Silicone FobPocket for Tesla Model X
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Silicone FobPocket for Tesla Model X

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Protect your Model X key fob with the Silicone FobPocket custom-designed for Tesla owners. This patent-pending design is made from the highest quality silicone which has a smooth, silky feel. And, not only does the Silicone FobPocket offer excellent protection for your Tesla Model X key fob, but it also features embossed buttons on the top surface to help you find the various key functions. These embossed buttons can also be helpful when others (i.e. valet attendants) use the key fob and are unfamiliar with it. The Silicone FobPocket is ideal for anyone with an 'active' lifestyle — it can take the knocks, and since the battery compartment is sealed by the Silicone FobPocket, it even provides a degree of protection from water, though we still don't recommend testing the limits. Protect your Tesla key fob with the Silicone FobPocket.







Can I get the Silicone FobPocket in different colors, add anything to it, or customize it in any way?

No, we only offer this color combination. We cannot add anything to the FobPocket or customize it in any manner.

When using the Silicone FobPocket, how do I insert and remove the key fob?

Simply slide the key fob through the keyhole "window" on the back side of the FobPocket for easy insertion or removal.

Will the Silicone FobPocket protect my key fob?

The Silicone FobPocket provides a high quality silicone layer that can help to prevent some minor scratches and scrapes but it remains imperative that you always take special care when using the Model S key fob from any adverse, "rough" or abusive treatment.

Does the FobPocket interfere with my ability to press the key fob buttons in order to open the doors, frunk, and trunk?

No, the Silicone FobPocket is made of a high quality silicone that will allow you to press the key fob buttons to open the doors, frunk, and trunk -- you will not need to remove the key fob from the FobPocket.

What is the shipping and fulfillment timeframe on domestic orders?

You can expect delivery in 1 to 3 weeks via USPS.

Do you ship the Silicone FobPocket to international destinations?

Yes. We'll be shipping international orders via USPS. Shipping to most international destinations will typically take between 4-8 weeks. 



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