Pedego Electric Folding Bike for Tesla Owners
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Pedego Electric Folding Bike for Tesla Owners

The Pedego Latch Electric Folding Bike is a lightweight and compact model designed to stow away easily in your Tesla Model S or Model X trunk. Now riders can store their electric folding bike right inside their Tesla trunk, unfold it quickly, and, enjoy a ride at Tesla Supercharger stops and/or wherever their Tesla takes them. Designed and engineered by a Tesla Model S owner, this electric folding bike folds up in less than 60 seconds and weighs just 43 pounds – 50 with the battery. The twist-and-go throttle and Pedal Assist computer offer choices in ways to unleash the Latch’s power. Its belt drive system provides a seamless, quiet ride. The bike’s internally geared hub allows riders to enjoy smooth shifting.

Please Note: The Pedego Electric Folding Bike can be shipped ONLY within the 48 Continental U.S. States. It is NOT available for International delivery.







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On Arrival

Your bike will arrive pre-assembled and requires only a few simple steps to get it ready for you to ride:

  1. Remove the outside carton after cutting the nylon bands and lift off the entire box from the tray at the bottom. Carefully remove your bike from the bottom tray and gently rest it in place with the kickstand engaged.
  2. Remove all of the inside cardboard protection and wrap.
  3. Please locate and set aside the kit box containing the battery charger, pedals, and tool kit.

Folding Video


Folding Instructions:

1) First, lower the seat all the way down.

2) Then rotate the crank arms to the 3 and 9 o-clock positions with the non-drive side towards the front of the bike.

3) Now fold both pedals.

4) Next, turn the handlebar down so the brake levers line up with the handlebar stem.

5) And then lower the handlebar stem.

6) Then fold the entire handlebar stem down.

7) Now put the kickstand up.

8) And open the latch.

9) Last, fold the bike in half and pin the front wheel to the rear wheel where it will lock into place.




What battery should I choose?

Experience shows that most people are completely satisfied with the standard 36V 10Ah battery. It usually provides more than enough power and range, and it’s the most affordable option. The extended range 36V 15Ah battery is best for trips over 20 miles or if you plan to pedal very little (or not at all). It can really come in handy to have excess capacity.

How far can I go on a single battery charge?

The short answer to this question is far enough! Generally speaking, any Pedego battery should last longer than you. We don’t hear many stories of people running out of juice. With that said, this can be a complicated question because there isn’t a “standard” and everybody makes vastly different claims about range. So we’ll go over some simple math that can help you objectively predict the range of any electric bike. All batteries have both a Voltage and Amp Hour rating. If you multiply the two together, you get Watt Hours. Watt Hours is an objective measurement of the actual amount of energy stored in a battery.

Volts x Amp Hours = Watt Hours

This is where it gets tricky, because there are so many variables. On average, you can expect to use between 12-24 watt hours per mile. This number fluctuates so much because of differences in terrain, rider weight, weather, speed, and most importantly how much you pedal.

How long until a battery needs to be replaced?

You can expect your battery to last about 2-4 years. Lithium batteries usually don’t just stop working altogether, what happens is they gradually lose their capacity over time. Pedego batteries are backed up by an industry-leading three year warranty, where the first year is guaranteed 100% and the next two years are pro-rated based on how long you’ve had the battery. To prolong the life of your battery it’s suggested that you avoid discharging it completely, and the big thing is to make sure that you charge it at least once every couple months.

Can two bikes fit in the Model X without folding down the third row seats?

The third row seat must be folded down to fit one or two Pedago bikes in the Model X trunk. As you put the bikes into the Model X trunk, we recommend covering the seat backs with a large blanket or towel or our Pet Cargo Cover to ensure that the gloss finish is not scratched.

What is the Product Warranty?

One Year Limited Warranty Bicycle Components

PEDEGO Inc. (“PEDEGO”) warrants that all new PEDEGO Electric Bikes (“Bikes”) and components therein are warranted to the original retail purchaser (“Purchaser”) against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship.

Three Year Limited Warranty Battery

PEDEGO ELECTRIC BIKES warrants to the original purchaser that the battery is free of defects in material and workmanship for 36 Months. The defective product will be replaced or repaired if met under certain pre-conditions. The first 12 months of the warranty is covered free of charge, the remaining 24 months is covered under a pro-rata cost. The warranty period for a battery is calculated from the original battery purchase date. The original receipt of purchase is required to establish proof of purchase and warranty date, and must be provided to Pedego for all warranty claims. Shipping costs are an additional charge.

The original battery sale receipt must be maintained for any further claims. All replacement batteries will be warranted for the balance of the original warranty period.

Replacement will be honored only by PEDEGO ELECTRIC BIKES. You are responsible for paying all of the following costs associated with the replacement: labor for removal or installation; applicable taxes; and any shipping or transportation costs incurred in returning the battery to PEDEGO ELECTRIC BIKES for evaluation.

What does the Warranty not cover?

The warranty does not cover the following. Normal wear and tear. Damage or failure from abuse, neglect, misuse, or accident. Improper assembly and/or follow-up maintenance. Damage from stunt riding, or similiar activities. Damages resulting from failure to follow instructions for use and warnings as provided in owners manual. Damages resulting from improper care or use of the battery or charger. Installation of components, parts, or accessories that are not originally intended for or compatible with the Pedego as sold.  Under performance of the battery after being fully charged and discharged more than 500 times. All warranties are void if the Bicycle is used for any purpose other than the reasonable intended use of the Bicycle. Additionally, this warranty does not cover damage associated with commercial use.

Can I charge the battery by pedaling?

The battery is charged by plugging it into the wall, and the more you pedal the farther you can go. Your pedaling conserves the battery, but it doesn’t actually charge it. The technology does exist that would allow you to charge your bike by pedaling, but we’ve found that it just doesn’t make sense in the real world. The problem is that it makes it hard to pedal, and that’s not fun! Even under the most ideal conditions, like riding downhill, the amount of energy you would get back is negligible.

How fast can I go?

All Pedegos are governed at 20MPH in accordance with federal and state regulations.

How much does the bike weigh?

The Pedego Latch weights 43lbs without the battery, and 50lbs with the battery.

How long will it take to receive my Pedego Electric Bike?

We target shipping within 2 to 4 weeks from the date you place your order.

Do you ship this product Internationally?

No. International shipping is not available for the Pedego Electric Bike.





Note: The video above is an excerpt of Electric Bike Review's video on the Pedego Latch Folding Electric Bike. 



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