Checkout This 150+ Mile Flight On The Joby Electric VTOL Prototype

Posted on August 11, 2021 by Jessie Bakalenik

Joby Aviation recently completed what they believe is the longest eVTOL flight to date, exceeding 150 miles in a single flight, including a vertical take-off and landing. The 1 hour 17 minute flight was achieved with a full-size prototype earlier this month during developmental flight testing.

Commenting on the milestone, the founder and CEO, Joeben Bevirt, said: “We’ve achieved something that many thought impossible with today’s battery technology.”

“By doing so we’ve taken the first step towards making convenient, emissions-free air travel between places like San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, Houston and Austin, or Los Angeles and San Diego an everyday reality.”

Video Courtesy of Joby Aviation on YouTube.

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