LED Lighting Upgrade Kit for Tesla Model X
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LED Lighting Upgrade Kit for Tesla Model X

The LED Lighting Upgrade Kit will replace interior lights in your Tesla Model X with high-performance LED lights to brighten your interior. They're direct plug-and-play bulbs, no modification needed and can be done as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation. Most Tesla Model X owners agree the original bulbs are very dim, but would like to keep the 'factory' look. The bulbs and housings of the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit are identical to the Tesla-fitted bulbs in every regard, except they're much brighter. You can now see what's in your trunk, frunk, and your passenger cabin footwells. All orders come with a special "Wedge Tool" to assist with removal of factory light housings. Please configure LED Lighting Upgrade Kit options below.



The LED Lighting Upgrade Kit for Tesla Model X keeps the factory installation and look, while improving/upgrading the visibility and brightening the interior of the vehicle. Please see the comparison photos below of the brightness of the LED bulb compared to the factory bulb.




Kit Pieces

Trunk and Frunk

(4) White LED Lights
(1) Wedge Tool


Passenger Cabin

(8) White LED Lights
(1) Wedge Tool


Complete Vehicle Upgrade (without red LEDs)

(12) White LED Lights
(1) Wedge Tool


Complete Vehicle Upgrade (with red LEDs)

(12) White LED Lights
(4) Red LED Lights
(1) Wedge Tool


Please note: For the Tesla Model X "Passenger Cabin" and "Complete Vehicle Upgrade" options, you'll be receiving 1 extra (backup) white LED light. Note: with the "Complete Vehicle Upgrade (with Red LEDs)" you'll be receiving 2 extra (backup) red LED lights.




Source: Teslarati (top three images)




Installation Instructions

PDF File

LED Installation




Why do I need upgraded lighting?

The Tesla Model X comes standard with relatively dim interior lighting. Many Model X owners want more illumination, especially in the trunk area, so that after dark they can easily find stored items. This LED Lighting Upgrade Kit will allow a Model X owner to have better visibility throughout their vehicle.

How big of a difference is the change?

At 12 volts, the upgraded lights are 15.99x times brighter than the stock Tesla lights (423 lux v. 24.9 lux, or 39.6 FC v. 2.33 FC) and they only consume 2.5 times the power (0.822 watts v. 0.236 watts). The difference between light output and power consumption narrows at higher voltages because these lights are designed to draw a constant current regardless of input voltage.

Can I special order a configuration of the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit that's not offered on the website (i.e. just the trunk lights)?

No. The only options to configure your LED Lighting Upgrade Kit are in the pull down menu on this page. We cannot sell "one-off" LEDs or special orders that are not part of the configuration options offered on our website.

Some of the options offered for the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit include a few extra LEDs, can't I just order a specific amount of LEDs, or, can I get reimbursed for the LEDs I don't use?

No. As noted above, you must order in the options we offer in the pull-down menu. These LEDs come delivered in pre-set amounts in a blister pack and cannot be "broken up" for special orders. Extras can be helpful if you want a backup on-hand down the line.

I do not see a light in an area that is specified in the Installation guide, what now?

Tesla sometimes varies the trim levels, so it's possible not all cars will have lights visible in all of these locations, but the wiring is there for all Model X's regardless of trim and configuration. 

Is installation difficult?

Installation does require some automotive DIY (do-it-yourself) skills, but generally, the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit can be installed without difficulty by the Tesla Model X owner who is relatively handy. Detailed instructions are provided. If you feel uncomfortable with this installation for any reason, we recommend that you engage a professional installer to do the work for you.

How long will it take to install?

That will vary with the professional installer, but in general, installation shouldn't take more than one hour.

If I prefer to get the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit installed by a professional installation, where can I find a competent professional installer locally?

We recommend you try to find an experienced professional installer that specializes in the installation of automotive aftermarket audio, lighting, and electronics with experience working on Tesla vehicles. 

Is there a fuse upgrade that needs to be done when installing LED Upgrade Kit?


Will the brighter lights provided by the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit drain my battery appreciably?

No. Even though the lights are brighter, the amount of power they require is still quite small. In addition, the lights are on for relatively brief periods of time (when doors and hatches are open), so no appreciable battery drain will occur.

How long does it take to receive my order?

For the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit, we target delivery between 1 to 2 weeks from the day you place your order. 

Does the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit ship internationally?

Yes, the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit does ship internationally using FedEx International. For more information, check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.




As seen on Teslarati

"One could argue that it [factory lighting] provides little more than just a faint glow. The same applies for the trunk and front trunk (“frunk”) lighting which I find hardly useable especially during the dead of night when I pull into a dimly lit destination charging location, and fumble my way through a mix of bags full of mystery items that my wife and kids packed, makeshift trash bags, and other roadtrip related goodies, before finally locating the correct overnight bags. And even then, I’m able to find the right items simply because I unearthed everything else from frunk and located it via process of elimination. True story by the way."

"[However] the lighting from the LEDS [LED Lighting Upgrade Kit] are drastic enough that it makes for a huge improvement in useable light... And of course the reassurance that you’ll be able to finally see what you’re really taking out of the frunk and trunk." - Gene




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