I can’t figure out how to order online. What can I do?

Simply visit the product page you like and select the "Add to Cart" button and follow the prompts to check out.

I ordered the wrong variation of the product that I wanted. Can I change it?

This depends on where we are in the fulfillment cycle, so please contact us and we will work to revise your order as long as it has not shipped. If it has already shipped, please contact us to return the product and we will coordinate delivery of the desired choice.

What if I have a specific question about a particular product?

All of our products have an "FAQ" tab on the corresponding product page complete with relevant questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, then please contact us.

Do you offer discounts or special promotions?

If you join our VIP List, we'll alert you to any specific sales, discounts or promotions.

How do I qualify for free shipping?

First, your order must be delivered within the contiguous U.S.. Second, your subtotal must be over $100 in order to qualify for free domestic shipping. Please note any applicable sales tax and/or discount codes may affect pricing. Prior to payment, the subtotal amount at checkout must be over $100 to qualify for free domestic shipping.

Do you offer product bundle discounts?

No, we do not offer bundle discounts.

If I'm local, can I just stop by anytime and purchase products in person?

No. We're an e-commerce business and our location is only for warehouse, shipping, and production purposes. We're not a "store" where you can purchase and pick up items. We also don't have all products on our website housed at this one location as some ship from other locations and/or manufacturers. If it's absolutely urgent, then you need to schedule an appointment by contacting us. Otherwise, it's preferred you order online as this is how 99.9% of our customers get their products from us.

Do you install products at your location?

No, we do not have any professional installer on-site and don't offer any installation services here.

Shipping and Fulfillment

When will my order ship?

Excluding U.S. holidays, we fulfill orders for EVANNEX products within 24-48 hours (during business days). 

EXCEPTIONS: Center Console Inserts, Rear Center Console Inserts, Luxe Mats, Ulti-Mats, Sunshades, Seat Covers, Wheels, Bumpers, and Tools are custom/drop ship products which ship directly from the manufacturer once production is complete.

Once an order has been fulfilled, a confirmation email with the tracking number will be sent to the recipient. Please note some items may ship separately.

Do you ship to international destinations?

Yes! A large percentage of our sales come from Tesla owners abroad. Please see our Shipping and Fulfillment page for more details. (Note: there are some exceptions. For example, all Lloyd Floor Mats variations are only available to be shipped to the U.S. and Canada. These particular floor mat items are not available for shipment to other international destinations. Please check the Shipping and Fulfillment page for more information.)

Can you email me a shipping estimate before I order?

Shipping costs are determined via real time carrier-calculated shipping within our system based on the specific delivery address. Therefore, we do not provide rough shipping cost estimates via email. Simply go through checkout and enter all your address information (excluding payment) to get the exact price. Please note you will not be asked for your payment information until after you are given the total (which will include shipping).

I ordered multiple items and I have only received one product from the order. Why haven't they all arrived at the same time?

Although we carry our own products which ship from our facility in Florida, we also offer brands from a variety of manufacturers throughout the U.S. Many of our brands ship from different locations. Therefore, if you have a multi-item order, you may receive products on different dates as they're often being shipped separately. Whenever possible, we ship items from the same order together.

Is there a way I can track my order?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation shipping email with tracking information (post-order) once your order has shipped. If, for any reason, you didn’t receive the email (or can’t locate it), please contact us and we will resend it.

When I placed my order, it promised a certain number of days for delivery. Why has it taken longer?

The shipping estimate shown during checkout is provided by the shipping company based on the date of shipment, not the date of order. For an overview of shipping time frames, please visit our Shipping and Fulfillment page.

How can I cancel my order?

Please contact us to process an order cancellation.

I have received a tracking number, but my package is not showing status updates. What should I do?

Sometimes with the overnight carriers, no updates will be provided until an international shipment clears local customs. In other instances, USPS shipments can delay scanning packages, especially if they are being shipped to international destinations. If there has been a significant delay, please contact us and we can reach out to USPS regarding the delay.

I ordered my product recently and I have not yet received a shipping confirmation email. What is going on?

Your shipping confirmation is not sent immediately post-order as each product takes time to process and/or custom build in some cases. Different products have different shipping and fulfillment time frames. Please see our Shipping and Fulfillment page to get an accurate report on the shipping time frames targeted for different products.

Who do you use to ship products?

It depends on the item. For most smaller items, we will use USPS. Larger items tend to use FedEx. International orders will use either USPS or DHL Express. Also, we do not ship to P.O. Box addresses, so please be sure to include a standard street address when placing your order. Please see our Shipping and Fulfillment page for more information.

Can you rush your shipment to me?

We only provide shipping via FedEx Ground, USPS, and DHL Express. Therefore, we cannot guarantee we can rush shipping any faster than noted for each individual product. Please see our Shipping and Fulfillment page for more information.

Returns and Warranties

I have an issue with a product that I ordered. Should I just return it?

Please contact us in order to inquire about an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). This is mandatory and necessary in order to properly identify your order and coordinate all information needed to expedite your return. See our Return Policy for more information.

How can I return an item I purchased? 

Please contact us and we’ll provide you with the necessary information (see above) depending on the specific product's Return Policy.

How will I know if I got refunded?

You will receive email confirmation shortly after the return (with RMA number) was received and processed.  

How can I get warranty information on the product I ordered?

Please refer to our Product Warranty page for more information on the product you ordered.

Installation Questions

I’m a pretty handy person. Do you really think I will need to take some of the products I bought to an aftermarket automotive shop for installation?

While some of our products can be easily installed at home like the Center Console Insert (CCI), we may require or advise taking the products to an automotive aftermarket shop for professional installation. It varies by product. On each product page, you’ll see an "Instructions" tab which will provide more information. You can always contact us if you're not sure or want more information.

Do you know of a good automotive aftermarket shop in my area for installation?

Please contact us and we can try to provide some general guidance. In most cases, this may be limited. We might be able to offer recommendations for a specific location. In other cases, we can recommend the type of shop you might want to look for locally for the install. As noted elsewhere, Tesla Service Centers’ policy is to only install their own OEM/factory products and not install aftermarket parts or accessories. There are many, many competent/excellent shops in local areas who have installed our products.

I didn't receive installation instructions. What can I do?

Most orders should come with written instructions. If, for some reason, they were not included, you can also reference the "Instructions" tab on the corresponding product page. The product page may also include an installation video for additional reference. In any event, you can always contact us and we will provide them for you.

VIP Membership

How do I become an EVANNEX VIP member?

You can sign up online. You will know when new products hit the market, earn priority ordering, qualify for special promotions/discounts when available, have wait list priority, and receive our exclusive VIP newsletter.

Reseller / Distributor / Wholesale Inquiries

We love your store and we're interested in reselling your products on our website. How do we do that?

At this time, we do not have any resellers and we don't have any plans to have resellers (for U.S. and international markets).

We're based overseas and we'd like to resell your products here or become your distribution partner. How do we do that?

Per above, we do not have (nor plan to have) any resellers. We successfully ship our products to Tesla owners worldwide on a daily basis, including the European and Asian markets. We are not seeking any international resellers or distribution partners.

Is it possible to buy your products in large/wholesale quantities?

It is. However, purchasing large quantities cannot be for the purpose of reselling/distributing our products as noted above. We look at each request on a case-by-case internal evaluation. If you're interested, please contact us.