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That feeling you get upon taking delivery of your Tesla is magical. The first time you interact with the tech, torque, and gorgeous design you’re smitten. Yes, you love this car. But how can you protect it? Improve performance? Add storage? Accentuate the good looks?

It's time to make the perfect car perfect for you.

At EVANNEX®, we specialize exclusively in aftermarket Tesla accessories. Our family business is the oldest, most trusted company in the Tesla ecosystem. If you're looking for must-have, premium parts and Tesla accessories, then you've come to the right place... [start here]

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What people are saying

Young entrepreneurs are most inspired by Elon Musk, according to Wired Magazine
January 17, 2022

Starting companies is hard work. Imagine how tough it might be for a new generation of entrepreneurs coming up through the ranks right now? A supply chain crisis, political strife, rising inflation, a global pandemic — whew! These go-getters need inspirational figures to...

Is the Tesla Model Y even safer than Model 3?
January 16, 2022

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed the results of its Tesla Model Y crash safety tests recently. Like all Teslas, the Model Y earned the highest-possible rating during these tests. But there was also a surprise. A comprehensive analysis by The...

Tesla pivots on battery tech and starts a trend
January 15, 2022

Electric vehicles often differ based on different battery technologies. U.S.-based electric automaker, Tesla, has set the trend for years. According to Yang Jie at Wall Street Journal, "A less-expensive battery technology championed by Tesla Inc.’s Elon Musk rose to dominate the world's largest...

What's the latest with Tesla's Cybertruck?
January 14, 2022

Where's Cybertruck? According to The Verge, "reference to a 2022 production schedule was scrubbed" from Tesla's website. Nevertheless, Elon Musk promised to share a “product roadmap update” on Tesla's next earnings call (scheduled for January 26th). Hmmm, mysterious. So what's going on...