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That feeling you get upon taking delivery of your Tesla is magical. The first time you interact with the tech, torque, and gorgeous design you’re smitten. Yes, you love this car. But how can you protect it? Improve performance? Add storage? And accentuate its good looks?  

It's time to make the perfect car perfect for you. At EVANNEX®, we specialize in aftermarket Tesla accessories, Tesla parts, and Tesla mods. Our family business is the oldest, most trusted company in the Tesla ecosystem. If you're looking to customize your Tesla, you've come to the right place... [start here] 

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How does Elon Musk spend an average day?
August 08, 2022

Between Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company and Neuralink, Elon Musk doesn’t have much free time on his hands. What the average day may look like for the world’s richest person is nearly impossible to say — but 24 hours just doesn’t...

Can Tesla reach a $2 trillion market value by 2025?
August 07, 2022

Tesla’s stock has been polarizing since the automaker first went public, but after touching a trillion-dollar market capitalization last December, the company has the attention of most investors. As the electric vehicle industry continues to emerge, Tesla’s likely to continue...

Has Tesla been a 'money furnace' this year? Maybe not, after all
August 06, 2022

In June, Elon Musk called Tesla’s new Gigafactories in Berlin and Texas “money furnaces,” saying that the automaker was burning through cash faster than expected. However, the company’s earnings call last quarter showed that Tesla actually performed better than expected...

Tesla’s 2022 Annual Stockholder Meeting: Cyber Roundup Key Takeaways
August 05, 2022

Tesla held its annual meeting of stockholders at its Austin, Texas factory on Thursday. The meeting invited shareholders to join in person, in addition to over 30,000 viewers who watched the event virtually. The meeting addressed 13 proposals, five of...