Tesla Model S Fob Pocket

FobPocket for Tesla Model S

Store and protect your Tesla Model S key fob in this handy expandable neoprene case. You can also attach your keys, other fobs, lanyards, etc. on the metal carabiner hook key ring in order to attach and consolidate your important items in one convenient location.




The FobPocket provides a snug fit to store your Model S key fob. Your Tesla key fob can sometimes be slippery, difficult to fix, and may easily scratch or go missing. The FobPocket can prevent this and save you considerable time and expense (note: it can cost $270+ to replace your Model S key fob). Therefore, with an active, on-the-go lifestyle, the FobPocket provides a fantastic key fob solution for every Model S owner. It's a great way to keep your Model S key fob available, protected, and accessible at a moment's notice.


This signature edition deluxe FobPocket design is available in a red neoprene case edged with black piping. It includes an original artistic tribute to the the Model S (a screen printed black graphic artwork), designed by (and only available at) EVannex™, on the rear of the case, and, on front, there is a circular expandable keyhole to conveniently insert your key fob for a snug fit. Removal of the key fob is just as easy.

Back: Screen printed original artwork (in black)

Front: Circular expandable keyhole for key fob insertion and removal

Tesla Model S Fob Pocket


The FobPocket's stretchy neoprene also allows you to maintain easy-access to key fob functionality. This durable, flexible, but thin material allows you to easily press the Model S key fob buttons to open the doors, trunk and frunk.  In addition, the FobPocket also includes a convenient, high quality, metal carabiner hook key ring in order to attach and consolidate your other keys, lanyards, fobs, etc. into one convenient location. Never lose your Tesla key fob again with this must-have accessory.




Size (l x w x h): 4.75 x 0.5 x 1.75 in

Materials: 2.5mm Neoprene (with attached metal carabiner hook keyring)

Weight: 0.04 lb.

Color Combination: Red with black piping

Artwork: Screen printed (in black)


Abstract Ocean is a family-run business in Texas and the FobPocket was developed by it's owner, Peter White, an early Model S owner (and TSLA owner) who wanted a smart, innovative solution to store the Tesla Model S key fob. We're proud to work with Pete, a long-time supporter and contributor to the Tesla owner community, and look forward to the possibility of carrying other unique products he's developing for the Model S. Tesla Model S Fob Pocket creater Peter White




What makes your FobPocket so unique?

Our FobPocket features original artwork by EVannex™ Founder, Roger Pressman, who also designed our "Driving the Future" sculpture and was the creator/product designer of our popular Center Console Insert product. Roger was an early "Signature" owner of the Model S (VIN #184) and drew this original piece as an artistic tribute to the Model S.

Can I get the FobPocket in different colors, add anything to it, or customize it in any way?

No, we only offer this color combination. We cannot add anything to the FobPocket or customize it in any manner.

When using the FobPocket, how do I insert and remove the key fob?

Simply slide the key fob through the circular, expandable keyhole "window" on the front side of the FobPocket for easy insertion or removal.

Will the FobPocket protect my key fob?

The FobPocket provides a thin neoprene layer that can help to prevent some minor scratches and scrapes but it remains imperative that you always take special care when using the Model S key fob from any adverse, "rough" or abusive treatment.

Does the FobPocket interfere with my ability to press the key fob buttons in order to open the doors, frunk, and trunk?

No, the FobPocket is made of a strong but thin neoprene that will allow you to press the key fob buttons to open the doors, frunk, and trunk -- you will not need to remove the key fob from the FobPocket.

What is the shipping and fulfillment timeframe on domestic orders?

We'll ship all orders on a first come, first served basis. Shipping (to U.S. destinations) will take between 1-3 weeks via USPS. 

Do you ship the FobPocket to international destinations?

Yes. We'll be shipping international orders via USPS. Shipping to most international destinations will typically take between 4-8 weeks. Note: please allow an additional time buffer for USPS to deliver internationally as it does not have the more rapid timeframes for delivery as "overnight" providers (i.e. FedEx, UPS, or DHL). We'll be fulfilling our international orders on a first come, first served basis. You will also see an option for FedEx International Shipping (that ships more quickly), but, depending on where it's going the price will vary (note: the FedEx International Shipping is typically far more expensive than the standard USPS Shipping option).








As seen in Teslarati

“… every new Model S owner faces figuring out how to attach an existing keyring to the car-shaped Model S key fob.  The key fob is sleek, it’s shiny, it’s shaped like the car, and it’s cool as heck with depressible sections of the car throughout. Click on the trunk portion of the key fob and life begins to imitate art as your Model S trunk magically opens. Click again on the front section of the key fob and suddenly the front trunk (“frunk”) pops open.

All fine and dandy until the novelty quickly subsides to one of confusion and concern, and you’re left wondering – ‘where the heck do I put this tiny car shaped fob so that it doesn’t get scuffed up and how do I get my house keys attached to it?’.  Thus the ‘FobPocket’ Tesla Model S key cover was born… a nifty little product that served its purpose well, and while doing it all in style. It’s definitely a must-have item for every Tesla owner!”

Review excerpt used with permission from Teslarati.



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