Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X

Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X
Rear Center Console Insert for Tesla Model X

• Functional, integrated custom-designed solution for certain Tesla Model X owners offering rear seat storage, two convenient cup holders, and a center armrest for the rear bench seat.
• Available only for Model X 5-seat configurations.
• Easy to install and remove. Able to fold down the passenger-side rear seat for large storage needs.
• Customizable trim finish and upholstery color.
• Made in the USA and available exclusively from EVANNEX.
• Usually ships within 1-3 business days. Available for international delivery.



Please scroll down to check out a gallery featuring the different trim finishes offered with the RCCI for Model X 5-seat configurations. We've also selected photos in this gallery using different upholstery colors as well to help illustrate how you can custom-design your RCCI to match the interior for your Tesla Model X 5-seat configurations.

Piano Black

Carbon Fiber




The EVANNEX Rear Center Console Insert (RCCI) allows you to transform your Model X rear fold-down bench seat (available in 5-seat configurations only) to give it the aesthetics, comfort, storage of a sports sedan. The RCCI provides an integrated, functional custom-designed solution for Tesla Model X owners who desire rear seat hidden storage, additional convenient cup holders and a center arm rest for the rear bench.

The RCCI sits in the center of the rear bench seat, partitioning the rear bench seat into two comfortable seating areas. The RCCI provides an armrest for rear seat passengers, and in addition, a 10.5” L x 6.25” W x 4” D (260mm x 158mm x 102mm) storage box for everything from electronic devices to small toys, to personal items. In addition it provides two stepped diameter cup holders (with a foam stabilizer insert sleeve) to accommodate a large variety of beverage containers and hold them securely in place. 

You can custom-design and order the RCCI in the upholstery colors and trim finish options that correspond to your Model X 5-seat interior, giving the RCCI an integrated, elegant, "finished" look for your Model X rear seat.




MATERIALS: The RCCI is built using the same materials (structural elements, plastic, upholstery and veneers) and craftsmanship that have made the EVANNEX CCI such a popular choice for thousands of Tesla Model S and X owners worldwide.

SIZE:  The max nominal exterior dimensions of the RCCI are: 18” L x 11”W x 6” H (447mm x 280mm x 152mm) . The body of the RCCI behind the cup holder deck is 13” L x 8”W x 6”H (330mm x 203mm x 152).

CLOSED STORAGE:  The RCCI storage box is 10.5” L x 6.25” W x 4” D (260mm x 158mm x 102mm) storage box. The lid of the storage box is upholstered with a foam backing (for comfort) and serves as an arm rest for both rear seat passengers. The lid is hinged at the rear of the RCCI and opens front to back, allowing easy access for both rear seat passengers.

CUP HOLDERS:  The RCCI cup holders are stepped to accommodate many different beverage containers and offer a foam rubber insert to stabilize the containers. The cup holders are 3.5”/2.5” (89mm/64mm) stepped-diameter black plastic with a rubber stabilizer insert. 

VENEERS:  The cup holder deck utilizes trim finish options that correspond to your Model X trim finish (not all trim options are available). The trim finishes are domed using a polyurethane finish that is strong and moisture resistant. 

FASTENING MECHANISMS:  A rear fastening strap is made from 1” high strength woven nylon/polyester and has a plastic snap hook at the end. The front fastening strap is made from 1” high strength woven nylon/polyester and has a metal gutter clip hook at the end.





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RCCI Installation




Is the RCCI available for Model X in 6-seat or 7-seat configurations?

No. The RCCI has been designed specifically for Model X in 5-seat configurations only. It will not fit appropriately in either the 6- or 7-seat versions of Model X and should not be ordered for those configurations.


Can I customize my RCCI?

Yes. Customization options are offered to correspond with your Tesla Model X trim finish and upholstery color. You may choose between upholstery colors Black, Tan, or White with trim finish options of Carbon Fiber, Piano Black (appropriate for Dark Ash finishes), and matte black (appropriate for all other wood veneers). 

If I purchase the RCCI, does that mean that I can’t fold down the rear seat backs when I need more trunk storage?

Good news: you can lower the passenger-side seat back while the RCCI remains in place. If you must lower both seat backs, the RCCI can be easily removed (in a minute or two) by unsnapping the rear connection strap and unhooking the front stability fastener. The RCCI can then be placed on the rear floor (or anywhere in the trunk or frunk) until it is easily (and quickly) re-installed. We designed the RCCI so that installation and removal will be quick-and-easy.

What if I have to transport 3 rear seat passengers?

As noted above, we’ve designed the RCCI for easy removal. Simply unhook the rear snap hook, loosen the front stability fastener and remove the RCCI. This takes a minute or two. You can place the RCCI in the trunk or frunk until it’s needed again.

How big is the RCCI rear storage box?

Big enough to hold most small devices including an iPad mini (or other small tablet), all smart phones, paperback books, and small toys. It’s approximately 10.5” L x 6.25” W x 4” D (260mm x 158mm x 102mm).

How does the storage door/armrest open?

The storage box lid is hinged in the rear, allowing it to open front to back and thereby enabling easy access for both rear seat passengers. 

Can I custom order the CCI with no cup holders?

No, all RCCI designs have the two cup holders integrated as seen in the photos and video.

Is the RCCI easy to install?

The RCCI is easy to install. Simply thread the rear strap under the seat back and attach the snap hook at the end of the strap to the metal anchor in the middle of the rear seat back. Then affix the front strap and gutter hook to the front lower edge of the rear seat. See the "Installation" tab for more details.

Will the RCCI remain in place during cornering or when traveling over a bump?

Yes. The strapping system we’ve developed holds the RCCI securely in place. The front of the RCCI might have minimal lateral movement if a passenger pushes into it with his/her leg, but the unit is stable, secure, and fixed in place.

Do I have to use the front and rear straps?

The RCCI was designed for installation with both front and rear strap securely installed. We designed the RCCI with these straps to provide safety and stability. 

Is the front strap black for all RCCI upholstery colors?

Yes, the front strap is black for all RCCI upholstery colors. Because it sits low on the seat front, it is unobtrusive. Some owners neatly tuck the front strap under the RCCI, but, as noted above, when driving, the product has been designed to be used with both front and rear strap installed. Please note: the strap cannot be custom-ordered in white or tan.

Is the RCCI made in the USA?

Yes, the RCCI is made in the USA.

Will the RCCI upholstery and trim finish be a ‘PERFECT’ match for the Tesla Model S interior materials choices?

Because we do not have access to Tesla's suppliers and because the natural materials (wood and leather) that Tesla uses will vary internally from batch to batch, it is impossible to guarantee an "perfect" match. However, the materials we use are pleasing to the eye and will blend beautifully into the Model X interior. 

Why do different RCCI customization options result in different prices?

The reason for these price differences comes from the different costs of the trim finishes and the different labor costs required to fabricate and assemble each unit. 

How long does it take to receive my RCCI Order? 

The EVANNEX RCCI usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Does the RCCI ship to international destinations?

Yes, the RCCI ships internationally. 




The following reviews were written for the RCCI for Model S. The RCCI for Model X is similar.

As seen on KmanAuto Youtube Channel

As Seen in Teslarati

The RCCI is a simple but elegant product. It has two cup holders at the front with a ribbed insert to securely hold drinks of several sizes, and then a padded arm rest that doubles as a lid for the storage area below.

The storage area is quite spacious at 10.5” L x 6.25” W x 4” D (260mm x 158mm x 102mm) and easily fit a mid-sized hardcover book as well as several kindle and iPad mini type devices along with other odds and ends. 

I loaded up my RCCI with my books, iPads, Kindles and my favorite beverages and headed out for some spirited driving. I launched the car many times, came to a quick (but safe!) stop, took sharp turns, accelerated hard into corners, and drove on some typical New England poor back roads. Through the entire drive the RCCI remained in place and best of all my full-sized Dunkin’ iced coffees stayed where they belong. Not a precious drop was spilled. I heard no creaking and could not detect shifting of  the console. Overall the installation seems very secure and I believe it would hold up to most driving styles.

The EVANNEX Rear Center Console Insert (RCCI) is a great addition to the Model S making the rear seating area even more comfortable. The RCCI provides excellent storage for your odds and ends and for most beverages. The RCCI adds comfort for the passengers and is simple to install and is great value for the price. If you're looking for a solution for your backseat passengers to make those road trips in your Model S more enjoyable, the EVANNEX RCCI might be able to help with that.

As seen in CleanTechnica

"The Rear Center Console Insert was designed for owners who frequently put the rear seats to use and are looking to add some functionality and storage... [and] the RCCI adds stable, accessible, ergonomic cupholders to the rear seats. Being a family of four with two young boys, we are constantly juggling snack time, bathroom time and game time while on the road. Having a secure place where they can put any beverages they may have brought into the car is an island of safety amidst what can otherwise be a bit of a chaotic situation, so that’s a win for us."


*Source: Images and story excerpts courtesy of Rob M. via Teslarati / Kyle Field via CleanTechnica


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