Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3
Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3
Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3
Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3
Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3
Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3
Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3
Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3

Interior Vinyl Kits for Tesla Model 3

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Now you can make your Tesla Model 3 interior unique, complementing the minimalist feel of the driver and passenger compartment and making it even more distinctive. The EVANNEX® Vinyl Kit Collection for Model 3 enables you to give your dash, the center console, the steering wheel, and even your door control covers the look of a carbon fiber or gunmetal trim finish.

*Please note: EVANNEX provides two (2) copies of every vinyl shape we sell, allowing you to have a "back up" for the opportunity to recover from an installation error (e.g., a tear or stretch due to improper technique or installation) or a replacement piece ready to install should regular wear and tear necessitate it.






The EVANNEX interior vinyl kit collection has been custom-designed to fit important interior elements of the Tesla Model 3. It includes four unique vinyl kits that can be purchased individually or in any combination. Each vinyl kit has been custom-cut specifically for the Tesla Model 3. 

Dash Vinyl Kit 

In our view, there is no Model 3 interior feature that elicits more discussion than the OEM wood grain dash. Some Model 3 owners love it, while others would prefer other options. EVANNEX has developed a number of vinyl kit variants that overlay your dash trim and transform the look of your Model 3 dash. Whether it's a carbon fiber look or a matte gunmetal finish, our vinyl dash accents give your interior a distinctive stylistic feel. It’s also possible to match the dash accent with other corresponding vinyl kits in the interior collection to provide an integrated style for your interior.

Rows 1 & 2—Carbon Fiber look; Rows 3 & 4 —Gun Metal look

Center Console Deck Vinyl Kit

The Model 3 center console is your ‘go-to’ source for storage, cupholders, and phone charging while you’re driving. The OEM Model 3 center console is delivered in gloss black, a striking look—no doubt. But owners have found that the gloss finish shows every fingerprint and smudge. EVANNEX has developed a custom designed vinyl kit that enables you to change the look of your center console in a variety of different ways. Most owners opt for a carbon fiber or a matte gunmetal finish that hides finger prints and other smudges. The center console vinyl kit components are specially designed to cover not only the surface of the center console doors, but also the visible door edges, giving them an OEM look.

Steering Wheel Vinyl Kit

The Model 3 steering wheel surfaces (i.e., the three ‘spokes’ that move outward from the center of the steering wheel) are another small but important trim feature in Model 3. These OEM surfaces are matte grey-black. If you choose to customize the dash and or the center console using our vinyl kits, you might consider completing the look and applying the same custom vinyl trim for the steering wheel surfaces.

Door Control Cover Vinyl Kit

The Model 3 door control surfaces (i.e., window controls and door open/close buttons) are a small but important trim feature in Model 3. The OEM surfaces are gloss black and like the center console finish, show every fingerprint and smudge. If you choose to customize the dash and or the center console using our vinyl kits, you might consider completing the look and applying the same custom vinyl trim you used for the dash and /or the center console for the door control surfaces themselves.




All EVANNEX Vinyl Kits are made using 3M 1080 vinyl film, the choice of many industry professionals. 3M films have been designed and fabricated for strength, fade resistance, and long life and use specially designed adhesives that allow repeated surface placement and removal. It can be heated gently using a heat gun or hair dryer to increase pliability and adhesion.

The shapes required for each component of each of our vinyl kits were captured and fed into our CAD system for refinement and testing. Every vinyl kit finished surface shapes is cut using a CNC vinyl cutter with software that enables translation of our CAD drawing to the vinyl. All shapes are accurate to within 0.5 mm.

Installing vinyl can be challenging (see our installation tab for more details) and it's always possible make a mistake during the installation process. We've decided to provide two (2) copies of every vinyl shape we sell, allowing the opportunity to recover from an error (e.g., a tear or stretch due to improper technique or installation).

Vinyl Colors

Carbon Fiber (3M 1080)

"Gunmetal" (Satin Dark Grey, 3M 1080)

Interior Vinyl Kit Profiles

The following profiles provide an indication of the shapes of each component of each interior vinyl kit. Note that (1) the profiles are not shown to scale, and (2) some perimeter shapes are specifically designed to accommodate folds required to properly cover the Model 3 surface and sides under consideration. First row (left to right): Dash Kit, Center Console Kit. Second Row (left to right): Door Control Cover Kit, Steering Wheel Kit.




Why do I need a vinyl kit?

Stated simply, to change the look of your interior trim and make it unique. It’s important to note that a vinyl kit allows you to change your interior at relatively low cost. If at some point in the future you want to go back to the OEM interior trims, vinyl is easy to remove with no damage to the OEM surfaces. It’s also possible to change the look of your Model 3 interior on a regular basis by applying different vinyl kits when you'd like to change up the look of your Model 3.

Are the vinyl kits difficult to install?

They can be. Patience and a steady hand are required. Small alignment mistakes can lead to a less than perfect result. For that reason, professional installation is required. Please have the professional installer follow the detailed installation instructions and video we provide (see our Installation Tab) and spend the appropriate time to do it right.  In addition, before you order, please read our "Word of Warning" under the Installation Tab.

Are special tools required?

Your professional installer should have experience with vinyl wraps and have the necessary tools. The tools typically needed are a squeegee (provided for those vinyl kits that require a squeegee), a spray bottle (not included) containing a water/alcohol mix to ensure proper cleaning and surface preparation (critically important), a hair drier (not included) to help remove any wrinkles and make the vinyl more pliable and a #1 Xacto knife (optional and not included) that might be needed in case of misalignment of a piece (but otherwise are satisfied with the result) and need to trim an edge.

Is one vinyl finish more difficult to install than another?

Not really, although a solid finish (e.g., Gunmetal) will show every surface imperfection or small particle that has not been removed during surface preparation. A patterned finish (e.g., Carbon Fiber) tends to hide small imperfections.

Do I need to cut or trim the components of the vinyl kit?

No. The vinyl kit components have been specifically designed and CNC cut to fit without any requirement for cutting or trimming. The only reason that trimming might be necessary is if the professional installer makes small angular or positioning errors during installation.

Why does EVANNEX provide two copies of every shape when all I'll really need is one?

Vinyl installation can be challenging. For that reason, we decided to provide two copies of every shape so that your professional installer can recover from an error, if one occurs. Look at it this way, even if a perfect installation is executed on the first try, you'll have a spare set as backup in the unlikely event that the vinyl is damaged at some later date. We fully understand that this approach adds to the cost of the product, but we feel that it's the right thing to do to reduce the frustration that can occur if an installation error is made and/or if any part of the vinyl kit is damaged at a later date.

Do the vinyl kits provide a perfect fit for the OEM surfaces?

Each vinyl kit component fits the surface curvature and perimeter shape for which it was designed and fabricated. However, alignment varies with each installation (and the skill of the professional installer), and there may be tiny variances in fit. In general, these variances will be a half-millimeter or less. For most owners, any variance that might occur will be unnoticeable when sitting normally in the passenger compartment.

What do I need to know about vinyl?

For those who are unfamiliar with vinyl, we've developed general installation guidelines including surface preparation instructions and an accompanying video. These can be viewed at the Installation Tab.

Do you provide instructions for applying the vinyl kits?

We've developed detailed step-by-step written instructions for each vinyl kit. In addition, EVANNEX provides a detailed installation video for each vinyl kit and we also provide general installation guidelines including surface preparation instructions and an accompanying video.

Is surface prep complicated?

Not al all, but it does require care. The surface should be cleaned with a 60% water / 40% isopropyl alcohol mix applied using a lint free cloth or paper towel.  The objective is to remove all dust, dirt, and greasy residue before vinyl installation commences.

Can I remove the vinyl if I decide to go back to the OEM surface finish?

Absolutely. Vinyl can be removed at any time. In fact, because vinyl kits are relatively inexpensive, some owners purposely remove their vinyl periodically and replace it with another kit with a different trim color to change up the look of their interior.

Do the vinyl kit components wrap around the edges of OEM surfaces to provide a ‘completed’ look?

Eack kit is designed in a way that provides full coverage for the interior element under consideration. In some cases, the vinyl kit is cut-to-fit because a specific interior surface (e.g., a steering wheel surface) is bounded in a way that makes that approach appropriate. In other situations we have designed wrap-around coverage (e.g., the storage door for the center console) so that the sides of an interior element are covered appropriately.

What is the projected life of a vinyl kit?

Interior vinyl should have a useful life of between 4 and 7 years. With our kit you will have a back-up set ready in case you need or want to replace the vinyl at any time.

Will the vinyl fade with time?

In general, vinyl is impervious to sun damage and will not fade or otherwise discolor. 

Will water or soft drink spills damage the vinyl?


Can the vinyl be scratched or otherwise damaged during regular use?

In general, vinyl is remarkably strong and resilent. However, if a sharp or abrasive object comes into contact with the vinyl, it can be scratched or torn, but that’s true of just about any surface. Just in case, we've provided two copies of each vinyl kit piece.

Why do you choose to sell only a 2-piece Dash Vinyl Kit?

In our pre-release testing, we found that many struggle with the one-piece dash kit. The 1-piece kit requires precise alignment along both the bottom and top edges and is more difficult to install. The 2-piece kit uses driver-side and passenger side pieces that are applied separately. This makes alignment and installation easier, although does result in a seam in the middle. The seam sits behind the center display screen and is not visible when seated normally inside the passenger compartment. The bottom line: we chose the 2-piece approach because it's the most straightforward approach for installers.

If I decide to remove the vinyl after some period of time, can I re-install it again at a later date?

No. Once the vinyl has set on the surface (requiring about 24 hours), its adhesion becomes stronger and more permanent. It can still be removed without difficulty, but removal will stretch and potentially tear the vinyl. It cannot be reused. However, we've provided two copies of each vinyl kit piece that can be used in this instance.

What if I damage a vinyl kit component while I’m installing it?

That's why we provide every purchaser with two copies of each vinyl kit piece. If you make a mistake or damage a piece, you got backup in hand.

What is your return policy for the vinyl kits?

Once the backing is removed from any component of a vinyl kit, it may not be returned for credit or exchange. The reason is that the kit cannot be resold once the backing has been removed. For more visit the Return Policy link in the footer.

How long does it take to receive my vinyl kit order?

The EVANNEX Vinyl Kit usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Do vinyl kits ship to international destinations?

Yes, the vinyl kits ship internationally. 




A Word of Warning

The installation of vinyl looks easy, but it can be quite challenging. We say that not to discourage you from purchasing our vinyl kits products, but because EVANNEX has been praised by the Tesla community because our business philosophy puts the customer first. To that end, we emphasize that professional installation is required for this product. We don't want you to be frustrated or disappointed if you decided (against our directions here) to try this on your own. If you still choose to ignore this, we ask that before you attempt this as a "DIY" project, you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I installed vinyl kits successfully in the past?
  • Am I an experienced DIYer?
  • Am I willing to read a follow detailed installation instructions and watch the installation video?
  • Do I have the patience required to apply and remove a vinyl piece until I get it right?
  • Am I willing to overlook a small installation error when the totality of the end result is impressive?
  • Do I have the time required to properly install each vinyl kit, recognizing the typical times (these can and do vary widely) for each are:  Center console kit ~ 45 minutes; Dash kit ~ 60 minutes; Steering wheel Kit ~ 30 minutes, and Door Control Covers Kit ~ 45 minutes.

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, we'd strongly recommend that you have any vinyl kit you purchase installed by a professional. Please note: the installation guidelines and instructions that follow will assist the installer and it's imperative these be reviewed in full before (and during) installation.

Generic Guidelines for Vinyl

PDF Download

To view and download a pdf version of written Generic Guidelines for Vinyl, click the button below:

Vinyl Guidelines

Dash Vinyl Kit

PDF Download

To view and download a pdf version of Dash Vinyl Kit Installation Instructions, click the button below:

Dash Installation

Center Console Deck Vinyl Kit


PDF Download

To view and download a pdf version of Center Console Vinyl Kit Installation Instructions, click the button below:

Center Console Installation

Steering Wheel Vinyl Kit


PDF Download

To view and download a pdf version of Steering Wheel Vinyl Kit Installation Instructions, click the button below:

Steering Wheel Installation

Door Control Cover Vinyl Kit

PDF Download

To view and download a pdf version of Door Control Cover Vinyl Kit Installation Instructions, click the button below:

Door Control Cover Installation




As seen in CleanTechnica

"The interior of the Tesla Model 3 is beautifully spartan and I find most of it very appealing. The piano black center console always stood out to me as a bit of an odd entry into the interior as it is simply a fingerprint magnet. I very quickly came to the conclusion that it would make a good candidate for a vinyl wrap — which is basically a large, custom sticker designed to cover the surface. I was happy to find that EVANNEX was apparently of a similar mind and had already created custom-cut vinyl wraps for all of the piano black surfaces inside the Model 3 (and then some)."

"After looking over the options, I was a bit nervous about applying the wrap to the cupholder section specifically, with its sharp corners and precise lines around the cup holders themselves. Once the wrap showed up, I got to work and found it to be much easier to apply accurately than I had imagined. It wasn’t easy … but it wasn’t hard. I took my time, and after 30 minutes or so, had all of the pieces applied to the center console."

Source: CleanTechnica / Photo: Kyle Field

"I’m very happy with the fit of the pieces from EVANNEX, the high-quality 3M vinyl they use, and most importantly, the ease of the installation. It’s a great product that met my needs at an affordable price point. About that — EVANNEX includes a second set of all of its vinyl wraps to give owners confidence that if they mess up the install on the first round, another piece is ready at hand to swoop in as a replacement. I was able to get them all on successfully the first time around, so I have a spare set if I accidentally damage one in the future."

"EVANNEX offers vinyl wrap kits for the center console, for the wood dash trim, the steering wheel, and the window control panels on all the doors that can be purchased individually or as a complete set at a bit of a discount. It’s not cheap, but it’s high-quality 3M 1080 vinyl and, remember, you get a second set included with the purchase. The wraps come in Carbon Fiber and Gun Metal Grey at present. I went with the grey for a more muted effect."





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