Owning Model S (2nd Edition) by Nick Howe

Owning Model S (2nd Edition) by Nick Howe

• The “go-to” book those who are considering the purchase of a Tesla Model S and as a reference book for Model S owners themselves.
• Presents an in-depth look at Model S technology, a description of the car’s many features and functions, and guidelines to help you achieve optimal driving performance.
• Describes many tricks and tips considered essential knowledge for anyone who owns the car.
• Details how to best choose the right options and to better appreciate the elements that make Model S unique.
• Softcover format with 199 pages. Contains over 130 photos, graphs, and graphic images.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



Owning Model S (2nd Edition) by Nick Howe has become the “go-to” book those who are considering the purchase of a Tesla Model S and as a reference book for Model S owners themselves. Now in its updated second edition, Owning Model S (2nd Edition) incorporates the latest Tesla innovations with discussions of the dual-motor variants of the vehicle (S70D, S85D, P85D, and P90D), new technology including autopilot, and related features, and new tips, tricks and guidance culled from the experiences of thousands of Model S owners.

Like its predecessor, Owning Model S (2nd Edition) is a book that every Model S owner needs and every potential Model S owner should have. The book combines technical details about topics that include the underlying automotive design, the electric powertrain, drag, regenerative braking, the software infrastructure, range, and performance with a pragmatic discussion of the car’s functionality, options, and even its idiosyncrasies. The book is packed with 4-color pictures, graphs and graphic images that make the read both enjoyable and informative.

In addition, Nick Howe provides an in-depth discussion of ways you can customize Model S—wheels, interior, wraps, electronics, and more—all with pictures that help you visualize the custom look.

Owning Model S (2nd Edition) is also the go-to source for those who are considering the purchase or lease of the car. In five key chapters, Nick Howe presents detailed recommendations for configuring and ordering Model S, addresses the financial issues including lease options, discusses how to place your order, presents in-depth technical recommendations for building your personal charging infrastructure in your garage or elsewhere, and provides a comprehensive delivery checklist for the day you take ownership.

Images from Owning Model S used with permission.

Owning Model S by Nick Howe (2nd Edition) is full of interesting facts, must read tips and tricks, copious web references, and useful graphs, pictures and graphics. It has a glossary for those who are unfamiliar with some of the EV terminology and a detailed index for those who will use the book as a reference.

Steve Wozniak with his copy of the 'Owning Model S' book (with author Nick Howe)




Owning Model S (2nd Edition) is published by EVannex® as a perfect bound, four color, 6” x 9” softcover format book. Note: the book is sized so that it will fit into the glove compartment of your Model S. It has been professionally designed to project a modern aesthetic. It is 199 pages long and contains over 130 photos, graphs, and graphic images.

About the Author

Nick Howe is an active contributor to the Tesla Motors forum, and is widely recognized in the Tesla community for his knowledge of the Model S. He took delivery of his pearl white Performance 85 Model S in January 2013, more than two years after placing his order. 

Owning Model S author Nick Howe

Note from Publisher

We're honored to publish this new book by Nick Howe, an early owner of the Model S, who was recently voted author of the all-time best posts by members of Tesla’s own internet forum. Nick noticed an interest within the Tesla enthusiast community about the Model S that extended well before and after the initial purchase. He has shared so many helpful ideas back and forth with other Tesla owners from his invaluable Delivery Checklist to maximizing Model S performance, charging, range, and technology. We're proud to publish a book to those who might appreciate an in-depth look into Model S ownership.  This book addresses and captures Model S owners' curiosity, growing knowledge, and enthusiasm for the Tesla Model S. 

Owning Model S author Nick Howe




Model S owners think they know their car, but there are many aspects of the car that are known to only the most avid owners, and even they don’t know them all. Owning Model S (2nd Edition) reveals them all. 

Nick Howe has put together the most comprehensive collection of Model S tricks and tips yet to be published, things you will be hard pressed to find in the official Tesla Owner’s Guide, but are very, very helpful for Model S owners. (Images used from Owning Model S with permission.)

Questions Addressed

* What’s the soft clunk that you hear when you step on the brake and why is it important?

* When you take your foot off the accelerator, regen takes over. Do the brake lights go on immediately -- when do they light?

* How much kinetic energy does regen capture and how does that affect range?

* Is there ever a reason to set regen to “low” and if so, what is it?

* What are the likely software updates you’ll see in 2014, in 2015?

* When you pull into a supercharger complex and other cars are charging, is there a way to reduce your charging time?

* What are the biggest consumers of battery power and which ones are under your direct control?

* Is hard acceleration a real battery drain?

* What’s the optimal vehicle speed if you want to maximize range?

* What are the key issues to consider for cold weather driving? For warm weather driving?

* What the “two-thumb salute” and when should you use it?

* What’s the difference between rated range and projected range and when can this difference create a problem?

* How do you maximize range?

* What mistakes do new owner make during regular driving?

* How do you set your mirrors for reverse?

* Can the B-pillar create a visibility problem, and if so, how do you avoid it?

* Can you use nav if you don’t have the tech package?

* What’s the best place to install a radar detector, a toll tag?

* Is there a 12V battery and where is it? Why do you need to know this?

And that’s only a small percentage of the questions that are asked and answered for owners.




What differentiates the second edition of Owning Model S from the first edition?

The second edition of the book has been updated to reflect a broad range of technology improvements and new vehicle configurations that are now available for the Model S. On the technology side, discussions of the latest software enhancements and new computer-based capabilities (e.g., autopilot) are considered in detail. New Model S configurations including the dual-motor variants of the vehicle (S70D, S85D, P85D, and P90D) are considered. New information, reflecting the experiences of a growing population of Model S owners is also incorporated throughout the book.

I purchased the first edition of Owning Model S. Can I exchange it for the second edition or at least get a discount?

Owning Model S (2nd Edition) is a separate book and must be purchased separately. We do not provide discounts or exchanges for owners of the first edition. This policy conforms to the approach taken by virtually all publishers when new editions of an existing book are released.

How is Owning Model S (2nd Edition) different from the official Tesla owner's guide?

The Tesla Owner’s Guide is a reference book. In general, it is not designed to be read in the conventional sense of the word. Owning Model S (2nd Edition) is an independent treatment of the ownership experience and has been written from that perspective. Because it is independent, the book can offer candid advice (e.g., which options are worth the price and which might be skipped if cost is an issue), interesting tips and tricks, and other useful information that may be difficult to glean from the official guide. It is a compendium of community knowledge written in in clear and concise language by a very knowledge Model S owner.

Will Owning Model S (2nd Edition) be too technical for me?

Not at all. Although Nick Howe does treat some technical subjects (e.g., drag, range, battery capacity) he makes no assumptions about the reader’s level of knowledge and always starts with the basics, progressing to detailed technical information when it’s appropriate. Even if you don't know a volt from a watt, you'll find Owning Model S to be a valuable resource.

Will the book provide me with guidance for making options choices?

Absolutely. Nick Howe describes each option, assesses it, and makes personal recommendations for configuring your Model S. He also defines the criteria that will help you make the right choice.

Can I use Owning Model S (2nd Edition) as a reference?

Yes. We took great pains to create a comprehensive glossary and a detailed index. For that reason, you can use the book as a reference.

Can I see a sample chapter?

Yes! Simply sign up on our VIP List and inquire about the Free Chapter and we'll give you access to a complimentary sample chapter.

How long does shipping take when ordering Owning Model S (2nd Edition) ?

Owning Model S (2nd Edition) usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Are you fulfilling international orders for Owning Model S (2nd Edition) ?

Yes. We'll be shipping international orders. 

Is there an option to order Owning Model S (2nd Edition) as an E-book?

Yes, there is an option to purchase this as an e-book, visit here.

Will I get the E-book for free if I order the hard copy?

No, the e-book will have it's own, distinct, individual pricing as a separate offering and will not be bundled with the book. Owners of the book will not be entitled to special discounts on the e-book (and vice versa).

Should I buy the printed/non-digital copy or the E-book?

This depends on your preference. We designed the printed version to fit within your glove compartment for easy access/reference. And, if you want something physical as a permanent "keepsake" to celebrate this soon-to-be classic car -- the beautiful design, photos, and easy-reference format might be the best choice for you. For those who are tech-saavy and experienced with software and app downloads, prefer reading in digital format, and especially international customers (looking to save on shipping), the e-book may be preferable.



Table of Contents

A copy of the book's Table of Contents follows below.






 Please note: all video/audio provided below was taken during the first edition of the book.

Video: Tips and Tricks

In this video, Nick Howe, author of 'Owning Model S', offers some tips and tricks for Tesla owners. Have you ever wondered how to reboot the displays, find extra storage, improve interior lighting, learn more about the key fob, fuse box, battery pack, chargeport, and more?  Check out the video below...

Video: Author Interview

Check out our exclusive interview with author Nick Howe discussing his new book, Owning Model S. Also, for a longer, more extensive interview, check out the podcast (scroll down below) from Talk Radio One featuring Nick Howe discussing 'Owning Model S' and various topics related to Tesla.

Audio: Author Interview

Nick Howe was interviewed by Steven Spierer on Talk Radio One (interview has been made available below with permission).  As described on Talk Radio one: "Tesla Motors has invented, built and marketed the first truly practical all-electric car with a battery range of more than 270 miles. Steve [Steven Spierer] bought a Tesla and cannot stop driving it, thinking about it and talking about it. To allow himself to keep talking about it, Steve interviews Nick Howe, who has written a guide to owning and operating a Tesla Model S sedan." Listen to the interview below (begins at about 1 minute 30 seconds into the broadcast). 


Disclaimer: views expressed by author Nick Howe herein reflect his opinions/views and not the opinions/views of EVannex™.



Free Chapter

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We've also compiled some media, blog, and customer reviews of Owing Model S by Nick Howe for reference. Note: these reviews reference the first edition of the book.


"Nick provides valuable insights and technical information ranging from Model S battery range and performance tips to information on how to set up your charging infrastructure as shared by other Model S owners and club members. There’s an absolute wealth of information packed into this book!"

Green Car Reports

"Regular readers of Tesla forums will recognize the name of Nick J. Howe, whose hundreds of astute comments recently earned him accolades for 'best forum postings over time,' according to a reader poll. A Florida chemical engineer and owner of a Tesla Model S P85, Howe has technical savvy, dogged curiosity, and some inside Tesla contacts. He may know more about the Model S electric luxury sedan than anybody outside the factory... there's a copy of 'Owning Model S' currently stashed in my glove compartment, on top of Tesla's standard-issue owner's manual. If I have a problem or question about my car, there's no doubt I'll consult Howe's volume, first." - David Noland, Green Car Reports

CNN iReport

"Maybe you’re one of the blessed ones who’ve had a Tesla Model S delivered right to your driveway [like] Nick Howe receiving his... or perchance you’ve simply played around and added the features you desire by designing your Tesla Model S online. Whether you’re a current or future owner... These [stories] are some of the practical real-life tips that only Tesla owners know and pass on to one another. Howe has even written a book titled 'Owning Model S' with more helpful information." - Paula Mooney, CNN iReport


"Few are better qualified to bring you up to speed with not only the Tesla Model S and its numerous machinations, but also the fundamental principles of electric cars and their impact on your routine, than Nick J. Howe. Howe owns a Pearl-White P85 Model S himself and has earned a position as a respected member of Tesla forums by writing hundreds of pertinent posts that other owners have found invaluable. The level of detail is jaw-dropping, and clearly the result of years of careful documentation of Howe’s own data and that of other owners. Howe’s skill, presumably honed while writing his numerous forum posts, is to explain everything succinctly and in simple terms. At the same price as a branded cap from the official Tesla online, buying Howe’s book and popping it in your glovebox is surely the first Model S accessory you should order." - Richard Lane, Ecomento

Clean Technica

"Ever want a car manual that tells you what you REALLY want to know about your vehicle? All of the tips, tricks, and hacks... Well, if you own a Tesla Model S, then you’re now in luck, because just such a “manual” was recently released — and it’s been dubbed Owning Model S: The Definitive Guide to Buying and Owning the Tesla Model S... The book also provides a lot of other useful information, including: a detailed delivery checklist to ensure that owners get cars that are as close to perfect as possible; detailed performance graphs; and exhaustive analyses of a number of different subjects. As well as tons of other information." - James Ayre, Clean Technica

Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine

"Owning Model S is... nicely designed, and well illustrated with color photos. There’s a step-by-step guide to the buying process, including sections on calculating the total cost of ownership and planning your personal charging infrastructure. Range, with the many factors that can affect it, is given a thorough discussion... as well as some advice on how to handle [any] problems that may come up." - Charles Morris, Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine

Model S Driver [Blog]

"This volume is jam-packed with details, tips, personal anecdotes and resources that validates the author’s claim as the 'definitive guide.' I was hard pressed to come up with many things not covered in some manner by Mr. Howe... I found myself referring back to this book several times to remind me of something or add clarity to what I thought I already knew. Thank you Mr. Howe for doing all the hard work. If you own or will be soon owning a Model S, this book is worth the investment. For me it goes right into the glove box of my Model S." - Steve Furman, Model S Driver

TeslaDaily [Blog]

"If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into better understanding your Model S, [check out] a new book by Nick Howe, 'Owning Model S'... a well conceived and researched book sure to satisfy your curiosity. The author has based his material on both the real world experiences of hundreds of owners and personal ownership. This book should appeal to both potential buyers and present owners." - TeslaDaily


Featured in their ultimate Tesla fan gift guide...


Reader Reviews

"Excellent book written by a Tesla owner geared toward either other Tesla owners or 'soon-to-be' Tesla owners.  Written with an upbeat, easy writing style..." - Weldon Chin

"I couldn't wait [for it] to be printed and after that delivered! I really like it... it's just amazing!" - Vasil Stojanov




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