How Vinyl Wrap Can Protect and Enhance Your Tesla

Guest Blog Post: Michael Mogilewski has almost a decade’s worth of experience as owner of Signature Custom Wraps* in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Michael grew up in the automotive industry and launched his career as a graphic designer. His knowledge in both the automotive and design industries has assisted his creativity in building Signature Custom Wraps into the "go-to" destination for Tesla owners.

Aren’t we all looking for better ways to protect our investments? Whether it be our cell phones, laptops, homes or vehicles, we know our major purchases need protection. There are numerous methods of protection for our devices and our homes, but what is the best way to protect your vehicle, while still keeping it classy?

Running Signature Custom Wraps*, a local shop specializing in custom vinyl, we believe that vinyl wrap is a safe and non-altering means of not only protecting, but restyling and enhancing your investment. Tesla makes an incredible car with futuristic features and unparalleled good looks. Any add-ons demand protection and beauty.

A simple, full vinyl wrap, can protect your Tesla from the damages of harsh weather and road debris while preventing your factory paint from the fading, chipping and scratching that occurs with the normal wear-and-tear of driving your Tesla.

Moreover, vinyl wrap allows the ability to choose from over 300 colors, as well as textures including gloss, matte, matte-metallic, carbon fiber, brush, velvet and even chrome (see image above). With a lifespan of as long as 3-4 years and brands ranging from 3M, Avery, Arlon, Oracal and Hexis, the possibilities are endless. Check out the video below to see a wide variety of options available...

When searching for a local shop to install your vinyl wrap, it's key that the shop owner walks you through every aspect of your restyling (from start to finish) to ensure you're ecstatic about your purchase. And, once you've decided to sell, trade or turn-in your Tesla, that same shop should be able to remove the vinyl wrap without damage to the factory paint underneath. In turn, your vehicle will be "reset" back to its factory condition with little effort and free of any paint damage that commonly occurs from exposure to harsh outdoor elements. A good shop should leave your Model S or Model X as meticulous as the day your delivery specialist handed over your Tesla keyfob.


*Signature Custom Wraps joined EVANNEX at last year's "National Drive Electric Week" event. They have an excellent reputation among Tesla owners for their distinctive work. They offer vinyl wraps, window tinting, audio, graphic designs and custom accents to help you obtain your “Signature” look. Vinyl Wraps will not only give you the custom look that you desire, but it will also protect your factory paint in order to keep your Tesla in great condition.