Carbon Fiber Nose Cone Appliqué for Tesla Model S
Carbon Fiber Nose Cone Appliqué for Tesla Model S
Carbon Fiber Nose Cone Appliqué for Tesla Model S
Carbon Fiber Nose Cone Appliqué for Tesla Model S
Carbon Fiber Nose Cone Appliqué for Tesla Model S
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Carbon Fiber Nose Cone Appliqué for Tesla Model S

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From 2012 - May 2016, the black nose cone was a distinctive design feature that made the Tesla Model S stand out. If you own a Model S that was built before the "design refresh" in June of 2016, EVANNEX has developed a real carbon fiber appliqué that will give your nose cone a more performance-oriented look. This carbon fiber appliqué is an accent that is subtle, changing the look of the top portion of the nose cone while being faithful to the overall feel of the design. Precision-built to fill the space behind the Tesla "T" logo area, our nose cone appliqué is available in gloss and matte finishes. Made in the USA.



Carbon Fiber is a strong, lightweight, high tech material that is used to accent the exterior of your Model S. Our carbon fiber nose cone appliqué is perfect as a singular accent, or it can be used in conjunction with our carbon fiber rear spoilers, side mirror covers, and real carbon fiber appliqués for Model S door handles and B-pillars (also included in the video below). Each can be purchased separately, so you can get just the right amount of carbon fiber for your Model S.

Note: video below includes nose cone appliqués but has a variety of other carbon fiber appliqués as well.





From California

"Just applied my exterior carbon fiber appliqués and want to say thanks. You did a great job with the fit and manufacturing. Really good work that professionally enhances the car. Was really impressed with the nose cone logo piece that fit so well and clean. Stoked." - Greg Vontz, Melo Park, CA [photos below] 

Tesla Model S exterior upper carbon fiber appliqués
Tesla Model S Accent-E Carbon Fiber exterior nose cone appliqué packages

Note: Photos above include (top) carbon fiber B-Pillar and door handle appliqués, and, (bottom) nose cone appliqués

From France

In 1967, a young refrigeration engineer, Claude Bourquin, recognized the opportunity to start an air conditioning business. Almost 20 years later, he passed the business, Clim Denfert Bourquin, on to his two children, Gilles and Stephanie Bourquin. The business has grown and established showrooms in both Paris and Cannes. We, at EVANNEX, can appreciate this story as it reflects our own evolving story as a family business. We took special interest in Gilles after he placed multiple orders for so many different products in our store. Gilles is so proud of his Model S carbon fiber appliqués that he sent us some photos after installing a few of our products. (From top to bottom: 1. Gilles' black Model S with our carbon fiber appliqués; 2. Nose Cone appliqué; 3. B-Pillar appliqués; 4. Door Handle appliqués)




As seen in CleanTechnica

"The EVANNEX guys created a carbon fiber nose cone applique that cuts around the Tesla emblem with such precision, it looks almost as if the carbon fiber were poured in around it as a liquid (it wasn’t)... it was a simple matter of taking my time to fit the [applique] piece onto the car. It went surprisingly quickly and fit like a glove. I stepped back to admire it and was extremely pleased at just how quickly and easily it upgraded the look of the front of the Tesla. The carbon fiber nosecone applique adds a nice pop of class to the front of the car, which is especially nice for Teslas with the old nosecone."

Photos: Kyle Field / CleanTechnica







Our Carbon Fiber Nose Cone appliqués have been designed and fabricated to fit the unique curves of the Model S nose cones and are fabricated using real carbon fiber [T-300] 3K Torayca Carbon Fiber (2x2 twill)], finished with a “domed” high-grade polyurethane coating specially formulated to be abrasion and wear resistant. Each appliqué is backed with an industrial grade permanent 3M adhesive to ensure a strong bond. The nose cone appliqués (a set of 4) have the dimensions and front and back curves of the Nose cone when it is recessed in the Model S body. Each appliqué is approximately 2.7mm thick.

The thin profile of each nose cone appliqué, along with its domed finish ensures that it will have no appreciable impact on airflow over the Model S exterior and therefore, no appreciable effect on drag—one of the key factors that affects the range of the vehicle. There is no discernible increase in wind noise with the appliqués installed. Each appliqué is backed with 3M 5849 adhesive, a 20-mil thick, medium-density, dark gray acrylic foam, with TX-1 and DS-4 adhesives on the liner and non-liner sides of the product, respectively.), widely used in automotive applications. The adhesive provides a permanent bond to the surface to which it is affixed. The overall cross section of each appliqué is shown below:

permanent adhesive bond to the surface accent-e carbon fiber exterior appliqué packages

The polyurethane resin surface has been exhaustively tested to ensure that it can stand-up to environmental conditions. The nose cone appliqué is offered in gloss and matte finishes. The photo below — although it's of our B-Pillar appliqués — provides a rough indication of the difference in the finishes. Overall, gloss "pops" and enhances the look of the carbon fiber; matte is more muted and provides an understated carbon fiber feel.

Tesla Model S gloss/matte carbon fiber finishes




Installation of the nose cone appliqués is straightforward and can be performed as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. However, for those Model S owners who are not DIY-oriented, or are uncomfortable with the installation process in any way, we recommend that the appliqués be installed by a competent automotive installer. A detailed set of installation instructions is provided with each order. All appliqués can be cleaned using soap, water, and a soft, clean cloth. If you'd like to provide a lasting shine and protection, we recommend a hand-spray product called Wax-As-U-Dry produced by Eagle One (TM). A video install and written installation instructions (this also includes other appliqués as well) can be found below...

Installation Video

Installation Guide





How are the Nose Cone Appliqué fabricated, and are they real carbon fiber?

Every exterior accent piece is real T-300 3K Torayca Carbon Fiber (2x2 twill). Our unique design and fabrication approach allows us to finish the carbon fiber with a high strength polyurethane coating in either a high gloss or matte finish. The coating is both sun and weather resistant. The coating is “domed” to provide an aesthetic edge finish and a dimensional feel. Each appliqué is then backed with 3M 5849 adhesive, providing a strong permanent bond to the automotive surface.

Can I order Nose Cone Appliqués in a different finish other than carbon fiber?

Nose cone appliqués is not offered in alternate color or materials (e.g. to match your Model S exterior body color, wood trims, all-chrome finish, etc). We only offer nose cone appliqués in real carbon fiber in either a gloss or matte finish.

Do you recommend the gloss or matte finish?

The finish you choose is a matter of personal preference. The photo below — although it's of our B-Pillar appliqués — provides a rough indication of the difference in the finishes. However, we prefer the gloss finish. It tends to reflect light in a manner that really complements the Model S exterior. We've featured the gloss finish in all our photos and video because we feel it better accentuates and enhances the beauty of the Model S. However, we recognize that some Model S owners may prefer a slightly more "muted" matte finish — especially if they have the factory carbon fiber matte spoiler. The photo below provides a rough indication of the difference in the finishes. Overall, gloss "pops" and enhances the look of the carbon fiber; matte is more muted and provides an understated carbon fiber feel.


Tesla Model S carbon fiber gloss vs matte finishes

What is the difference between the materials you use and a carbon fiber "wrap" ?

A "wrap" is a very thin vinyl material that is printed with a pattern that looks like carbon fiber. The wrap can be adhered to a surface and provides a simulated, faux-carbon fiber look. But it is not real carbon fiber. A wrap is flat and has no dimensional feel and relatively little visual depth. In general, wraps are installed by professionals. EVANNEX’s B-Pillar appliqués are fabricated with real carbon fiber, finished with a high strength polyurethane coating in either a high gloss or matte finish. The coating for all appliqués is “domed” to provide an aesthetic edge finish and a dimensional feel. The coating for the molded side mirror piece has a straight edge.

Can I install this product myself?

Yes. We’ve designed the nose cone appliqué for do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. In fact, the only tools you might need are a soft cloth, some masking tape, and a cleaning solution of alcohol and distilled water (readily available at any large pharmacy). We provide you with a detailed installation video and written instructions for each piece. However, if you’re just not a DIY person, nose cone appliqués can be installed by any competent aftermarket automotive installer.

Is it possible to slide Nose Cone Appliqué into place as I position it on the Model S?

In general, the answer is no. The industrial adhesive that we use on each appliqué creates a very strong and permanent bond. The way to position an appliqué is to adhere it only on its edge. That will create a very small contact surface for you to remove it and reposition, if necessary. However, once the appliqué is pressed into place, it is not intended be removed or repositioned. For that reason, you must very carefully align the piece before you adhere it.

Is the Nose Cone Appliqué compatible with the Model S "Signature" series nose cone design produced only during 2012 and early 2013?

No. The "Signature" cars (first 1,000 or so delivered in the U.S.) had a slightly different nose cone design and that older design is NOT compatible with our nose cone applique.

Will the Nose Cone Appliqué create an obstruction if I have proximity (parking) sensors installed in my existing Model S nose cone?

No, the nose cone applique is placed above the location of the proximity sensors and will not obstruct them.

Will the Nose Cone Appliqué create and obstruction if I have a remote radar detector installed in the nose cone?

In general, the answer is no. However, there are many different installation locations for remote radar detectors, so it is impossible to provide a definitive answer. In general, we have found that radar detectors and other devices (e.g., a toll pass transmitter placed in the nose cone) work fine, but we cannot guarantee specific configurations.

Can you provide a bit more detail about installation?

See 'Installation' tab for more details. Complete installation instructions, video, and guidelines are also provided with each package; please follow the instructions provided to ensure proper installation.

Can I remove the Nose Cone Appliqué once it is installed?

In order to ensure that the appliqués will not separate from the automotive surfaces as your car is being driven, they have been designed for permanent installation. It is possible, however, to remove an appliqué by heating it with a hair dryer and slowly peeling it off. However, the appliqué will likely be stretched or torn if it is removed, and some adhesive residue may be left on the surface. The residue can be peeled off and the surface cleaned with acetone. It is possible (but unlikely) that the surface might be slightly marred as a result. Therefore, each appliqué should be viewed as a permanent installation. Additional removal instructions are appended to the installation instructions.

How should I clean the Nose Cone Appliqué?

Soap, water, and a soft, clean cloth should do the trick. If you'd like to provide a lasting shine and protection, we recommend a hand-spray product called Wax-As-U-Dry produced by Eagle One (TM).

Will the addition of Caffect the aerodynamics of the Model S and thereby impact the Model S performance and range?

Each of the appliqués rise from the surface by less than 2.7mm. The molded side mirror pieces rised about 1.25 mm. We’ll admit that we haven’t done wind tunnel tests or computer-based simulations, but because of the low profile of all Nose cone appliqués pieces, any affect on aerodynamics of range would be virtually undetectable.

Will the addition of Nose Cone Appliqué increase wind noise?

No. The thin profile and tight fit become part of the vehicle surface and will not create any discernible wind nose.

What If I decide I do not like the Nose Cone Appliqués and wish to return them?

BEFORE you install any nose cone appliqués piece, be sure to assess the look. You can do this using masking tape to attach a nose cone appliqué (without removing the red adhesive backing). If you want to do a more complete assessment, you can use double sided masking tape placed directly over the red adhesive backing of the appliqués piece. DO NOT remove the adhesive backing tape until you are satisfied that the look works for you. As long as you have not removed the adhesive backing on any piece, an Nose cone appliqués product may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Nose cone appliqués pieces cannot be reused once the adhesive backing is removed, and the backing cannot be replaced properly once it is pulled off. For that reason, a nose cone appliqués product cannot be returned for a refund if the adhesive backing is removed.

Return Policy for Nose Cone Appliqués

Once the red adhesive backing has been removed from a nose cone appliqué piece, the product can no longer be returned for credit or exchange. The reason for this is that the nose cone appliqués piece and the package cannot be reused or resold once the adhesive backing has been removed. Therefore, please be certain that you’re satisfied with the look and style of your nose cone appliqués BEFORE you remove the red adhesive backing tape from any Nose cone appliqués piece. You can accomplish this using masking tape to temporarily hold the piece in place or, if you want an even more realistic preview, you can use double-sided masking tape to temporarily affix the piece(s) to assess the look and style. Stated as succinctly as possible, once you remove the red adhesive backing from any Nose cone appliqués piece, all four appliqués are yours—no returns and no credit can be offered.

How long does it take to receive my Nose Cone Appliqués order?

The EVANNEX Nose Cone Appliqués usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Do Nose Cone Appliqués ship to International destinations?

Yes, Nose Cone Appliqués ship internationally. 



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