SuperCharger Desk Accessory for Tesla Owners
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SuperCharger Desk Accessory for Tesla Owners

SuperCharger Desk Accessory ("SuperChargerDA") is a desktop accessory for proud Tesla owners that also acts as an anchor to hold a charging cable for your smart phone or other digital device. It’s a cool desk accessory that serve as a constant reminder to charge your Tesla Model S, X, or upcoming Model 3. A conversation starter for anyone who comes into your office or home, it also provides useful functionality for anyone who uses a digital device. SuperChargerDA also makes a perfect gift for anyone who owns a Model S or X, is on the waiting list for a Model 3, or is a just a Tesla fan.




SuperCharger Desk Accessory is the ultimate desktop accessory for true Tesla fans and owners. It’s a stylish desktop accessory that is guaranteed to be a conversation piece in your office or home. But at the same time, SuperChargerDA acts as an anchor that will stop your charging cable from sliding off your desk, table, or nightstand, allowing you to locate the cable quickly and easily every time you need it.








SuperChargerDA is a 1/14th scale model and is made from laser cut 0.225 inch acrylic at our Florida facility. Each piece is precision cut and fit to form the SuperChargerDA. A thin black electric wire is used as a decorative identifier to simulate an EV charging cable. 

The vertical SuperChargerDA tower is pressure fit into its stand. Simply thread your mobile device charging cable (any cable less than 3mm in diameter will fit) through the lower slot, push the tower into the stand, and your assembly is complete. SuperChargerDA (including the base) is approximately 5.0” H x 3.25” W x 1.75” (127mm H x 82mm W x 44mm D).

SuperChargerDA is free of any labeling. However, you can customize your SuperChargerDA in any way you see fit. Some customers choose to acquire a custom label, decal, or sticker and adhere it to the SuperchargerDA surface.  Note: EVANNEX does not provide special labeling, but it can be acquired from other on-line sources if you'd like to customize your SuperChargerDA.





What are the dimensions of SuperChargerDA?

SuperChargerDA (including the base) is approximately 5.0” H x 3.25” W x 1.75” (127mm H x 82mm W x 44mm D). 

How much assembly is required?

Almost none. The SuperChargerDA tower and base are disassembled prior to shipment so that you can slip your charging cable in place. You then push the tower into the base, and your SuperChargerDA is ready for display and use. We provide a set of simple instructions with the product along with an assembly video at our website.

How is the SuperChargerDA constructed?

We’ve designed SuperchargerDA to be laser cut at our production facility in Florida from parts in white, red, and grey acrylic plastic. That makes the finished product stylish, strong, and attractive.

Does SuperChargerDA come in any other colors?

SuperChargerDA is offered only in the colors shown in the photos. The SuperChargerDA tower is a combination of white, red and grey acrylic plastic. The base is grey acrylic.

Can I place a decal or sticker on SuperChargerDA?

Absolutely. You can then use any custom image you’d like as long as you can get it fabricated.

Is the black “charging cable” attached to SuperChargerDA and shown in the photos used to charge my mobile device?

No. The black charging cable shown in the SuperChargerDA photos is for decorative purposes only. It is not used to charge your mobile device.

Can you provide images/logos for SuperChargerDA?

We do not provide any custom logo or imprints for SuperChargerDA. However, you can order custom images from a variety of web-based sources -- a great resource for custom decals is Sticky Life.

Is SuperChargerDA a phone charger?

No, SuperChargerDA is stylish desk accessory for proud Tesla owners and fans. But, it also serves a functional purpose as a ‘holder’ or anchor for your mobile device charging cable, but it is not a phone charger.

Is a device charging cable provided with SuperChargerDA?

No. You should use the charging cable provided with your mobile or handheld device.

Where does my mobile device rest when I use SuperChargerDA?

It rests on whatever surface you’re using for charging. SuperChargerDA is not a device holder in the classic sense of the phrase. SuperChargerDA holds and anchors your mobile device charging cable when your device is attached to the cable and when it’s not.

Will my charging cable and mobile device work with SuperChargerDA?

As long as your device’s charging cable is less than 4.0mm in diameter, it will work. Most standard charging cables are between 2.5 and 3.0 mm in diameter.

How long does it take to ship SuperChargerDA?

We target delivery between 1 to 3 weeks from the date of your order (via Fedex or USPS).

Is SuperChargerDA available for Model S owners outside of U.S. and Canada?

Yes. We do ship the SuperChargerDA Internationally via USPS.




As seen in Tesla Times

"This product is a fun cord organizer.  It’s a great way to bring the Tesla vibe to your desk and show your coworkers at work that you are a Tesla fan! This supercharger is solid and well-built, so it is able to withstand daily use... this is actually very useful. Not only does it look awesome, it is also extremely effective. Thanks to EVANNEX, long gone are the days of searching for my missing iPhone cable." - Ben, The Tesla Times

Photos: The Tesla Times

As seen in Fantastigift

Featured in their ultimate Tesla fan gift guide...




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