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That feeling you get upon taking delivery of your Tesla is magical. The first time you interact with the tech, torque, and gorgeous design you’re smitten. Yes, you love this car. But how can you protect it? Improve performance? Add storage? Accentuate the good looks? 

It's time to make the perfect car perfect for you.

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A Father's Day tribute to a special Tesla Dad
June 20, 2021

I decided to move to South Florida from the Big Apple. It was 2011, and I just got married. I was also (soon after) blessed with a beautiful baby girl. My life was changing, fast. One day, at my parents house, my father called me into...

Tesla is at the apex of the used electric vehicle market
June 19, 2021

Since the dawn of the modern electric vehicle era, conventional wisdom has been that the resale value of most EVs erodes quickly—that’s been a boon to lower-income buyers who want to go electric, but a frustration to early adopters who...

Tesla battery supplier CATL sets 'blistering pace' with huge new plant in Shanghai
June 18, 2021

As electric vehicle sales soar, global battery suppliers are struggling to prepare for future demand. Tesla is very much aware of this impending battery bottleneck—over the past few years, it has diversified its supply chain, and lately, it’s been appealing to...

When a coal miner drives a Tesla, here’s what happens
June 17, 2021

Over the years, Tesla has won over many a skeptic by putting them in the driver’s seat and inviting them to take a drive. A recent article in The Guardian tells the story of Australian engineer-turned climate change activist Daniel...