Touchscreen Driving Gloves - Men's
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Touchscreen Driving Gloves - Men's

Our Driving Gloves are constructed of thin, supple leather and provide a Model S owner with increased steering control when driving. Beautifully crafted with high-end stitching and appropriate cutouts, these gloves look great, but more important, work great in the Model S cockpit. The Model S provides and important challenge for conventional driving gloves—the touch screen is central to vehicle operations, and conventional gloves won’t allow you to manipulate the screen. Our Driving Gloves are specially manufactured to allow thumb and forefinger control of the Model S touch screen so you’ll have full control of the vehicle without having to remove your gloves.

Note: We are currently only offering Men's gloves at this time. If you are interested in purchasing gloves sized for women, please contact us HERE to be added to the waiting list.



"I got these gloves just this past week and in the last three days I put about 1000 miles between two pairs of them.  The longer I drove with them, the more comfortable they became.  And yes the touch screen capabilities are great! These are wonderful gloves and look awesome on my hands and have great grip on the wheel.  I look forward to many more miles in these gloves!" - Carl McNicol, Guelph, Ontario





"I received the large size gloves and they are a good fit. Comfortable, classy looking and they work well on the Tesla screen. No more finger print smudges on my screen! Thanks." - Dave, Boulder City, NV

Our Driving Gloves which have all the features you expect in a high quality product: soft supple real leather, knuckle holes, an elastic gather at the wrist, and a snap closure on the wrist strap. The gloves are thin and have no lining to accentuate steering feel, but have a soft, sensual feel that many drivers like.

The gloves are available in black only and come in men’s sizes medium (M), large (L) and extra large (XL). See the Sizing tab to determine your size.

Most important, our Driving Gloves have been designed to be a touch screen compatible. We use special materials and construction for the thumb and forefingers, allow you full control over the Model S touch screen display. The gloves will also allow you to use any other touchscreen device (e.g., smartphone or tablet) you might have.








See below for Men's sizing information.

To determine your glove size, use a measuring tape (either inches or cm can be used) to measure around your hand just below your knuckles indicated by the red line in the figure. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.

Use the chart below to determine whether your glove size is M, L, or XL. If your measurement puts you on a size boundary (see Chart), opt for the proper size choice based on whether you like a snug fit or a looser fit.

Note: We are currently only offering Men's gloves at this time. If you are interested in purchasing gloves sized for women, please contact us HERE to be added to the waiting list.





Are these driving gloves real leather?

Yes, the gloves are constructed of real calfskin and are supple and unlined to provide an excellent driving feel.

Do the gloves come in other colors or sizes?

We have chosen to offer our Driving Gloves in black only because aspects of every Model S interior, regardless of upholstery option contain black. We offer men’s size M, L, and XL only.

Do you offer woman’s sizes?

We currently offer only men’s sizes. However, if we get sufficient demand, we will upgrade our offerings to include sizes for women. Please let us know if you’re interested.

How do I determine what size is right for me?

Please select our Sizing” tab. There is a quick and simple measure of your hand that will enable you to select the right size.

Are these gloves truly touchscreen compatible? Will they work with the Model S 17-inch display?

Yes and Yes. The gloves will work with the Model S 17-inch display and also with any other touchscreen device including phones or tablets. Both the thumb and forefinger of each glove is specifically fabricated to make touch possible.

How do the gloves work to allow touch?

The Model S 17” display, like many modern touchscreens, uses capacitance to recognize the position of your finger(s). Human skin holds a very small, but easily recognizable electric charge. Without getting too techie, the touchscreen implements a system that picks up the charge on your fingers and translates it into positional information. Our driving gloves, unlike conventional gloves, are fabricated using materials and construction that enable the charge from your thumb and forefinger to be passed through the leather glove to the screen.

Sometimes when I wear my unlined gloves black gloves, there are dark residue spots on my hands? Why did this happen?

It is the nature of unlined black leather gloves to shed dye. Our experience is that this shedding will wash off with soap and water and that the shedding stops after a few uses. The amount of shedding is related to dye in the gloves and your own body chemistry and almost always stops after very few wearings.

What is the shipping time-frame for this product?

We target delivery of Touchscreen Driving Gloves between 1 and 2 weeks.

What is the return policy on my gloves?

If your new gloves don’t fit, please contact us in order to coordinate a return. It is imperative that you return the gloves in their original, unworn condition within 30 days from date of delivery. Please note: customers should use the original packaging or a suitable alternative; pack the gloves flat, with no folds or creases. 



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