Glasses Clip for the Tesla Model S
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Glasses Clip for the Tesla Model S

The Glasses Clip provides a sleek solution to a common driver's problem—where to put your glasses. So if you've ever wanted a convenient place to hang your sunglasses, driving glasses or reading glasses, our Glasses Clip for the Tesla Model S is an ideal solution. The Glasses Clip provides a convenient place to put your glasses, sliding directly onto the visor. It can store your glasses and rotate them into the desired position as well as hold two different glasses at the same time. Subtle and aesthetically pleasing, the Glasses Clip is a must-own product for your Tesla Model S.  In addition, Glasses Clip can also hold some other small items like small papers, cards, pens and more. 






Material: The Glasses Clip is made of high quality black ABS with a subtle black, vinyl overlay on top.

Dimensions: Item Length: 10cm — Item Width: 3.5cm — Item Height: 4.2cm








Why can't I use the cubby or center space to store my glasses?

You can, but the lens surface of most glasses is prone to scratching. When you hang your glasses using Glasses Clip, only the nose piece or arms are being touched, so your lens surfaces remains clear and unscratched. Also, your glasses are always within easy reach.

Can I put more than one pair of glasses on Glasses Clip at a time?

Yes, Glasses Clip is designed to hold two pairs of glasses if you desire. 

Is there any possibility of GlassesClip damaging the visor or headliner?


It looks like it's made of carbon fiber, is this real carbon fiber?

No. Glasses Clip is made of black ABS with a black vinyl overlay. It will complement a carbon fiber interior or any trim finish in a Tesla Model S as it's designed to be sleek and subtle.

Can I order this product in a different color or matching trim finish?

No, the Glasses Clip is only available as shown — it was designed to be subtle and elegant in order to complement any Model S interior upholstery and trim finish.

How long does it take to receive my Glasses Clip?  

You can expect delivery in 1 to 2 weeks via USPS.

Does Glasses Clip ship to international destinations?  

Yes, we ship the Glasses Clip internationally using USPS. For more information check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.



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