CLEARANCE: Frunk Lift for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Lift for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Lift for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Lift for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Lift for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Lift for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Frunk Lift for Tesla Model 3

CLEARANCE: Frunk Lift for Tesla Model 3

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The Tesla Model 3 frunk is the perfect place to store small items and the Tesla App is great for opening the frunk remotely. But when the frunk hood opens, it opens just a crack. If your hands are full, you have to juggle the bags or items you’re carrying in order to manually pull open the frunk hood. Our Frunk Lift replaces the existing Model 3 frunk lift supports—an operation that takes less than 10 minutes and requires only a small screw driver—with new supports that will cause the frunk to fully open in a smooth motion when you use your App. Just place your items in the frunk, close the frunk hood and you’re on your way.

The EVANNEX Frunk Lift supports replace the Tesla OEM frunk supports, but use the same OEM latching mechanism. They allow the frunk hood to fully open in a smooth motion when using the Tesla App or in-vehicle controls.

Replacing the OEM frunk lift supports takes less than 10 minutes and requires only a small screwdriver. Simply pry up a pressure band at the end of the OEM frunk lift support using a small screwdriver, pull off the old support and then replace it with the EVANNEX Frunk Lift supports by snapping them into place. The entire operation for both the driver and passenger side support should take less than 10 minutes.




EVANNEX Frunk Lift supports are automotive parts that replace the existing Tesla OEM frunk supports, allowing the frunk hood to fully open in a smooth motion. Each Frunk Lift is a pneumatic cylinder (in actuality, these supports are gas loaded, rather than air loaded, and are sometimes referred to as "gas springs") that is 14.5 in. (36.8cm) long with a maximum diameter of 0.6 in. (1.5cm). It snaps into place using a ball and socket mechanism at both ends. A tension ring holds the ball and socket in place and is actuated using a small blade screwdriver.

EVANNEX Frunk Lift supports are sold as a pair (2 supports per set) to replace both the driver and passenger side OEM trunk hood supports.




How are EVANNEX Frunk Lift supports different than Tesla OEM Supports?

Tesla OEM supports do not cause the frunk to fully open when it is actuated via your Tesla App or from inside the Model 3. The frunk hood opens only a crack and must then be lifted by hand. The EVANNEX Frunk Life Supports cause the frunk hood to fully open in a smooth motion when actuated.

How many Frunk Lift supports are provided?

Two supports are provided as a set to replace the two OEM supports.

Are the EVANNEX Frunk Lift supports difficult to install?

Installation is relatively simple and takes no more than 10 minutes.  You use a small flat blade screwdriver to pry up a tension ring that holds the OEM lift support in place and then remove the socket that holds one end in place. The EVANNEX Frunk Lift Support simply snaps into place. We have developed an installation video and detailed written instructions for EVANNEX Frunk Lift Supports.

I noticed that you replaced the OEM frunk supports (struts) one at a time. Why is that?

That’s important. It enables you to work on one side while the frunk hood is supported by the other OEM strut. Once the driver side is replaced, you then remove and replace the other side.

From the video, it looks like the frunk hood lifts fairly quickly when frunk lift supports are installed.. Is that intentional? Is it possible to slow down the opening?

The opening speed is determined by the lift strut—it cannot be changed. WARNINGDo NOT attempt to disassemble or modify the EVANNEX Frunk Lift support. Damage or personal injury could occur.

Could these replacement frunk lift supports cause the frunk to open inadvertantly during driving?

We have tested our frunk lift supports on Model 3 for a number of months and have experienced no issues whatsoever. The OEM frunk hood latch has been designed to hold the hood in place securely and safely. The Model 3 frunk hood has a “striker” that aligns directly with a hood latch mechanism built into the upper part of the front end. When the hood is pressed into place properly,  the latch mechanism locks automatically and the frunk hood will not open, regardless of the frunk hood supports that are used. The frunk hood should be opened using either interior controls via the display screen or the Tesla app only when the car is at rest, never when the car is in motion.

I’m really not a DIYer. How long would it take an installer to do this?

Less than 10 minutes. It's a good idea to show the installer our Installation video before doing the installation.

Will the EVANNEX Frunk Lift supports open the frunk hood fully, or do I have to help manually?

The EVANNEX Frunk Lift Supports will open the frunk hood fully without any help from you. The hood opens in a smooth motion. They will hold the hood in place until you want to close it. Closure is accomplished manually by pulling down on the hood.

I noticed that my Tesla OEM supports are slightly longer and have a slightly larger cylinder diameter. Is that a problem?

There's no problem. On some Model 3 vehicles (including AWD configurations), the Tesla OEM frunk supports are slightly longer and do have a slightly larger pressure cylinder diameter. Our replacement supports provide the appropriate upward force to open the trunk lid fully.

Is there anything I need to do when I initiate opening of the Frunk?

The only common sense thing to do is not lean over the frunk hood as it opens. The hood opens reasonably quickly. Take a step back if you're close to the hood. 

How do I close the frunk hood?

Using the same approach you’ve always used. Grip the hood with both hands and pull downward in a firm but gentle motion. You’ll notice a bit more closing resistance, but otherwise, the frunk hood closes and locks using the OEM Model 3 hood latch. IMPORTANT:  Be sure you hear a mechanical click that indicates the frunk hood latch has engaged.

Can I install Model 3 Frunk Lift Supports on Tesla Model S or Model X?

No! DO NOT attempt to replace Model S or Model X frunk struts with the Model 3 Frunk Lift Supports. The Frunk Lift Supports are compatable ONLY with Model 3.

How long does it take to receive my EVANNEX Frunk Lift order?

You can expect delivery between 1 and 2 weeks from the day you place your order.

Does EVANNEX Frunk Lift ship to international destinations?

Yes, the Model 3 Frunk Lift Supports ship internationally. For more information, including various restrictions and limitations, check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.




Video Instructions

Written Instructions

For downloadable Instructions on the easy installation (and removal) of the EVANNEX car cover for Model 3, click on the button that follows:

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