Charge Port Skinz for Tesla Model Y
Charge Port Skinz for Tesla Model Y
Charge Port Skinz for Tesla Model Y
Charge Port Skinz for Tesla Model Y
Charge Port Skinz for Tesla Model Y
Charge Port Skinz for Tesla Model Y
Charge Port Skinz for Tesla Model Y

Charge Port Skinz for Tesla Model Y

• Exclusive item will make you smile every time you open the charge port of your Tesla Model Y.
• Made from high quality, weather-proof vinyl.
• Adheres directly to the charge port surface.
• Easy to install. Applies with no tools or cutting.
• Carbon fiber look is an excellent, low-cost upgrade for the rather bland plastic surface of the charge port.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



The Tesla Model Y OEM charge port surface is a utilitarian matte black. That works from a functional standpoint, but some Model Y owners want a more custom look. EVANNEX has developed a carbon fiber look Charge Port Skin™ that will upgrade the look of the charge port of your Model Y.

Our Charge Port Skin™ transform your charge port from a utilitarian surface to something special. Made from custom-designed and precision-cut high quality, weather-proof vinyl, our Charge Port Skin™ adheres directly to the charge port surface and can be applied without tools or cutting.

The Carbon Fiber Skin. For those who want to upgrade the surface with a conventional feel, we offer a "carbon fiber" look. It dresses up your charge port surface, but offers a more aggressive sport-performance look.





The EVANNEX Charge Port Skin™ for Model Y is made using premium vinyl film designed and fabricated for strength, fade and weather resistance, and long life. It uses specially-designed adhesives that facilitate surface placement, hold the skin firmly in place, but can be removed with relative ease if you decide to change the look of your charge port.

We captured the shape required for the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin™ and fed basic surface parameters into our CAD system for refinement and testing. 

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The EVANNEX Charge Port Skin™ will not interfere with the opening or closing or your charge port door or with vehicle charging in any way.




Why do I need the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin?

Stated simply, to change the look of your charge port and make it unique. It’s important to note that the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin allows you to change the look of your charge port at low cost. If at some point in the future you want to go back to the OEM surface, vinyl is easy to remove with no damage to the OEM surface. 

Is the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin difficult to install?

No, installation is straightforward. But patience and a steady hand are required. Complete Installation Instructions are provided.

Are special tools required?


Do I need to cut or trim the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin?

No. The Charge Port Skin has been specifically designed to fit the Model Y charge port surface without any requirement for cutting or trimming.

Do you provide instructions for applying the skinz?

We have developed detailed step-by-step written instructions for the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin. 

Is surface preparation complicated?

Not al all. The surface should be cleaned with a 60 % water/40 % isopropyl alcohol mix applied using a lint free cloth or paper towel. The objective is to remove all dust, dirt, and greasy residue before vinyl installation commences.

Can I remove the vinyl if I decide to go back to the OEM surface finish?

Absolutely. vinyl can be removed at any time. 

Is the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin cut to fit?

Yes. it has been designed to provide coverage of the charge port surface area. We have designed it so that none of the skin's surface is visible through the gaps between the charge port door and the rear fender surface.

Will the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin fit the charge port for Model S or Model X?

No. The skin has been designed specifically for Model Y (it will also fit Model 3). 

What is the projected life of EVANNEX Charge Port Skinz?

The Skin should have a useful life of between 3 and 5 years, possibly a bit longer.

Will the vinyl fade with time?

In general, vinyl is impervious to sun damage and will not fade or otherwise discolor.

Is the Skin weather resistant?

Yes, moisture and temperature should not impact them.

Can the Skin be scratched or otherwise damaged during regular use?

In general, vinyl is remarkably strong and resilient. However, if a sharp or abrasive object comes into hard contact with the vinyl, it can be scratched or torn, but that’s true of just about any surface.

Is the Charge Port Skin easy to remove?

Yes. The specialized adhesives used for the skin hold firmly, but the skin can be peeled off with little difficulty and leaves no residue

If I decide to remove a skin after some period of time, can I re-install it again at a later date?

No. Once the vinyl has set on the surface (requiring about 24 hours), its adhesion becomes stronger. It can still be removed without difficulty, but removal will stretch and potentially tear the vinyl. It cannot be reused.

What is your return policy for the vinyl kits?

All EVANNEX products can be returned in an unused (and undamaged) condition within 30 days of purchase. However, once the backing is removed from any of the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin, it may not be returned for credit or exchange. The reason is that the skin cannot be resold once the backing has been removed. It must be returned in its original packaging, with shipping and insurance paid by the purchaser. Product Registration must be completed prior to return.

How long does it take to receive my order?

The EVANNEX Charge Port Skin usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Does EVANNEX Charge Port Skin ship internationally?

Yes, the EVANNEX Charge Port Skin does ship internationally. 




The following instructional video was created for installation of Charge Port Skinz for Model 3. The installation approach is identical for Model Y.

Installation Instructions for Charge Port Skinz (Model 3 installation shown)

PDF Download

To view and download a pdf version of written Installation Instructions for Charge Port Skinz, click the button below:

Installation Instructions—Charge Port Skin



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