Roof Shades for Tesla Model S Panoramic Roof
Roof Shades for Tesla Model S Panoramic Roof
Roof Shades for Tesla Model S Panoramic Roof
Roof Shades for Tesla Model S Panoramic Roof
Roof Shades for Tesla Model S Panoramic Roof
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Roof Shades for Tesla Model S Panoramic Roof

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Roof Shades are specifically designed for the Tesla Model S panoramic roof in order to attenuate direct sunlight from entering your vehicle. Constructed of lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame, Roof Shades can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds. When removed, the Roof Shades collapse and store in an 18-inch square travel pouch provided. You will receive (1) front and (1) rear sunshade to cover the entirety of the panoramic roof.

Note: this product is only compatible with the Tesla Model S configurations that have the panoramic roof. Roof shades are not compatible the the all-glass roof configurations. Please see the "Gallery" tab to verify your configuration.






Roof Shades come in two (2) pieces:

1) 37” W by 24” L (940mm x 620mm) rear Sunshade for the rear pano opening

2) 38” W x 23” L (975mm x 580mm) front Sunshade for the front pano opening (the sun roof).


Roof Shades are constructed from black mesh fabric bounded by a flexible wire frame. The mesh has a 2mm hole size (approximate) and is stretched tight around the frame.

The frame collapses so that both Roof Shades pieces fit into an 18” x 18” black nylon carrying case (included).




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Will these Roof Shades fit the “all-Glass” roof on late-2016, 2017 Model S vehicles.

No. These Roof shades have been designed to fit the “panoramic” roof only.

Are these Sunshades made of the same material as Model S Heatshield Sunshades?

No. Roof Shades are made from a lightweight mesh fabric that does allow some light to enter, but reduces thermal energy input significantly. Heatshield is made from opaque material to fully darken the interior of the car for maximum heat reduction.

Can I see through the lightweight mesh fabric.


Can I leave the Roof Shades in place permanently.

Yes. In fact, many users like the look.

Do the Roof shades reduce the light coming in through the pano roof?

Yes, the mesh pattern does reduce the amount of light and therefore the brightness coming in through the pano roof. 

Can I use your Coat Hooks with this product?

Yes, however we would advise to remove the Coat Hooks before installing Roof Shades, and then putting them back into their place.

How much thermal energy is attentuated by these Roof Shades?

Approximately two-thirds of the thermal energy input is reduced when the Roof Shades are in place.

Are the Roof Shades easy to install and remove?

Yes, they are pressure-fit into the panoramic roof area and can be easily installed and removed. 

How do I store the Roof shades when not in use?

The Roof Shades fold up into an 18-inch square and can be stored in a pouch that comes with the product. The ouch fits easily in your trunk or frunk. 

Can I open the pano roof with these roof shades installed?

No. You should remove the Roof Shades before opening your pano roof. Please be certain to remove the Roof Shades when the vehicle is safely parked — do not remove them while you're driving the vehicle.

How long does it take to receive my Roof Shades?  

You can expect delivery in 1 to 2 weeks via FedEx.

Does Roof Shades ship to international destinations?  

Yes, we ship the Roof Shades internationally using FedEx. For more information check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.



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