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"Incredible customer service and quality of product. The CCI [Center Console Insert] is an incredible piece of craftsmanship worthy of the Model S." - Jon Rettinger, Irvine, CA

“Have had my Tesla since May. When I got it, I searched for rim protection, because my personal history is that clearly I like kissing curbs. Found Wheel Bands™ and bought a black+black set. Since then I have hit 3 tires on curbs, zero damage to the rims… I've never used rim protection before. These things have worked awesomely for me.” - Jim Graves, Boston, MA

"The before and after pictures say it all... the Caliper Covers blend in nicely and really make the car stand out!  The Model S always gets attention, but since having the covers installed it gets more looks than ever.  The covers provide a much cleaner look over having the calipers painted.  I can't imagine not having them now." - Kevin Hagenstad, Boca Raton, FL

"The Center Console Insert is a great addition and was easy to install." - Nick Campbell, Irving, TX

“I have not had one incident where the Wheel Bands™ did not protect the rim from being scraped or gouged. Before I acquired the Wheel Bands™, I had to have the rims reshaped and refinished - a very costly procedure - not counting the time it took to have the work done … thank you for bringing this fantastic product to market, and, at such an affordable price point!" - Gene Colin, Seattle, WA

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Tony Hawk Tesla Model S Center Console Insert - CCI
Apple co-founder and tech legend Steve Wozniak with his copy of 'Owning Model S' (with author Nick Howe) 'Thumb's Up' on the CCI from skate star Tony Hawk