CLEARANCE: Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3
CLEARANCE: Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3

CLEARANCE: Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3

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*Lowering Springs are currently only available for rear wheel drive configurations.



Some Tesla Model 3 owners want a softer ride, improved cornering performance, and a lower vehicle stance that results in reduced aerodynamic drag and improvements in range. All three of those objectives can be achieved with Dual Rate Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3. In addition, these lowering springs give your Model 3 a new and more aggressive look that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The performance characteristics of dual rate lowering springs for Tesla Model 3 target three key objectives:

  1. Providing increased comfort in daily driving situations by providing a softer but proportionate spring rate front and rear.
  2. Improving corning stability by designing in a secondary spring rate that engages when cornering g forces are loaded.
  3. Increasing range by lowering the car, thereby reducing undercarriage air turbulence and the aerodynamic drag that results.

Dual Rate Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3 offer the best combination of performance enhancement and vehicle aesthetics. They've been designed for Model 3 owners who want balanced improvements to handling, steering responsiveness, and stability in all driving environments. The springs are “softer” than Tesla OEM springs, but when cornering, the secondary rate activates and body roll is minimized.

Using these springs, your Model 3 will be lowered by approximately 1.5 inches (38mm), causing the OEM “tire gap” that currently exists to be reduced substantially. It’s amazing that such a small change in height provides such a major enhancement of vehicle aesthetics, not to mention vehicle performance.

Photos below show Tesla OEM 18", 19" wheels and 20" aftermarket wheels at OEM vehicle height (left column) and with lowering springs (right column):







EVANNEX dual rate lowering springs are fabricated so that spring rate (compression) varies across the length of the spring. During normal driving, the primary spring rate (shown in blue) does most of the work. During more intensive driving situations (e.g., corning) the primary portion of the spring compresses fully and the secondary spring rate (shown in red) kicks in.


The use of dual rate spring technology provides a softer ride and improved driving performance. Even a 1.5 inch lowering of the Model 3 body reduces underbody air turbulence, thereby reducing drag with a resultant improvement in range.

Dual rate Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3 are designed, engineered, and produced by Unplugged Performance in the U.S.A.




Will these lowering springs require any change in wheels or tires?

No. You can continue to use the OEM 18- or 19-inch wheels and tires you currently have on your Model 3.

What is the "tire gap" and how is it affected by the lowering springs?

The “tire gap” is the visual distance between the top of your tire and the lower edge of your fender wheel well. Some Model 3 owners argue that the tire gap for Model 3 is a bit too large and negatively affects the aesthetics of the vehicle. The lowering springs will reduce the gap substantially giving your Model 3 a noticeably lower stance.

Can I install these springs myself?

Unless you're a professional installer, the answer is “no.” Dual Rate Lowering Springs MUST be installed by a professional. Do NOT attempt to install them yourself.

Because I’m lowering my Model 3 by 1.5 inches, are there ground interference issues that need to be considered?

When you use our dual rate lowering springs, you improve your vehicle driving characteristics and aesthetics, but the bottom of your Model 3 will be 1.5” (38mm) closer to the ground. In certain situations (e.g., going over a speed bump at speed or approaching a ground level parking stop and “nosing” over it) this can increase the likelihood of scraping or impact on the bottom of the vehicle. Thinking about your typical driving environment, if reduction of ground clearance or increased risk of bottoming out is a major concern, then lowering your car may not be the right option for you. We recommend that you consider your driving environment and plan ahead to better understand what a 1.5″ reduction of clearance may mean for your driving.

Will I need to have my wheels re-aligned once I have the lowering springs installed?

Re-alignment is highly recommended. A lower vehicle height typically results in more negative camber that can improve handling but decrease tire lifespan. Getting a car re-aligned allows each owner options for setting alignment characteristics. You can specify whether you would like alignment to be more aggressive (trading tire wear for handling) or more economical (trading off maximum grip for better tire wear). Please note that while alignment shops can adjust these settings to your tastes, there is a limitation on the ranges of adjustment.

I’m thinking about eventually purchasing larger rims for my Model 3, say 20” wheels. Will lowering springs create any problems if I decide to upgrade my wheels?

As long as you maintain the same rolling diameter (specified by Tesla) for your tires, there should be no problem. To accomplish this as your wheel diameter increases, you must be certain that the tire profile you choose allows you to maintain the same rolling diameter as your OEM wheels. Without going into the math, any competent tire shop will help you with the right choice of tires.

How long does it take to receive Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3?

You can expect delivery in 1 to 2 weeks.

Do you ship Screen Protector to international destinations?

Yes, we ship the Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3 internationally. For more information check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.




Professional installation REQUIRED for this product. A hard copy of the instructions will be enclosed in your package, but, please be sure your professional installer follows the Installation Instructions (select red button below).

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