Spray Trigger Attachment for EV Owners

Spray Trigger Attachment for EV Owners

• Apply spray paint in aerosol cans effortlessly
• Helps control spray track using a full trigger grip
• Reusable
• Easy clip-on, clip-off 



Spray paints and top coats are easy to use, but they can be hard to apply accurately.Part of the problem is that the small spray button cause your hand and arm to be oriented awkwardly with respect to the automotive surface you are spraying. Our Spray Trigger attachment correct that problem providing an ergonomic design allows you to quickly achieve professional results.

The design incorporates a full hand grip trigger grip that eliminates finger fatigue and provides accurate spray control to help ensure a smooth finish while minimizing the risk of unsightly paint runs.

The Spray Trigger Attachment is reusable, easy to clip on and off. You attached and remove it by squeezing side clips with your fingers. 


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