Tesla Owner Designs and Builds His Own Robo-Charger 🤖

A Tesla owner built a robot to automatically plug his electric car for overnight charging — something that Tesla has previously announced that it is working on. Here’s what happened. The idea of automatically charging electric vehicles have been around for a while.

It seems to have emerged from the idea that electric vehicles are not as convenient to charge as gasoline-powered vehicles are to fuel. This is not exactly true. Electric vehicles can be charged overnight at home, which makes them way more convenient than gas-powered cars. The only aspect that can be seen as less convenient is the charge time versus refueling time when on the go. But even then, the actual act of plugging in an electric car is actually not in any way less convenient than pumping gas. However, like Elon Musk said last week, every input is an error, and it’s one more thing to automate, which could be particularly useful once self-driving cars become a reality. They could plug themselves and come back to you fully charged.

Years ago, Tesla unveiled its metal snake charger robot, which we recently learned is not dead yet, but there hasn’t been a lot of development on that front. It doesn’t stop some owners to take the matter into their own hands.

Article originally posted by Electrek: https://electrek.co/2021/06/14/tesla-owner-builds-robot-automatically-plug-electric-car/