CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3

CLEARANCE: Frunk Cooler for Tesla Model 3

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With the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler, your Tesla Model 3 frunk can become a place to keep beverages and snacks cool while you tailgate, picnic, or camp. The EVANNEX Frunk Cooler is custom-fitted to your Model 3 frunk and is fabricated from insulated materials that keep it cold. It contains an outside zipper pocket for storing everything from can openers to utensils, and is lined with a leak resistant liner to keep your frunk dry. The EVANNEX Frunk Cooler has zipper closure, a side pocket for carrying utensils, and a carry handle and strap for moving your beverage or food items from place to place. The bag can be opened inside your frunk, which can serve as your “refrigerator” for any outside event. 

The EVANNEX frunk cooler is an insulated, soft-sided container with zipper closure and a water-resistant liner. Just place a few cooler freeze packs inside the Frunk Cooler next to the beverages or food you want to keep cool, zip the Frunk Cooler closed, and you’re good to go.




The EVANNEX Frunk Cooler is a soft-sided, insulated cooler with zipper closure. It is fabricated from 900D black polyester high-density Oxford fabric, double stitched for strength and durability.  The Frunk Cooler uses 8-9 mm of PE or EPE thermal insulation materials, lined with food-grade reflective aluminum foil for thermal efficiency. The liner is PVC and is water resistant.

The exterior dimensions of the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler are 26.75 in. L x 10.25 in. W x 8.25 in H (68 cm L x 26 cm W x 21 cm H). The zipper top hinges at the back, allowing it to be opened and access while it is in the frunk. The outside zipper compartment is 19 in L x 8 in. W x 1 in. H (47cm L x 200 cm W x 3.0 cm H) and is intended to store utensils or other items that you might need for food prep or serving.

The EVANNEX frunk cooler has been custom-designed to fit the Model 3 RWD and AWD (dual motor). However, it can also fit Model X and some older versions of Model S. The table below provides details:

 Vehicle                                  Will Frunk Cooler Fit?

Tesla Model 3                                yes

Tesla Model X                                yes

Tesla Model S (2012-2016 RWD)  yes

Tesla Model S (AWD)                      no

If you’re a Model S owner, please be sure that your Model S configuration (and Model S model year) are appropriate before for the frunk cooler.




Is the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler an actual refrigerator?

No. The Frunk Cooler is an insulated, soft-sided bag that can keep beverages and food items cold with the help of cooler freeze packs. It does NOT require a power source and does not provide refrigeration.

Will the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler fit in both the RWD and AWD (dual motor) configurations of Model 3?

Yes, the frunk cooler fits both configurations.

Can I just pour loose ice into the Frunk Cooler instead of using cooler freeze packs?

We do NOT recommend this. Although the Frunk Cooler liner is water resistant, we cannot guarantee that the water that puddles as the ice melts will not leak over the edges. We do recommend the use of cooler freeze packs to keep your beverage or food items cold.

What “freeze packs” do you recommend?

Any long lasting freeze gel pack will help to keep your beverages and food items cold. Prices vary, but there is a large selection of freeze packs available all over.

Is it a good idea to put cold items into the Frunk Cooler and then use freeze pack to keep them cold?

Yes. Refrigerate items you intend to use for your event first. Then, keep them cold using freeze packs.

How long will the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler keep beverages or food items cold?

It’s difficult to specify a time span. It depends on the outside temperature, the number and type of freeze packs you place in the cooler, the number of items in the cooler and their temperature when you placed them there.

What is the storage volume of the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler?

The interior dimensions of the cooler are approximately are 25.5 in. L x 9 in. W x 7.25 in H (65 cm L x 23 cm W x 18 cm H), yielding an interior volume of approximately 1,664 cubic inches. To put this in perspective, there is enough room inside the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler for 36 standard 12 oz. beverage cans along with a few freeze packs.

What can be placed inside the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler?

Beverage cans or bottles, wrapped foods, snacks or any other items that must remain cool. Check out the example below.

Will the frunk cooler also help to keep items hot?

Because the trunk cooler is fully insulated, it can work to keep cold out. That means that it will help to keep hot items hot. Please be careful not to place very hot items in Frunk Cooler that come into direct contact with the lining. The high heat can damage the insulated lining. In fact, it would be a good idea to wrap a very hot item in a towel so that it doesn’t come into direct contact with the liner. WARNING:  DO NOT under any circumstances place any heating element (electric or flame based) into Frunk Cooler. This will create a fire hazard

How large is the outside zipper compartment?

The outside zipper compartment is 19 in L x 8 in. W x 1 in. H and is intended to store utensils or other items that you might need for food prep or serving.

How do I carry the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler once it’s full?

The EVANNEX Frunk Cooler is designed with strong carrying handles and a carry strap.

Does the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler come in multiple colors?

The EVANNEX Frunk Cooler is available only in black.

I know it’s not the intent of the product, but could I use my frunk cooler as a custom-fitted suitcase for the frunk?

As you state, that isn’t the intent of the product, but we don’t see any reason you couldn’t us the cooler as a suitcase or other means of storage. It does have flexible sides and will expand slightly to accommodate your belongings.

Are there any other uses for the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler?

In fact, there are. You can use the frunk cooler to keep freezer items (e.g., ice cream or frozen foods) from melting after grocery shopping, particularly if you have to stop at another store before returning home. Another use is temporary storage of wet items (e.,g., bathing suits or wet towels) as you return from an event that is water related.

How long does it take to receive my EVANNEX Frunk Cooler?

The delivery time frame for the EVANNEX Frunk Cooleris between 1 and 2 weeks (for U.S. orders) from the day you place your order, depending on the number of orders in the production queue.

Does the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler ship to International destinations?

Yes, the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler ships internationally using FedEx International or USPS priority International delivery.  For more information, check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.



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