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SeatHoodieTM provides protection for the upholstered front seats of your Model X. Custom-designed to fit the Model X seat shape, SeatHoodie protects your seat when you leave the gym after a hard workout, when you get in the car after a swim, or when you’re wet with rain or snow coming out of work. Made of high quality, lightweight, machine washable microfiber fabric, SeatHoodie slips onto your front seat quickly and effortlessly and stores in your trunk or frunk when not in use. SeatHoodie also provides a back-of the seat storage pocket, a feature that many Model X owners desire.



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SeatHoodieTM provides low cost, when-needed protection for your Model X upholstered front seats. Designed by EVannex exclusively for the Model X, SeatHoodie protects your front seat when you leave the gym after a hard workout, when you get in the car after a swim, or when you’re covered in rain or snow coming out of work.

SeatHoodie is made of a machine-washable, high-performance microfiber fabric that is warm, soft, and lightweight. SeatHoodie slips on your front seats quickly and effortlessly and stores in your trunk or frunk when not in use.

SeatHoodieTM has five major component parts: (1) the “hoodie” that is custom-designed to slip over the integrated head rest and upper seat back of the Model X front seats; (2) an embroidered front apron that spans the seat back and the seat cushion; (3) a elasticized “skirt” that fits over the seat cushion front edge to anchor the apron and reduces any back sliding; (3) a rear “cape” that contains something that many Model X and X owners need—a back-of-the-seat storage pocket, 4) two hook and loop straps that fasten the front apron to the rear cape to provide a secure fit, and a bottom connecting strap for a tight fit, and (5) a lower buckle strap to ensure a tight fit across the bottom of the seat.

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SeatHoodieTM is made of a machine-washable, high-performance microfiber fabric.

SeatHoodie is available in black only, making it compatible with the black carpet and black trim accents in every Model X. SeatHoodie is made from machine-washable, high-performance microfiber fabric that is warm, soft, and lightweight.

Each SeatHoodie is embroidered with a stylized image that is approximately 6 inches wide and 3.5 inches high, located on the upper seat back.

SeatHoodie has been designed exclusively for the Model X and conforms to the perimeter from seat shape of the Model X. When laid flat, the Seat Hoodie is approximately 54 inches (1350mm) long and 22 inches (280mm) at its widest point. SeatHoodie has a rear storage pocket sewn into its cape (fabric covering a portion of the seat back). The pocket dimensions are approximately 15 inches (380mm) wide and 10 inches (254mm) deep.

Two hook and loop straps, aligned with the intersection of the seat back and the seat cushion are used to secure SeatHoodie’s front apron and the back cape.




Is SeatHoodie actually a seat cover?

SeatHoodieTM is not a seat cover in the conventional sense. But like a seat cover, SeatHoodie provides useful protection for your front seats. It has been designed to conform to the specific curves and dimensions of Model X seats, and it is made of fabric. Unlike a seat cover, SeatHoodie has been designed for quick and easy installation and removal, so it can be used to protect your Model X upholstery temporarily when needed and then stored in your frunk or trunk.

Is SeatHoodie available for the rear seats?

SeatHoodie has been designed to fit both the driver and passenger seats only. It is not available for the rear seats.

Do I receive one or two SeatHoodies with my order?

You will receive a single (one) SeatHoodie with your order. SeatHoodie fits either the driver or passenger seat. If you would like SeatHoodies for both front seats, you should order two.

Has SeatHoodie been designed to accommodate the airbags in the upper sides of the front seats?

Yes. The upper sides of the seat remain open. A loose edge of Seathoodie’s fabric may touch the upper side of the seat back, but does not cover it tightly. Therefore, Seathoodie will not affect airbag deployment.

Will SeatHoodie protect the gloss black seat back of my Model X seats?

Yes, Seathoodie covers the majority of the seat back and will protect the high gloss finish from dirt and scratches.

Can I leave Seathoodie on my seats permanently, if I desire to do so?

Yes. But you should note that although SeatHoodie’s front “apron” is elasticized for a better fit, other elements fit loosely (so that it can be easily and quickly installed and removed). Therefore, SeatHoodie may slide a bit as you enter and exit the vehicle and will need to be smoothed by hand if you desire a more fitted look.

Is SeatHoodie form-fitting across the entire seat?

No. SeatHoodie does fit the form of the headrest and “shoulders” of the Model X seat, giving it a finished look from outside the car. It also tracks the perimeter shape of the Model X seat back and seat cushion, but it does not form-fit the entire seat. In order to achieve quick installation and removal, SeatHoodie fits loosely on the low back area of the seat. It does, however, have an elasticized “skirt” that fits over the front of the seat cushion to help hold it in place.

How long does it take to install Seathoodie?

“Install” may be the wrong word. You simply slip the “hoodie” portion of SeatHoodie over the top of the Model X seat, pull down, then straighten the “apron” on the seat back, pulling the “skirt” over the front of the seat cushion. The entire operation takes about a minute. If you’d like, you can fasten the two hook and loop straps to secure the apron and cape and the buckle clip strap, but this is not absolutely necessary. Removal of SeatHoodie is even faster.

How much can the SeatHoodie’s rear storage pocket hold?

The rear storage pocket is sewn into the SeatHoodie “cape” (fabric covering the seat back). The pocket dimensions are approximately 15 inches (380mm) wide and 10 inches (254mm) deep. Since the pocket is made from fabric is will mold itself to things placed inside. In general, the pock is designed for small, light objects (e.g., a child’s small doll, a small stuffed animal or a children’s book). It has not been designed to hold heavy, large objects.

Can I custom embroider SeatHoodie?

SeatHoodie comes standard with a stylized version of Model X embroidered into the seat back. We do not do custom embroidery. However, you can bring SeatHoodie to any custom embroidery shop and have any image you’d like embroidered into the fabric.

Is SeatHoodie Machine Washable?

Yes. Machine wash in cold water, using a gentle cycle with a non-chlorine detergent. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry using a low (cool) setting.

Will SeatHoodie stand up to everyday wear?

SeatHoodie has been designed as a protective cover for your Model X seats. It should be used situationally, when you’re wet, dusty, or otherwise want to protect your seats. You can choose to leave SeatHoodie on your seats permanently, but the fabric will wear and may fade over time if SeatHoodie is left on your seat permanently. Therefore, we do not warranty SeatHoodie fabric for wear or discoloration.

Why shouldn’t I just buy seat covers?

Good seat covers cost at least 3 to 4 times more than SeatHoodie, are considerably more difficult to install and remove, and are intended for permanent or semi-permanent installation. SeatHoodie can be put on and taken off in about a minute, is a temporary protective cover when you need it, and remains attractive enough to leave on your seat if you desire to do so. As an aside, if you’d prefer real seat covers, Evannex does offer custom designed seat covers for the Model X.

How long does it take to ship SeatHoodie?

We target delivery between 1 to 2 weeks from the date of your order (via Fedex or USPS).

Is SeatHoodie available for Model X owners outside of U.S. and Canada?




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