Nikola Watch by EVANNEX
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Nikola Watch by EVANNEX

The Nikola watch by EVANNEX is a lightweight silicone based design that is comfortable and sweat resistant making it the perfect watch for Tesla owners to wear throughout their entire day. Whether you're spending time outdoors, driving your Model S, or working out in the gym, this watch has you covered. The watch face sports the iconic car design that we all know and love -- it is secured by a mineral glass shell and a stainless steel buckle. Our Nikola Watch has a 46mm case with a 26mm wide silicone strap. Wear it with pride.

Note: These watches are also designed with an interchangeable watch face feature that allows you to create color combinations to your liking if you purchase "Both" in the pull-down menu below...




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A guide on how to swap the face and/or strap of your Nikola interchangeable watches if you've purchased both colors.

Step 1

Flip your Nikola watch to its underside and detach the watch face by pushing it up and through the other side of the strap. This action can be done easily by pushing up on the glass from underneath while pulling down on the strap simultaneously. Do not be afraid to apply pressure to the strap as the watches are quite forgiving.

Step 2

Now replace your desired face or strap to correspond with the new color combination you desire. Make sure to insert the watch face using the date/time button on the side as a guide to ease it into the strap. Both white hooks on each side of the face will need to be anchored securely. Apply pressure to each side to ensure a snug fit as seen below. If you experience what is known as the "bubble effect" on the top of the strap, then the face anchors have not been secured properly. In order to fix this, simply push down and inward on the bubble with pressure, to snap it into place.


Step 3

Now that your face(s) has been placed into the strap(s) check for a snug fit, and make sure that there are no gaps on the top or underside of the watch to ensure a proper seal. 





What are the size/dimensions/specs of the watch?
Our watch has a 46mm case with a 26mm wide eco-friendly silicone strap. It is secured by a mineral glass shell and a stainless steel buckle. Note: the watch also includes Japanese quartz movement with calendar functionality on the face.

Can I buy this watch as a woman?
Yes! These watches are unisex and designed to fit most adults. However, the fitment on women may vary depending on wrist size. Bigger watch faces are in fashion right now for both men and women.

Why am I able to pop the dial out of the strap?
Our watches are interchangeable. You are able to swap different colored straps and faces to make new combinations. We currently only offer Black and Grey colors. Please click the "customize" tab for proper technique on swapping your watch colors.

Can I submerge my watch in water?
Our watches are water-resistant, not water-proof. We advise against submerging your watch underwater for any period of time. If the watch is submerged in water and condensation has appeared in the watch face it will not be covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Why did my watch become foggy?
This is a result of not properly pushing the crown in place after making adjustments to the watch. Submerging the watch underwater would cause condensation to appear inside the watch face. Place the watch under a heat lamp and or a bag of silica gel packets which may aid in removing the condensation.

What is the return policy?

The return policy is 14 days after product is received. The item must be in unused condition and in the original packaging. If you would like to return this item please contact us for next steps.

What is the shipping time frame for delivery?
The delivery time frame we target for the Nikola Watch by EVANNEX is between 1 and 2 weeks (for U.S. orders) from the day you place your order.

Do you ship these watches to international destinations?

Yes! We ship the Nikola Watch by EVANNEX to international destinations.  For more information, check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.



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