a friendly user interface provided via a free smartphone app and is capable of recording in full HD with built-in WiFi, a 64 GB SD card, GPS tracking and G-Force/motion detection. This BlackVue Full HD 2-Channel dash cam is considered by most in the Tesla community as the state-of-the-art and is the highest-rated dash cam for the Tesla Model X. This provides must-have video "insurance" for your vehicle.

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Video Guide for Installation

Please note: This product is for professional installation only. The video below will be helpful for your professional installer, please make him/her aware of it - but, it is possible that your professional installer uses a different approach. We've included the BlackVue (corporate) video which is a "universal" installation guide meant for all vehicles. However, we advise that you have your professional installer read the "Installation Tips" in order to get Tesla-specific guidance on the installation process.


Installation Tips

Please note: tips provided below are courtesy of Teslarati.

Panoramic Windshield

The most difficult part with installing a Tesla Model X dash cam is how to run wires to the front facing camera. Specifically, how does one seamlessly run wire across an expansive all-glass panoramic windshield that doesn’t have much of a headliner? Adding to the challenge, the Model X is also equipped with a front facing Autopilot camera stashed away inside the rear view mirror housing – something you obviously have to tread delicately around. Power to that Autopilot camera is run through a thin plastic conduit that sticks onto the windshield with double-sided (extra-sticky) sticky tape.


In order to install our BlackVue front camera in this location, we had two options to run our wiring. We could either run the BlackVue power cord alongside the factory conduit, which frankly would have made the job very simple with the trade off of having a visual eye sore, or run the wire beneath the conduit making for an absolutely seamless factory look. We chose the later.

Front Mirror Housing

There are metal clips behind the plastic rear-view mirror housing. The housing itself can be gently pried open but be careful of the electronics behind the housing. That’s Tesla's Autopilot camera.

Wire Conduit

To make the install as factory-looking as possible run the power line and rear camera cable directly underneath the factory Model X conduit. There’s a few key points to keep in mind when doing so. One must carefully lift and detach the plastic conduit from the windshield, while being careful not to break it. Once the conduit is off the windshield, run the dash cam wires inside of it and reattach the entire assembly back onto the windshield. Assuming you didn’t touch the factory adhesive with your fingers or dirty the existing double-sided sticky tape, one can secure the entire track back onto the windshield without the need for a replacement. If done correctly, the end result is nothing short of spectacular (see below).

Running Wires

Since the BlackVue dash cam is equipped with a fantastic motion detector that activates recording when triggered, we decided to run the camera as always-on in order to provide our Model X with a little extra coverage when unattended. To that end, we tapped power in the same vicinity, this time using a quick-disconnect connector. Running the cable that connects the front camera with the rear can be routed along the headliner and tucked underneath the weather stripping. The wire will run across the “backbone” of the Model X and terminate near the rear hatch.


Keep It Clean

By now, most of the install is complete and it’s just a matter of mounting the rear camera to the upper portion of the rear windshield, and connecting the front camera cable to it. With the cable routed through the factory grommet in the rear hatch, our Model X dashcam solution using the new BlackVue couldn’t have looked cleaner.



How To Videos

See below for the BlackVue Operation Guide video...


See below for the BlackVue WiFi dash cam app instructional video...





What is a dash cam?

Dashboard cameras (often referred to as dash cams) are onboard camera systems for your vehicle. However, modern dash cams, like the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH do not sit on the dashboard but do provide both front and rear facing cameras that record video. The video is stored for later review via a mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Tesla Model X owners have rated this product as must-have insurance to document and protect themselves in the event of a mishap. In addition, the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH can be used to capture scenic drives or any other event that occurs in front of or behind your Model X.

Why should I purchase a dash cam?
Dash cam video footage is widely used as documented evidence of accidents and crime for court systems and insurance companies. Although a Tesla owner may have a unique personal objective when he or she purchases the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH, the following objectives are common:
  1. Recreation: To capture footage of your drive for recreational purposes. After all, you never know when you’ll come face to face with something that you really want to capture on video. And, it’s also a great way to capture recreational fun as Tesla owners enjoy the performance of the Model S and enjoy taking road trips to scenic destinations.
  2. Evidence in the event of Accident: To Document video footage of an accident. Because repairs for the Tesla Model X can be quite expensive, the dash cam offers extra "insurance" in the event that you'll need evidence after an accident.
  3. Nightime Watch:  To discourage theft and damage by recording activity surrounding the car when not in use. Note: This type of set up will require a constant always-on 12V power source for the camera so that it can continue to record while the car is left unattended. This is something you can discuss with your professional installer.

Is this product a DIY (do it yourself) installation?

Please note: In order to achieve a clean installation in which connecting wires are properly hidden and all system elements are fully integrated in the 12V circuit, this product is rated professional installation only. We've included an installation guide and video (see 'Installation' tab) that can be helpful for your professional installer. Please make him/her aware of it - but, it is possible that your professional installer may use a different approach.

How many hours of video will the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH record?

Approximately 10 hours of video can be recorded on the 64GB SD card.

What happens when my SD card is full?

If you choose the loop recording function, the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH will automatically overwrite earlier video so that the most recent video is always recorded.

Will my BlackVue DR650GW-2CH start and stop when I start and stop my Model X?

Yes. When you leave the Model X the 12V circuit powers down and your BlackVue DR650GW-2CH turns off. When you re-enter the Model X, the 12V is powered up and the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH returns to operation.

Is it easy to see the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH from outside the Model X?

Actually, it isn't. The BlackVue DR650GW-2CH has a matte black finish and blends nicely with the interior of the Model X. In addition, the relatively small size and lack of sharp edges make the camera assemblies blend into the front and rear windows.

Can I watch real-time video on my smart phone?

Yes. With the BlackVue mobile app, you can watch video as it is being recorded or any video segment that has already been recorded.

I live in a warm climate. Will interior heat negatively affect the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH?

The BlackVue DR650GW-2CH has been designed to operate at temperatures up to 140 deg. F (60 deg. C).

What mobile operating systems support the Blackview App?

Both iOS and Android smartphones are supported.

Can BlackVue firmware be updated via BlackVue app?

Yes, it’s possible, however prior to a firmware update you have to format the SD card on your computer using SD Card Formatter. (Smartphone formatting technology varies from handset to handset and might not deliver desired result).

How can I test if BlackVue gets the power?

Take out the SD card and start the BlackVue, if there’s power supply format the SD card, update the firmware and plug in the SD card back. If it does not help, bring your BlackVue to the installer in order to correct.

Is there a power button on BlackVue?

No, there isn’t. BlackVue automatically switches on when connecting it to the power supply.

How do I play a recorded file?

BlackVue recordings are saved in MP4 format so that you can easily play the recorded files using a general video player (PC, smart phone or navigation) without file format conversion.

What is view angle?
View angle is about 121°. BlackVue typically records a three-lane road.

How long does it have a warranty period?

The warranty of BlackVue is one (1) year from the purchase date. The warranty period for accessories such as the battery and Micro SD card is six (6) months.

What is the shipping time frame for this product?

We target delivery between 1-2 weeks for U.S. orders.

Do you ship this item internationally?

Yes. We do ship the BlackVue internationally. Please see our "Shipping and Fulfillment" page for additional information.



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