Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3
Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3
Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3
Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3
Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3
Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3

Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3

• Transforms your Tesla Model 3 side mirrors with a distinctive, performance aesthetic.
• Custom-made to fit your side mirrors and can be applied in just minutes without tools.
• Available in a chrome finish.
• Does not impede the proper function of your mirrors.
• Sold as a set of two, one for each side mirror.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



Transform your Tesla Model 3 side mirrors by giving them a distinctive, performance aesthetic in a chrome look. Our Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3 are custom-made to fit your side mirrors and can be applied in just minutes without tools. Available in a chrome finish, our Mirror Covers will not impede the proper function of your mirrors allowing them to easily open and close at your command. Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3 are sold in a set of two for both the driver and passenger side mirrors.





Each Mirror Cover is fabricated from high-strength molded plastic with a printed gloss finish in a chrome look. Our Mirror Covers have been designed to fit the exact contours of the Model 3 side mirror housing. The Mirror Covers are approximately 3 mm thick and fit over the outside top and front edge painted surface of the side view mirror housing.

The polyurethane surface finish has been exhaustively tested to ensure it can withstand environmental conditions. The chrome finish accentuates the OEM chrome trim on Model 3.

The Mirror Covers have an irregular shape which conforms to the top surface of the Model 3 mirror housing. Each Mirror Cover would fit inside a box approximately 11" L x 5.5" W x 4.5" H (280 mm L x 140 mm W x 114 mm H).




Do the Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3 come as a set of two?

Yes. You get both the driver and passenger side Mirror Covers with each order.

Can I fold my side mirrors when the Mirror Covers are installed?


Do the Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3 wrap around the entire mirror housing?

The Mirror Covers enclose the top surface of the mirror housing and wrap around the front (driver-facing) edge of the mirror housing. They terminate at the chrome strip along the bottom of the mirror housing. This allows the mirrors to fold and unfold without difficulty.

How are the Mirror Covers for Tesla Model 3 fabricated?

The Mirror Covers are fabricated from high-strength plastic molded to the contours of the side mirror housing, and then printed with a gloss chrome finish. The Mirror Covers are approximately 3 mm thick.

How are the Mirror Covers installed?

The Mirror Covers are installed using an automotive grade, double-sided adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is pre-installed on the inside surface of the Mirror Cover. The installation should be considered permanent, but the covers can be removed as described in the installation instructions. Installation instructions can be found under the "Installation" tab.

Will the Mirror Covers change the aerodynamics of the Model 3?

We haven't done aerodynamic testing, but the thin profile and finish of the Mirror Covers indicate any aerodynamic affect would be negligible.

Can I order the Mirror Covers in a different finish other than chrome?

The Mirror Covers are not offered in alternate colors or materials (e.g. Model 3 exterior body colors, wood trims, all-chrome finishes, etc). We only offer them in chrome with a gloss finish.

What is the difference between the materials you use and a wrap?

A wrap is a very thin vinyl material printed with a pattern or finish. It is flat, has no dimensional feel, and relatively little visual depth. In general, wraps are installed by professionals. Our Mirror Covers are molded pieces providing more depth and realism, and are finished with a high-strength polyurethane coating in a high gloss finish. 

Can I install the Mirror Covers myself?

Yes. We’ve designed the Mirror Covers for do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. In fact, the only materials you might need are a soft cloth, some masking tape, and a cleaning solution of alcohol and distilled water (readily available at any large pharmacy). We provide you with a detailed installation video and written instructions. However, if you’re not a DIY person, we recommend the Mirror Covers are installed by a competent automotive installer.

Is it possible to slide the Mirror Covers into place as I position them on the Model 3?

In general, the answer is no. The industrial adhesive we use for the Mirror Covers creates a very strong and permanent bond. The way to position the Mirror Cover is to adhere it only on its edge. This will create a very small contact surface for removal and repositioning if necessary. However, once the Mirror Cover is firmly pressed into place, it is not intended be removed or repositioned. For this reason, you must very carefully align the piece before you adhere it. It is also possible to spray the housing surface with distilled water prior to installation. The distilled water will allow you to slide the Mirror Cover during installation, which will evaporate allowing the Mirror Cover to achieve a strong bond. However, even when a water spray is used, adhesion is still rapid and strong, so careful alignment and positioning is essential.

Can you provide a bit more detail about installation?

See the "Installation" tab for more details. Complete installation instructions, video, and guidelines are also provided with each package. Please follow the instructions provided to ensure proper installation.

Can I remove the Mirror Cover pieces once they are installed?

In order to ensure that the Mirror Covers will not separate from the automotive surfaces as your car is being driven, they have been designed for permanent installation. It is possible, however, to remove them by heating each with a hair dryer and slowly peeling it off. However, the adhesive will be destroyed, the cover can become deformed if it is removed, and some adhesive residue may be left on the mirror housing surface. The residue can be peeled off and the surface cleaned with acetone. It is possible, although unlikely, the surface might be slightly marred as a result. Therefore, each Mirror Cover should be viewed as a permanent installation. Additional removal instructions are appended to the installation instructions.

How should I clean the Mirror Covers?

Soap, water, and a soft, clean cloth should do the trick. If you'd like to provide a lasting shine and protection, we recommend a hand-spray product called Wax-As-U-Dry produced by Eagle One (TM).

Will the addition of the Mirror Covers increase wind noise?

No. The thin profile and tight fit become part of the vehicle surface and will not create any discernible wind nose.

What if I decide I do not like the Mirror Covers and wish to return them?

Be sure to assess the look BEFORE you install the Mirror Covers. You can do this using masking tape to attach the Mirror Covers without removing the white adhesive backing tape. If you want to do a more complete assessment, you can use double-sided masking tape placed next to the adhesive backing tape. DO NOT remove the adhesive backing tape until you are satisfied the look works for you. As long as you have not removed the adhesive backing on either cover, the Mirror Covers can be returned within thirty (30) days of delivery. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

The EVANNEX Mirror Covers usually ship within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Do Mirror Covers ship to International destinations?

Yes, the Mirror Covers ship internationally.  




Installation of the Mirror Covers for Model 3 is straightforward and can be performed as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. However, for those Model 3 owners who are not DIY-oriented or are uncomfortable with the installation process in any way, we recommend the Mirror Covers are installed by a competent automotive installer. A detailed set of installation instructions is also provided with each order. A video install and written installation instructions can be found below.

Overview and Installation Video

Written Instructions

For downloadable Instructions on the easy installation (and removal) of the EVANNEX Mirror Covers for Model 3, click on the link that follows:

Download PDF Instructions



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