Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y
Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y

Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y

• Flexible automotive trim piece providing a high-end, premium look seen on Tesla's Model S and X vehicles.
• Improves the rear-end aesthetic of the Model Y significantly.
• Fabricated using plasticized substrate with a chrome or black overlay.
• Finished with a “domed” high-grade polyurethane coating specially formulated to be abrasion- and wear-resistant.
• Easily installed with no tools.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



The Model Y is a spectacularly cool car—looks, tech, and performance are all there. Model Ys are already on the road, everywhere, and many owners will want to make their vehicle unique. At EVANNEX, we specialize in doing just that, so we developed the Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y. It provides the rear-end look and feel of a Model S or Model X for your Model Y.

Both the Tesla Model S and Model X have a horizontal OEM chrome molding that accents the rear hatch just above the license plate. Not only does the molding improve the rear end aesthetic of the vehicles, it also helps to identify the Tesla brand. Now you can add the same touch to your Tesla Model Y with the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué—available in Chrome or Black for those who prefer a chrome-delete look.

The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y is a flexible appliqué that has been designed to be virtually indistinguishable from the OEM automotive trim that is used elsewhere on Model Y, with the thickness, rounded edges, and feel of automotive trim. It presents the “Tesla” name printed with a raised look located directly under the Tesla “T” badge on the rear of the trunk hatch.

The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y is affixed with high strength automotive adhesive and requires no tools, no drilling and very simple placement. It is designed as a permanent addition for your Model Y.




Chrome or Black


Photos on the Model Y





The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y is a flexible appliqué that has been designed and fabricated to fit the unique curves and dimensions of the Model Y rear trunk hatch. It is fabricated using plasticized substrate with a chromed or black overlay and finished with a “domed” high-grade polyurethane coating specially formulated to be abrasion and wear resistant. It is formulated for automotive exterior application.

The Trunk Molding Appliqué is backed with an industrial grade permanent 3M adhesive to ensure a strong bond. The trim piece is approximately 33.1 inches wide, 1.1 inches high and 0.11 inches thick (842 mm W x 28 mm H x 2.7 mm T). The product is curved to properly fit the curvature of the trunk hatch, but when applied gives the appearance of horizontal trim. The ends of the molding have been designed to complement the curvature of the rear Model Y lighting assembly.

The thin profile of the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué along with its domed finish ensures that it will have no appreciable impact on airflow over the Model 3 trunk hatch and therefore, no appreciable effect on drag—one of the key factors that affects the range of the vehicle. There is no discernible increase in wind noise. The trim piece is backed with 3M 5849 adhesive, a 20-mil thick, medium-density, dark gray acrylic foam, with TX-1 and DS-4 adhesives on the liner and non-liner sides of the product, respectively), widely used in automotive applications. The adhesive provides a permanent bond to the surface to which it is affixed. The overall cross section of the materials used is shown below:

The polyurethane resin surface has been exhaustively tested to ensure that it can stand-up to environmental conditions. 

Once applied, the 3M 5849 adhesive used for the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué can withstand a wide range of outside temperatures. However, for best application results we recommend that installation occur within a temperature range of 60 to 80 degrees, F (15 to 27 degrees, C).




The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y is available in either chrome or black, right?

Yes. You can purchase the EVANNEX Trunk Molding for Model Y in either a chrome or black (for those Model Y owners who prefer to maintain the chrome delete look).

Which EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué finish should I choose?

That's a personal stylistic decision. Some Model Y owners opt for the chrome finish to give the rear end of the vehicle a look that's similar to a Model X or Model S. The chrome finish also works nicely with the Tesla "T" badge that adorns the rear trunk hatch. Other owners prefer the black finish that conforms to the OEM chrome delete trim that Tesla provides for Model Y.

How is the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué  fabricated? Is the chrome real chrome?

Today, molded plastic with chrome electroplating is the "chrome" used by most auto manufacturers, including Tesla. The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué uses a plastic substrate that is chromed and then finished with a high gloss polyurethane coating. The coating is both sun and weather resistant and is “domed” to provide an aesthetic edge finish and a dimensional feel. Each Trunk Molding is then backed with 3M 5849 adhesive, providing a strong permanent bond to the automotive surface.

Is the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué a rigid piece of automotive trim?

The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué is a flexible appliqué that uses a proprietary process to give the look and feel of rigid molding. We designed and fabricated the product in this way to allow for easy installation without the need to drill holes in the trunk hatch. Once adhered to the trunk hatch surface, the Trunk Molding is virtually indistinguishable from a rigid trim piece.

Can I order the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué in finishes other than chrome or black?

The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué is offered only black and chrome.

What is the difference between the materials you use and a vinyl wrap?

A "wrap" is a very thin vinyl material can be adhered to a surface and provides a simulated, faux-trim look. But it is not a chrome or black trim piece. A wrap is flat, extremely thin (~4.5 mil) and has no dimensional feel and relatively little visual depth. The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y is fabricated in a way that makes it virtually indistinguishable from OEM trim, giving your Model Y a rich look from the rear.

Can I install this product myself?

Yes. We’ve designed the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model Y for do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. In fact, the only tools you might need are a soft cloth and a cleaning solution of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water (readily available at any large pharmacy). We provide you with a detailed installation video and written instructions. However, if you’re just not a DIY person, the Trunk Molding for Tesla Model Y can be installed by any competent aftermarket automotive installer.

Is it possible to slide the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué into place as I position it on the Model Y rear trunk hatch?

In general, the answer is no. The industrial adhesive that we use for each trunk molding creates a very strong and permanent bond. The way to position an appliqué is to adhere it only on its edge to start. That will create a very small contact surface for you to remove it and reposition, if necessary. However, once the Trunk Molding Appliqué is pressed into place, it is not intended be removed or repositioned. For that reason, you must very carefully align the piece before you adhere it. 

Can you provide a bit more detail about installation?

See 'Installation' tab for more details. Complete installation instructions, video, and guidelines are also provided with each package. Please follow the instructions provided to ensure proper installation.

Can I remove the the EVANNEX Trunk Molding  Appliqué once it has been installed?

In order to ensure that the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué will not separate from the Model Y trunk hatch as your car is being driven, it has been designed for permanent installation. It is possible, however, to remove the Trunk Molding Appliqué by heating it with a hair dryer and slowly peeling it off. However, the molding will likely be stretched or torn if it is removed, and some adhesive residue may be left on the surface. The residue can be peeled off, and the surface cleaned with acetone. It is possible (but unlikely) that the surface might be slightly marred as a result. Therefore, the Trunk Molding Appliqué should be viewed as a permanent installation. Additional removal instructions are appended to the installation instructions.

How should I clean the EVANNEX Trunk Molding  Appliqué?

Soap, water, and a soft, clean cloth should do the trick. If you'd like to provide a lasting shine and protection, we recommend a hand-spray product called Wax-As-U-Dry produced by Eagle One (TM).

Will the addition of the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué affect the aerodynamics of the Model Y and thereby impact the Model 3 performance and range?

The Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y rises from the surface by less than 2.7mm. We’ll admit that we haven’t done wind tunnel tests or computer-based simulations, but because of the low profile of the Trunk Molding Appliqué, any affect on aerodynamics of range would be virtually undetectable.

Will the addition of the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué increase wind noise?

No. The thin profile and tight fit become part of the vehicle surface and will not create any discernible wind nose.

What if I decide I do not like the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y and wish to return it?

BEFORE you install the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué, be sure to assess the look. You can do this using masking tape to attach the Trunk Molding (without removing the red adhesive backing). If you want to do a more complete assessment, you can use double sided masking tape placed directly over the red adhesive backing of the Trunk Molding Appliqué. DO NOT remove the adhesive backing tape until you are satisfied that the look works for you. As long as you have not removed the adhesive backing on the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y, it may be returned for a refund (less any restocking charges) within 30 days of purchase. The Trunk Molding Appliqué cannot be reused once the adhesive backing is removed, and the backing cannot be replaced properly once it is pulled off. For that reason, the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y cannot be returned for a refund if the adhesive backing is removed. 

What is the Return Policy for the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y?

Once the red adhesive backing has been removed from the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y, the product can no longer be returned for credit or exchange. The reason for this is that the Trunk Molding Appliqué cannot be reused or resold once the adhesive backing has been removed. Therefore, please be certain that you’re satisfied with the look and style of your Trunk Molding Appliqué BEFORE you remove the red adhesive backing tape from the product. Stated as succinctly as possible, once you remove the red adhesive backing from the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y, it is yours—no returns and no credit can be offered. Note: If this applies, it must be returned in its original packaging, with shipping and insurance paid by the purchaser. Product Registration must be completed prior to return.

How long does it take to receive my order for EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y?

The EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y usually ships within 24 hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Does the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y ship to International destinations?

Yes, the EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué ships internationally.




Installation Instructions Video

Please be sure to carefully review this video prior to installation. Once viewed, please be sure to also follow the written instructions (below) step-by-step to ensure proper installation.

EVANNEX Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y (PDF) 

Please click the button below to download an installation overview for the Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y. These installation guidelines should be used in connection with the Installation Video presented on this page.

Trunk Molding Appliqué for Model Y



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