MX118 22" Wheels for Tesla Model X
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MX118 22" Wheels for Tesla Model X

Note: $6,500.00$9,000.00 per set of (4) depending on color selection.

The MX118 forged wheel is engineered specifically for the Model X owner who wants to gain more functionality by saving weight and retaining maximum range. The MX118 come staggered with a setup of 22x9.0" Front and 22x10.0"Rear.

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Below are photos of the Matte Black and Brushed Satin MX118's. We will update the Gallery as more photos become available.

Matte Black

Brushed Satin





Model X owners can use a factory Tesla center cap, factory lug nuts, factory TPMS and 22" factory tires on the MX118 forged wheel.


22x9.0" weighs 29.6 lbs
22x10.0" weights 30.0 lbs

The MX118 22x9.0" is 21% lighter than a 22x9.0" Factory wheel and 22x9.0" Turbine wheel as well as 8% lighter than a 20x9.0" Slipstream wheel.

The MX118 22x10 is 26% lighter than a 22x10.0" Factory wheel and 22x10.0" Turbine wheel as well as 10% lighter than a 20x10.0" Slipstream wheel.




Do the MX118 wheels retain factory center caps, tpms sensors, and lug nuts?

Yes, the MX118 forged wheel was purposely designed with this in mind.

Do I need to change the color of my existing lug nuts/lug nut covers and center cap to correspond to my new MX118 wheels?

That's an aesthetic decision only you can make. If you decide to use a compatible color, these parts may be purchased from the parts department at your local Service Center.  

Are the Tesla factory center caps the same size for 20" and 22" wheels?

Yes, Tesla factory center caps are the same size for both 20” and 22” wheels.

Are the wheels hub centric, thus requiring no hub centering rings (spacers)?

No hub center rings / spacers are needed as the MX118 wheels have been designed specifically with the 22” stock/factory Model X wheels compatibility in mind.

Do you offer non-staggered wheels?

The MX118 only are offered as a staggered option.

Are these MX118 wheels forged or cast?

The MX118 wheels are forged.

What is the difference between forged and cast wheels?

Regarding forged wheels, 6061-T6 alloy is physically forged on a 6000 ton press into the wheel shape while remaining in a solid state while being frequently heated. The forging is then machined on a lathe, then on a CNC machine. After that, the forged wheel is then prepped and powder-coated. The advantages over cast wheels are: less porosity in aluminum, better fatigue and life/strength, and lighter weight. The reason for the price increase for forged wheels is that the process is more labor intensive and multiple processes are needed (as noted here) to produce a final superior product. Regarding cast wheels, alloy is heated above its melting temperature and poured into a mold where it solidifies. When you melt alloy to cast it, the grain size is free to expand. When it cooks back to a solid, the grain structure is courser and more random, decreasing its strength versus the process used for forged wheels.

What is the warranty on MX118 wheels?

MX118 forged wheels carry a structural guarantee for the time you own your Tesla. We warranty the finish on our forged wheels for 2 years from the date of purchase. MX118 wheels carry a 3 year limited structural warranty and 1 year limited surface finish warranty. Any structural claim must be accompanied with an original invoice. Cleaning wheels with abrasive solutions is not covered under our warranty. Please note: we understand many of you pre-order parts prior to the arrival of your Tesla. Kindly inspect each box within 48hrs of delivery to ensure the integrity of your order. Please notify us no later 72hrs if what you received is incorrect or damaged. Any claims made after 72hrs of receipt will not be honored. 

How long until my MX118 wheels arrive after my order?

We target shipping within 2 to 4 weeks from the date you place your order. 

Are these wheels shipped internationally?

Yes!  A large number of our customers are outside of the U.S. International shipping is executed via FedEx International and may be selected upon checkout.



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