Tein 2017+ Tesla Model 3 AWD Flex Z Coilovers

Tein 2017+ Tesla Model 3 AWD Flex Z Coilovers
Tein 2017+ Tesla Model 3 AWD Flex Z Coilovers
Tein 2017+ Tesla Model 3 AWD Flex Z Coilovers
Tein 2017+ Tesla Model 3 AWD Flex Z Coilovers
Tein 2017+ Tesla Model 3 AWD Flex Z Coilovers
Tein 2017+ Tesla Model 3 AWD Flex Z Coilovers
Tein 2017+ Tesla Model 3 AWD Flex Z Coilovers

• Ride Height Adjustment with Little or No Change in Ride Quality
• Twin-Tube Shock Absorber System
• 16-level Linear Damping Force Adjustment System
• Exclusively Designed Upper Mounts are Included
• Complete Tesla Model 3 Suspension Kit of 4 Shock Absorbers & 4 Springs




Coilovers are a great way to improve the handling and aesthetics of your Tesla Model 3. They are designed to lower the vehicle's center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling with a properly matched damper to handle the change in suspension rates from stock. As a bonus, the lower wind resistance signature will make your Tesla Model 3 more streamlined and improve range.

Yes! You can handle better, look better, and improve your range! And these can be thought of as "comfort" coilovers as they are designed to improve ride-quality and performance in everyday street driving.

Full-length ride height adjustment system, used for FLEX Z, enables adjustment of Tesla Model 3 ride height by adjusting the case length, without changing the damper stroke length and/or spring pre-load. This has the advantage that the change in ride quality is kept minimal when the height is adjusted. FLEX Z has an ever-popular 16-level damping force adjustment. By turning the adjustment knob, damping force (stiffness) is adjusted linearly step by step, to change the ride and handling of your Tesla to suit driver needs/preferences. FLEX Z also includes an Electronic Damping Force Controller (EDFC), allowing drivers to make damping adjustments on the fly.

FLEX Z kit includes upper mounts exclusively designed for each vehicle model; either reinforced rubber mounts or pillow ball mounts. Upper mounts and lower brackets are coated with rich TEIN green powder paint. This powder paint has high coating film strength, is highly durable yet is low pollution due to non-use of harmful solvent. After the shot blasting pre-treatment, the patented "2-layer/1-bake" treatment using anti-rust powder paint is applied for superior durability and high corrosion resistance.

FLEX Z inherits all the features and quality of TEIN's STREET FLEX but the adoption of a new platform allows its price to be set at an amazingly low range. FLEX Z, of course, maintains the long-favored "Made in Yokohama" quality.




Why should I choose these for my Tesla Model 3?

Although there’s a massive amount of suspension companies out there, few of them have the history or reputation of Tein. With a wide range of different products at different price points, Tein offers suspension components for nearly every automotive application out there.

It all started in the early 1980s, when two rally racers couldn’t find shock absorbers which could withstand their aggressive driving techniques. After tossing the idea around, the two racers created their own suspension company, which is how Tein was born.

Tein’s shock absorbers quickly became popular with rally racers from grass roots to high-level WRC cars through the 1980s and 1990s. In 1995, Japan eliminated some of their strict laws which prohibited the use of suspension modifications and the demand for Tein quickly grew to new levels.

What's up with Twin Tube vs Mono Tube?

Looking at the outside of a damper or coilover might make you think they’re all the same, but what’s inside them varies massively. There are two types of dampers which are used in the automotive industry: twin tube and mono tube. Some aftermarket suspension companies push the idea that mono tube dampers are the absolute best, but that’s really not entirely true.

While mono tube dampers are used in the majority of race cars, they simply don’t provide the same ride quality that a twin tube damper can provide.

A twin-tube design can be found on the majority of OEM shocks, low-end coilovers, and even mid-level coilovers designed for street use. It’s not a bad design by any means. Twin-tube uses an inner and outer tube. The inner tube holds the piston shaft, valve, and oil. The outer tube holds damper oil and nitrogen gas. The design allows for more suspension stroke without increasing the height of the body, providing better ride quality.

Depending on which Tein coilover you pick, it could either use a twin tube or mono tube damper. Tein is one of the few aftermarket suspension manufacturers who offers both twin tube and mono dampers, because twin tube dampers are simply more difficult to manufacture.

Should I Buy Coilovers or Lowering Springs?

While Tein’s coilovers are great and many of them are very affordable, some enthusiasts simply want something cheaper. Not everyone wants all the capabilities and benefits of a full coilover, sometimes you just want the lowered stance without everything else.

Lowering springs are typically physically smaller than OEM springs and utilize higher spring rates. With stiffer rates, total body movement is reduced which eliminates excessive weight transfer and poor handling characteristics. The lower ride height also lowers the center of gravity of the entire vehicle which further reduces body movement, especially while cornering.

Since many lowering springs use higher spring rates than the OEM units, the dampers have to work extra hard to keep the car under control. Although you may not be able to tell on the road, your OEM dampers may not be able to control your car with the higher spring rates. This problem is unique per vehicle, but it can occur with almost any car.

Coilovers theoretically fix the problem listed above by combining a higher rate spring with a damper designed to work with that spring correctly; however, that doesn’t mean all coilovers are better than the OEM suspension.

Tein coilovers are carefully designed to provide the best balance of damping, spring rate, ride quality, suspension stroke, and pricing. Many of their coilovers feature height and damping adjustment, which allows you to dial in your suspension for your exact needs. If you plan on attending any track events or just want the best performance possible, a set of coilovers is a much better purchase than lowering springs.

What's up with Tein's Spring and Damping Adjustability?

The majority of Tein’s coilovers offer a significant amount of adjustability. This adjustment will typically come in the form of an adjustable collar which threads up or down the body and either compresses or decompressed the spring. This adjustment effects spring pre-load which increases the amount of force needed to compress the coilovers, but does not increase spring rate.

Many of their coilovers also offer ride height adjustment. Being able to adjust ride height and spring pre-load independently allows for much greater suspension tuning and ultimately allows for the best handling possible when properly tuned by a qualified professional.

Should You Choose Tein?

With a wide range of products at very affordable prices, Tein offers suspension components for many automotive applications and have custom-designed top-quality products for the Tesla Model 3. All their products offer fantastic build quality, plus a limited warranty — all TEIN products come with a 1-year limited warranty and spring length is guaranteed not to sag more than 5mm. Furthermore, these are a few of the key benefits that set TEIN apart from the competition:

  • Greatly Improved Performance
  • Quick/Easy Adjustments for Fine Tuning
  • High Strength and Durable Construction
  • Corrosion-Resistant and Rust-Proof
  • Offers a Smooth, Comfortable Ride





2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance

What's In The Box?

1 - Coilover Kit

Part Number


Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm



TEIN FLEX Z Coilovers offer adjustment from 3.8" to 0.4" of lowering in front and 2.6" to 1.1" lowering in the rear, though are designed optimally to be set at 1.4" of lowering in the front and 1.6" in the rear. All TEIN products come with a 1-year limited warranty and spring length is guaranteed not to sag more than 5mm.

  • 560 lb/in (10.0 kg/mm) with optimal damper range of -1.8"-1.0" lowering in front
  • 560 lb/in (10.0 kg/mm) with optimal damper range of -2.0"-1.2" lowering in rear
  • 16-level damping force adjustment
  • STKM13C high-strength steel construction with "ZT Coating" for corrosion resistance
  • Includes reinforced rubber upper mounts
  • Compatible with EDFC Series for In-Car Damping Force Adjustment
  • Distinctive TEIN Green Powder Coat Finish


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