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The Smartest Splitter On The Block

The Smartest Splitter On The Block

Do you have a new Tesla or other EV, but don't have a good charging solution? We have you covered: as long as you have a dryer in your house, you can easily connect your Tesla/EV to your 240V dryer outlet AND still dry your clothes! This solution--a NeoCharge 240V Smart splitter, plus an adapter and a 30' (9m) 50 Amp cable--is so good that Dr. Know-It-All is going to use it permanently to solve his charging problem in his new house. Here's how to hook everything up, how it all works, and even the best way to use the products. And this will work just as well on your new Tesla, Chevy Bolt, Ford Mach E, Volkswagen (VW) iD3 or iD4, or other EV on the market.

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