CLEARANCE: Performance Pedal Covers for Tesla Owners
CLEARANCE: Performance Pedal Covers for Tesla Owners
CLEARANCE: Performance Pedal Covers for Tesla Owners
CLEARANCE: Performance Pedal Covers for Tesla Owners
CLEARANCE: Performance Pedal Covers for Tesla Owners
CLEARANCE: Performance Pedal Covers for Tesla Owners

CLEARANCE: Performance Pedal Covers for Tesla Owners

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The accelerator and brake pedals for Model S, Model X, and Model 3 perform important functions, but tend to disappear into the lower space under the dash. Every Tesla “performance” (P) vehicle comes equiped with accelerator and brake pedals that stand out—brushed aluminum with black rubber strips to provide sure, non-slip usage. Now, you can make your accelerator and brake pedals stand out, even if your Tesla vehicle isn’t a performance model. EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers provide a “performance” look and feel and are easy to install. They enable you to give your Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3 interior a distinctive look.

Our Performance Pedal Covers have been designed and manufactured specifically for Tesla vehicles. These stylized performance pedals have abrushed aluminum look with black ribbed anti-slip strips — these pedal covers conform to the interior design language of your Tesla. They bring the brushed aluminum trim that accents every Tesla vehicle interior into the driver compartment, providing a performance look that will make you smile every time you open the driver side door.





EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers have a brushed aluminum look with non-skid rubber accents that are cut into the top surface. The accelerator pedal is approximately 4.5 in long by 2.25 inches wide and 0.375 inches thick (120mm L x 55mm W x 10 mm T). A rubber grommet on the back of the pedal is designed to slip over the accelerator base, providing secure attachment. The brake pedal is approximately 3.0 in long by 4.75 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick (75mm L x 120mm W x 15mm T) and used a similar rubber grommet on the back of the pedal is designed to slip over the brake base, providing secure attachment.


The accelerator pedal cover has three (3) rubbers inserts, providing a non-slip grip as well as an aesthetic accent for the pedal. The brake pedal cover has seven (7) rubbers inserts, providing a non-slip grip as well as an aesthetic accent for the pedal.




Are EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers available for the Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3?

Yes. Pedal covers for each model are available.

Are EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers difficult to install?

Actually, installation is straightforward. The accelerator pedal cover slips directly over the OEM pedal base. The OEM brake pedal cover must be removed (a simple operation) and the new performance brake pedal cover then slips directly over the OEM pedal base.  

Do the EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers change the feel of the accelerator and brake?

Not really. Driving characteristics and feel remain the same. It’s the look that is changed for the better.

I notice that the brake pedal cover for Model 3 is slightly wider than the OEM brake cover. Is that a safety or functional problem?

No.  The Model 3 brake pedal covers we use are slightly wider than the OEM brake cover. We chose that width to make installation easier. See our comments below relative to functionality and safety.

We have been driving with these pedal covers on Model 3 for almost six (6) months, including using them in emergency braking situations. The pedal covers have not moved laterally, have never become loose, and have provided a solid and appropriate foot to brake pedal surface. 
Our technical team has assessed the efficacy of our pedal covers and has the following comments:  "The rubber lip of the pedals holds the pedals securely on the top and bottom of the pedal. Since the dominant force vector for braking is orthogonal or near-orthogonal to the pedal surface, there is very little side shear force applied to the pedal. In addition, because any braking force vector that is not orthogonal moves back to front, the top and bottom lips are designed to stop any upward slide for these pedal covers. Were the pedal cover to slide, the side lip will stop the pedal from detaching. However, the friction associated with the rubber base material precludes any significant side movement of the pedal. We have also tested the pedal covers using a direct side force against the side edge of the pedal (a force that does not occur in any reasonable driving situation). The pedal cover did not slide. 
To summarize, the small increase in width does not affect pedal function, will not lead to any bending of the covers at the edges, and does not impede access to the accelerator pedal. 

Are tools required to do the installation?

It’s a good idea to have a flat head screw driver to help you pry off the OEM brake cover, but otherwise, no tools are required.

Are adhesives or mechanical fasteners required.


Is the installation of EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers permanent? That is, can I remove them if I want to?

You can remove the pedal covers if you want. There are no adhesives, bolts or screws used in the installation, so removing the pedal covers is simply a matter a taking them off.

Will EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers fit right hand driver vehicles?


What is the Return Policy for EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers?

Our performance pedal covers can be returned for a full refund with 30 days of purchase, provided they are undamaged. The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

How long does it take to receive my EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers?

The delivery time frame for the EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers is between 1 and 2 weeks (for U.S. orders) from the day you place your order, depending on the number of orders in the production queue.

Do EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers ship to International destinations?

Yes, the EVANNEX Performance Pedal Covers ship internationally.  For more information, check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.




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