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😱 You Won't Believe What He Discovered!!🤯

😱 You Won't Believe What He Discovered!!🤯

Tesla is notorious for making changes right in the middle of production. Unlike traditional automakers, who wait until the next production year to introduce changes, Tesla throws them in when they are ready to go. Some examples of this include the refresh center console, the removal and addition of auto dimming exterior mirrors, the updated Headlights (which have only made it to the performance Model Y and all Model 3s), and the Taillight upgrade of 2020 for the Model Y.

This video is a perfect example of Tesla making changes without announcing them. Bearded Tesla Guy was curious to see the difference in his battery degradation between his original Model Y and his new one. That's how he figured out that the new Model Y has the bigger 82.1 KW Battery pack. 

Now the battery itself isn't actually bigger, however it is more efficient with the actual cells giving it the higher KW rating. Originally, the Model Y came with a 77.6 KW battery. So what does this mean for the future? Check out the video to learn more!

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