CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3

CLEARANCE: Dual Qi Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3

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EVANNEX OWL is designed to provide Qi wireless charging for Tesla Model 3 owners with a smartphone that has built-in Qi wireless capability or a special case with a Qi wireless charging receiver (purchased separately). Please be sure that your smartphone meets one of these criteria.




EVANNEX® OWL is a custom-designed, integrated on-board wireless layer that provides Qi wireless charging for the Tesla Model 3. OWL is designed and manufactured to fit seamlessley onto the OEM plug-in charging shelf built into the Model 3 center console. EVANNEX OWL provides wireless charging for your smart phone without requiring you to “plug-in” the device. Drop your device* onto OWL and it begins to charge. Remove it by simply picking it up. Your device is always visible and charging, as long as it is placed on OWL. It installs very quickly, providing you with a high-tech, durable accessory that is sure to enhance your driving experience. 

* Many new mobile devices (e.g., Samsung 9 or iPhone 8) have built-in Qi wireless charging capability. Older mobile devices can take advantage of Qi wireless charging with a wireless charging case that can be acquired separately at low cost.

EVANNEX® OWL connects directly to the USB ports that lie inside the center console and under the OEM charging shelf. It allows either one or two smartphones to be charged at the same time.

EVANNEX OWL is built from high-strength, textured ABS plastic, laser cut to the precise dimensions of the OEM charging shelf. The OEM foam cover of the Model 3 charging shelf is removed and OWL replaces it. Rubber grommets on the underside of OWL isolate it from vibration and movement.


Like all of our products, the EVANNEX® OWL for Model 3 has been designed by folks who own a Model 3. That means we understand how the current OEM approach works and have tried to offer meaningful improvements. We’ve designed a larger phone ‘bumper’ at the bottom of the platform to stop your device from slipping into the storage box (a common occurrence with the OEM plug-in shelf). To stop your device from sliding during cornering, we developed custom anti-slip borders to hold it in place. We’re also very proud of our Model 3, so we designed OWL with a unique, stylized and laser-cut “3” backed in a brushed aluminum finish for your visual pleasure.

EVANNEX OWL can be installed very quickly without any tools required. 




EVANNEX OWL for Model 3 makes use of two high efficiency Qi charging disks that use the power from the USB ports positioned under the OEM charging platform and convert it into an inductive charging mechanism for all smartphones equipped for Qi charging and for other smartphones with a special Qi charging case (sold elsewhere) to transfer the charge to the phone.

The specifications OWL’s Qi charging disks are:

Input: DC 5V 2A or 9V 1.67A

Output: DC 5V 1A (Max. 5V 1.2A); DC 9V 1A (Max. 9V 1.1A)

Efficiency: 75-80%

Power:  OWL is capable of 7.5W charging to accommodate mobile devices with "quick charge" capabilities (e.g., iPhone X at 7.5W) . 

Transmission distance: 0.5-8mm

Cabling:  USB connector

Once your device battery is fully charged, Qi charging will terminate.

OWL itself is constructed from high-strength ABS plastic that is laser cut to the precise dimensions fo the OEM charging shelf. OWL is 7.6-in (194mm) wide (at its widest point) and 6.85-in (174mm) high. It is approximately 3/16 in. thick. The bottom phone bumper is 0.5-in. (12.7mm) high.

Although the sizes of mobile devices keeps changing (and growing) EVANNEX OWL can accommodate the majority of standard sizes available, Qi-capable smart phones from all manufacturers and the vast majority of plus-size smart phones (e.g., iPhone 7+, 8+, X as well as most larger Samsung models and the plus size models of other manufacturers. To be certain that your phone + case can be accommodated, their combined dimensions should not exceed 6.375 in. H x 3.25 in. W x 0.5 in. T (162 mm H x 82 mm W x 12.5 mm T).

Please note that a few recent plus-size smartphones (e.g., Samsung Note 9) are very close to the maximum allowable dimension.




What are the advantages of wireless charging?

Consider the following scenario: You’re driving and realize that your smart phone battery is very low. If you use the OEM plug-in charging shelf in your Model 3, you’ll have to slide the phone onto the platform, align it properly with the mini connector, slide it downward to insert the charging connector—all while trying to keep your eyes on the road. With EVANNEX OWL, you simply place your device on the platform and you’re charging it. That’s a good thing for those who are safety conscious and want to keep their eyes on the road.

Is my phone capable of wireless charging using EVANNEX OWL?

Any smartphone that has Qi wireless charging capability should work with EVANNEX OWL. In addition, any smartphone that has a special case with a Qi wireless charging receiver (purchased separately) should be capable of wireless charging using OWL.  We have tested OWL with the Apple iPhone models and with a variety of Samsung Models that support Qi Wireless charging and/or have a special case with a Qi wireless charging receiver

Can I use my phone while it's charging with OWL?

Although we strongly recommend against using your device while you're driving, you can use your phone while its charging. For example, incoming and outgoing calls and (voice) texts can be processed while Qi charging.

Will I be able to see the display of my device while its Qi charging.

Driving is an eyes-busy, hands-busy activity. Your eyes should remain on the road and your hands on the steering wheel (even when Autopilot is engaged). Having said that, you will be able to see your device display while it's wirelessly charging.

How long does it take to install EVANNEX OWL?

The EVANNEX OWL is ready to install out of the box (no assembly is required). Installation should take about 2-5 minutes.

Are any tools required?


Do I need to assemble EVANNEX OWL before I install it?

No. EVANNEX OWL comes fully assembled and ready to install out of the box. We provide both written and video installation instructions.

Do I have to remove the foam pad that sits on the OEM charging platform?

Yes, but that’s very easy. The pad is not glued down and can be removed easily with your fingers. EVANNEX OWL has the same dimensions as the foam pad and is then placed in exactly the same position.

Do I need to remove the existing mini-plug (for wired charging) that is currently installed on the OEM charging platform?

We recommend that you remove the plug. However, in some cases, you can leave the mini-plug in place if it does not obstruct installation of EVANNEX OWL. It's quite easy to remove the mini-plug by sliding the gloss black 'bumper' on the bottom of the OEM charging platform to the left and then remove the mini-plug and cabling. The entire operation takes less than a minute.

Does EVANNEX OWL interfere with the opening/closing of the door that covers the OEM charging shelf.

Absolutely not! The door opens and closes normally.

Where does EVANNEX OWL get its power?

From the USB ports that sit conveniently below the OEM charging platform. Just swivel the platform upward and the USB ports are accessible. EVANNEX OWL wiring for USB passes conveniently through an existing opening in the OEM charging platform, so no special routing of cables is required.

Does EVANNEX OWL use one or both of the OEM USB ports?

If both chargers are in use, OWL makes use of both ports. However, you can acquire a USB Male to Dual USB Female Jack Y Splitter Charger Cable, (available for under $5.00 at Amazon) thereby allowing one OEM USB port to remain free for other uses.

Can EVANNEX OWL accommodate larger phones as well as more standard-sized models?

Although the sizes of mobile devices keep changing (and growing) the EVANNEX Qi Charger can accommodate all stardard-size smart phones from all manufacturers and the vast majority of plus-size smart phones (e.g., iPhone 7+, 8+, X as well as most larger Samsung models and the models of other manufacturers. If your phone + case is 6.375 in. H x 3.25 in. W x 0.5 in. T (162 mm H x 82 mm W x 12.5 mm T), the EVANNEX OWL can accommodate it.   Please note that a few recent plus-size smartphones (e.g., Samsung Note 9) are very close to the maximum allowable dimension and may be a tight fit.

Is there a way I can use EVANNEX OWL if I have a plus-size smartphone that's larger than the dimensions you specify?

Yes. The bumper bar at the bottom of OWL is pressure fit into place and can be removed by pulling it upward. Once it has been removed, you will have an additional 0.25 in. (6mm) of vertical space to fit your large smartphone. To accomplish this, place OWL on a flat surface, press down on the top surface of OWL near the bumper bar while simultaneously pulling upward on the bumper bar— it should pop out. Please note that it is important to press downward on the top surface of OWL near the bumper bar as you pull the bar upward. Failure to do so can damage OWL.

Please note that removing the bumper bar increases the likelihood of your phone sliding into the OEM storage box during rapid acceleration. The OEM bumper provided by Tesla is relatively low when combined with the anti-slide foam used on the surface of OWL.

What are the specifications of the Qi charging electronics?

Go to our Specifications Tab for more details.

Isn't it true that Qi chargers charge a smartphone more slowly than plug-in charging?

That is true, but wireless (Qi) charging is far more convenient in driving situations. There are many factors that affect wireless charging speeds: (1) the type of smartphone you have; (2) the type of protective phone case you use; (3) the apps you use and the degree to which they use battery capacity, and (4) the signal strength of your cellular connection (the degree to which your phone must work to acquire and hold a signal). In addition, Qi chargers built to fit the geometry of the Model 3 phone charging space must by their nature be relatively thin so that they will properly fit the space. Inherently, this reduces the overall strength of the inductive field for Qi charging when compared to, say, larger desktop Qi chargers.  

Do you test each Qi charger to be certain it's operational before the product is shipped?

Yes. We use test equipment that provides precise digital measures of voltage and current to ensure that every OWL charger is fully operational before the product is shipped. 

Can EVANNEX OWL accommodate mobile devices with "Quickcharge" capability? 

Yes, although there are a number of different variants of "Quickcharge" with new variants being introduced regularly. The EVANNEX OWL supports both 7.5W charging, so it is compatible with many mobile devices that provide quick charge capability.

My smartphone doesn’t have wireless charging capability built-in. Can I still use EVANNEX OWL in my Model 3?

Yes, but you’ll have to buy a wireless charging case for your phone. Wireless charging cases are designed for specific phones, so you’ll have to select the right one for your phone. Amazon is a good source—search “wireless charging phone cases.” You plug your phone into a mini-charging plug that’s built into the case and you’re good to go. The case encapsulates the electronics required to couple with OWL’s Qi wireless charging platform.

Are there any troubleshooting tips you have if I'm having issues getting my Qi charger working?

Yes. Click the button below for troubleshooting tips...

Troubleshooting Tips

I’ve read reports that some smartphones can become quite warm during Qi charging. Is there anything I can do to prevent that?

Some smartphone brands do become warm or even hot when charging, regardless of whether the charge is a hardwired connection or a Qi charge. This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is difficult to address the question specifically. In some cases, the use of a specific app, such as a GPS-oriented app while charging, can cause the phone to become warm or even hot. In other cases, leaving the phone on the charge pad for long periods of time can also cause heating. In the unlikely event you feel your phone becoming warm or hot during charging we recommend removing it, allowing it to cool, and then continuing charging later.

What is the return policy for EVANNEX OWL?

You may return EVANNEX OWL for any reason for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery in North American; provided that the product is returned undamaged and with no scratches, tears, nicks, dents or wear in its original packaging, with shipping and insurance paid by the purchaser. Product Registration must be completed prior to return.

How long does it take to receive my order?

For EVANNEX OWL, you can expect delivery between 1 to 2 weeks from the day you place your order. 

Does EVANNEX OWL ship internationally?

Yes, the EVANNEX OWL does ship internationally using FedEx International. Please be certain to refer to our specific policies and requirements for international orders before you purchase EVANNEX OWL.




Installation Instructions for EVANNEX OWL

PDF Download

To view and download a pdf version of written Installation Instructions for the EVANNEX Qi Wireless Charger, click the button below:

Installation Instructions—Qi Wireless Charger



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