Tesla Breaking News - Q3 Sold Out, SR Model Y Back, Price Increases

Tesla Breaking News - Q3 Sold Out, SR Model Y Back, Price Increases

It was a busy week at Tesla, and we have lots to discuss. From price increases, to FSD, there's so much happening at Tesla right now, it's a good time to recap it all.

Starting with the Tesla Model Y, it appears that as of a few nights ago, Q3 production has completely sold out. Although this was discussed a few weeks ago, delivery still showed September. A few nights ago that delivery estimate has officially changed to October, meaning you should not expect to be able to get a Tesla Model Y in Q3.

The Tesla Model S and Model X refresh LR AWD models have both increased by $5,000 this week, making them nearly $85k and $95k respectively. It has also been updated that Tesla is once again offering the SR Model Y, but this time only in the China and Hong Kong markets. It will be interesting to see if Tesla expands this to all markets served by Giga Shanghai in the near future.

Although we are still waiting on the imminent release of FSD subscription, we got our first look at the very impressive V9 FSD beta just yesterday. As the Beta continues to improve, we get closer to wide release to all those FSD customers who have paid for this feature.

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