CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S
CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S
CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S
CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S
CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S
CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S
CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S
CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S
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CLEARANCE: Gorilla Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S

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"I just ordered the new lug nuts and wheel locks for my Tesla Model S. I just wanted to thank you for selling such a great product." - Ron C., Shelby Township, MI




Wheel Locks

Keeping your factory wheels safe and secure on your Tesla Model S is vital. We strongly recommend wheel locks to ensure safety of your Tesla Model S factory wheels.


— Performance engineered for maxiumum street security
— Lock and key engage precisely
— Case hardened and triple chrome plated for lasting durability
— Key wrench registration label enclosed





Keeping your factory wheels safe and secure on your Tesla Model S is vital. So make sure you get a new lug nut kit that's specifically designed for your Tesla Model S factory wheels. These Lug Nuts are a 1-piece model compared to the Tesla 2-piece factory lug nut.


Features and Benefits

- Direct Fit for all Tesla Model S vehicle configurations
- Compatible With All Tesla Factory Wheels
- Lug Nut Thread Size: 14mm x 1.50
- Made Out of High-Strength Steel with a Chrome Finish That'll Withstand Routine Wear and Tear
- Closed-End Design Will Prevent Rusting
- External Pattern Design Produces Better Torque and Prevents Breakage
- Provides More Seating Surface than Traditional Lug Nuts
- 60-Degree Conical Design
- Each Lug Nut is Stamped with Its Thread Size for Easy Identification and to Prevent Confusion
- Ideal Alternative to Replace Factory Lug Nuts
- Kit Includes 20 Lug Nuts Total

This Chrome Factory-Style Bulge Lug Nut Kit comes with 20 lug nuts total. The lug nuts are direct fit replacements for and compatible with all Tesla Model S with factory wheels. The lug nut thread size is 14mm x 1.50 and each one is made out of high-strength steel with high-strength chrome that will stand up to routine wear and tear. Their closed-end design will help keep these lug nuts from rusting, and their external pattern design produces better torque and prevents breakage. Plus, these lug nuts will give you more seating surface than the traditional lug nuts on the market. Also, each one is stamped with its thread size so it's easier for you to find the one you need. 

Please Note: This lug nut kit will only fit on Tesla Model S vehicle with factory wheels. This kit is not designed to be used with aftermarket wheels.




Installation Tips: Only the Telsa provided Lug nut torque specs should be used. Gorilla does not specify a torque value for their lug nuts or wheel locks. Please note: Tesla Motors factory recommended instructions state to torque lug nuts at 175N.m. (129 lb/ft) for the Tesla Model S. Lug nuts should be installed on dry, clean threads only. Use a stiff bristle brush or similar to remove any dirt, rust, metal shavings, etc. from the lug stud before installation. Gorilla recommends installation by hand tools and final torque applied by a torque wrench. Impact guns may be used on lug nuts only, but can damage the plating as well as apply torque beyond manufacturer’s specifications so it is not recommended. For more, see below...




What is the torque spec for Gorilla Lug Nuts/Wheel Locks?

Gorilla recommends factory Tesla torque specifications only. Please note: Tesla Motors factory recommended instructions state to torque lug nuts at 175N.m. (129 lb/ft) for the Tesla Model S. 

What size socket will I need for Gorilla Lug Nuts?

A 13/16 inch socket can be used to install and remove the Gorilla lug nuts.

How are the Gorilla Lug Nuts different (and better) than OEM Tesla Lug nuts?

Gorilla lug nuts are a one-piece, solid steel construction, plated in either Chrome or Black Chrome. Their seat width and length mimic the function and form of the OEM lug nuts. Compared to the two-piece stainless steel capped OEM lug nuts, the Gorilla lug nuts will be more durable and resist damage from installation and removal, which can damage the OEM lug nut’s stainless steel cap. Additionally the available Black Chrome plating is a great match to OEM dark grey, black or powder coated wheels.

Can I get Lug Nuts in another color option?

No. We only offer Lug Nuts in "chrome" and "black" color options.

How do I order a replacement key for a Gorilla Wheel Lock set?

Each Gorilla Wheel Lock set includes a Key Registration Number on a 2”x2” silver sticker. With this number, you can order a replacement key, just contact us for assistance.

Do you recommend any specific maintenance for Gorilla lug nuts/Wheel Locks?

In general, regular cleaning of Gorilla lug nuts or wheel locks is sufficient to maintain the product’s finish and appearance. If you live in an area of the country where rust is an issue, regular cleaning of the lug nuts and wheel locks to remove any road salts/chemicals will be needed. Waxes and Rust Inhibiting sprays can be used, but should not be sprayed on the lug nut or wheel lock’s seating surfaces (where the fastener contacts the wheel).

Can I use an impact gun on my Gorilla Lug Nuts?

Impact guns can be used on Gorilla Lug nuts, however for the longevity of the product hand tools are strongly recommended. This avoids potential damage to the lug or plating from the “hammering” action of the impact gun, and possible over-torqueing of the lug nut which can wear the lug and stud threads over time.

Can I use an impact gun on my Gorilla Wheel Locks?

Gorilla does NOT recommend the use of impact guns for any wheel locks or products that use a unique (non-hex style) socket. Because the socket or key will contact a smaller surface area, use of an impact gun on wheel locks can damage or wear the lock or key over time. 

What is the warranty on Gorilla Lug Nuts/Wheel Locks?

Gorilla Lug Nuts and Wheel Locks have a 1 year warranty (from date of purchase) against manufacturer defects. 

How long does it take to receive my Gorilla Lug Nuts and/or Wheel Locks?  

You can expect delivery in 1 to 2 weeks via FedEx.

Do Gorilla Lug Nuts/Wheel Locks ship to international destinations?  

Yes, we ship the these to other countries using FedEx International.  For more information check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.



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