World's First Tesla Model S Stretch Limo [Video]

When thinking about vehicles that have been converted into stretch limos, one might imagine a stretch Hummer limo pulling up to some kid's prom doing about 6 miles per gallon. Well, that was yesterday's stretch limo. Today, it turns out that there's a company working on an environmentally-friendly Tesla Model S stretch limo. Big Limos, based in Newport Beach, California say they have: "a commitment to the environment... What? You say, a company that builds and sells gas guzzling stretch SUVs can’t possibly care about the environment. Oh, but we do. After all, it is the youth of today (and future potential customers) that will be affected the most by the way we treat our planet now."

Big Limos explains that it, "offers an innovative opportunity to customize your limousine to make sure it suits your specific needs... as a well-known custom limo manufacturer, we have built a wide array of limousines proficiently." Although it appears the Tesla stretch limo project is not yet complete, we look forward to seeing the final results. How is the project progressing? Fortunately, Big Limos recently published a time-lapsed video (see below) of this Tesla Model S "work-in-progress" stretch limo project so we could get a sneak peek.

Youtube: Big Limos CA, Inc

Unfortunately, Big Limos hasn't posted any additional information about this Tesla Model S custom build. But, they've posted a few teaser photos on social media showing their encouraging progress thus far...

Okay... so what will be the range of this Tesla Stretch Limo? And, ummm... where and what did they do with the battery pack? Lot's of questions remain unanswered and it's questionable if they can actually pull this off. However, it appears they've successfully created another electric vehicle stretch limo. Check out this custom Nissan Leaf stretch limo they proudly showcase (see below) on their site...

Not sure how this impacted the Nissan Leaf's range (or looks) but we applaud Big Limos for taking on electric vehicle projects. That said, we're not sure how easy it will be to pull off a Tesla Model S stretch limo. Years ago, there was another attempt to create a Stretchla by installing a stretched Vanagon Westfalia shell on a Tesla platform but it appears the project stalled out in 2014.

Converting a Tesla Model S into a stretch limo will undoubtedly come with some challenges but we're excited to see how the project unfolds. Besides... pulling up to your high school prom in a Tesla stretch limo will surely turn heads. And I think it will get more than 6 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) -- so let's root for these guys to make it happen.