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Guest Blog Post: Christian Prenzler is a student and a researcher. He has been an investor in Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] for over four years and has conducted in-depth research on Tesla and other industry leading companies. Christian conducted his first research study in 2013 on Tesla Motors Club (and Tesla Motors) forums and asked us to help get the word out on his new, second Tesla owner survey this year.

In February 2013, I conducted several surveys for Tesla owners and received over 370 responses. Data points ranged across categories including age, satisfaction, and prior vehicle models, etc. One of the most interesting data points discovered in the last survey: 60% of respondents reported that their previous car was significantly less expensive.

As some of you remember, back in 2013 the 40kWh battery pack was still an available option. At that time, our survey indicated about 8% of buyers had ordered one. This was an early indicator that it would be discontinued due to low demand. One month later, on April 1, 2013, Tesla canceled production of the 40kWh Tesla Model S.

The 2013 survey results found that in 2013 84.6% of owners were male (see below). 76% of owners purchased or ordered a 85kWh battery (38% of owners had a P85). 81% of owners thought they were likely to purchase another Tesla (or upgrade) in the coming years.

As results of this year's new survey begin to come in, I will be able to compare some of these data points: age, prior vehicle models, satisfaction, etc. Results of the survey will be available in the coming weeks once we reach a sufficient sample base of owners. You can read more about the results of the survey as I will publish a follow-up here on the blog with top-line findings. If you're interested in taking the survey, click the red button below...

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Editor's Note: Although we are participating in the survey as (personal) Tesla owners, we're not involved in this (or the prior) study Christian is conducting. He's asked us to help alert other Tesla owners who might be interested and has volunteered to do a follow-up blog post announcing top-line findings.

*Images: Tesla Motors / Tesla Motors Instagram