"A new book, Getting Ready for Model 3: A Guide for Future Tesla Model 3 Owners by Roger Pressman, details many of the expected technical details about the car’s performance as well as considerations for keeping it charged. For those who like the minutiae of how cars function, the chapters on performance and autonomous vehicles give digestible overviews of how EV and assisted driving technologies work in general, as well as Tesla’s likely implementation. One aspect of PEVs that is often overlooked or misunderstood is the efficiency of electric motors in providing more torque at low to medium RPMs than conventional vehicles. Pressman does well in explaining the details about this feature, which alone should have prospective Model 3 owners excited… [and] Tesla’s Autopilot feature has gained praise for its role in pushing the edges of driver assistance (as well as a fair amount of notoriety), and Pressman provides an overview of the levels of autonomy and underlying technologies." - John Gartner, Forbes

"There's a copy of 'Owning Model S' [book, by Nick Howe] currently stashed in my glove compartment, on top of Tesla's standard-issue owner's manual. If I have a problem or question about my car, there's no doubt I'll consult Howe's volume, first." - David Noland, Green Car Reports

"On the floor beneath the touchscreen is essentially a shelf with rails that run up to the armrest console... some Model S fans felt the space wasn’t compartmentalized enough and the Center Console Insert was borne by [EVANNEX], a father and son company specializing in Model S add-ons." - Robert Duffer, Chicago Tribune

“Florida-based [EVANNEX] is entering the extremely nascent Tesla after-market product industry with... a center console insert for the Model S. Or CCI for those in the know. With stitched leather and carbon composite components, the CCI not only offers storage but a place to set down a champagne glass for those who want to toast their good fortune (no, we don't advise doing this while driving).” - Danny King, Auto Blog Green

"The family-owned and operated company specializes in aftermarket parts for Teslas... EVANNEX sells interior and exterior accessories and specialty items, such as rim protectors, storage and lighting kits, spoilers, and rear-seat cupholders to wheels, to name a few." - Julianna Medina, Haught Living

"At the same price as a branded cap from the official Tesla online, buying Howe’s book [Owning Model S] and popping it in your glovebox is surely the first Model S accessory you should order." - Richard Lane, Ecomento


Featured in: Mashable's "Top 10 Best Gifts for the Tesla Owner"

(Left) "This product is one that solves a glaring omission from the interior design of the Model S: It was built and sold without a center console. I mean, where are you going to put your smartphone and, more importantly, your double half-caf Venti low-fat mochaccino? Thankfully the ingenious minds at EVANNEX saw the problem and fixed it." (Right) "Cover up your... Model S leather seats with these [EVANNEX] seat covers? Perhaps you have messy kids or an often-muddy dog, and also want to keep your Model S interior pristine." - Nick Jaynes, Mashable


Featured in: CNET's "Insane mods for your Tesla"

(Left) "In 2013, EVANNEX created a center console insert for the Model S that lets you add extra storage and multiple cupholders. The addition also allows the choice of the deck finish and upholstery color." (Right) "The STRUT collection is one of the quickest ways to upgrade the luxury in the Tesla Model S." - Glen Gaslin, CNET


 "[EVANNEX] has become synonymous with engineering the beautifully hand-crafted, and world's first, Center Console Insert (CCI) for the Tesla Model S. Being one of the pioneers in the aftermarket world, [EVANNEX] sets the de-facto standard on what true premium luxury represents." - Gene Liu, Teslarati 

USA Today


"Steve Saleen is a top customizer who has taken on a new challenge: add more beauty and performance to Tesla's electric luxury sedan. Saleen was showing off the result here Sunday at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the Model S that has been given the full treatment. 'It's the little nuances that make all the difference,' said Saleen... along with a center console and a cupholder [by EVANNEX]." - Chris Woodyard, USA Today